Outbreak 4

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Part 4 of the journal of one mans servile during the zombie apocalypse

Day 4

I woke the next morning gathered what I could from the shed, the remaining water and what was left of the first aid kit. I stuffed it in an old sack I found seeing as I didn’t have another way of packing it. I also took a shovel from the corner it was a bit old and rusted but I thought It might server as an alternative to using the gun.

I made my way across the farm lands and to ward a small town. The place seemed to be uninhabited or at least the population was gone now a few shops were broken into or looted but most were untouched. I made my way down main street sticking close to the side building so that if need be I could get out of sight. As I rounded one of corner I came within sight of one of the undead feeding ravenously on the corpse of some poor fool. It tore at his flesh with its hand and gulped down the bits of bloody meat like a staring dog.

I couldn’t watch I turned to go and knocked over a trash can I had been hiding next to. It fell to its side with a bang and rolled into the street. I looked back to ward the zombie sure it had hared me only to find it gone. Fearing what this meant I turned to dash up the street only to come face to face with the beast he stood behind me grinning with sick delight. All I could do was swing with my make shift weapon I struck it in the side with a sick cracking sound. He thing went flying in a low arc and rolled to a stoop in the middle of the road.

Several seconds passed as it just laid there. Then be fore I could think to run it was climbing back to its feel it let out a low gurgle and bolted toward me. I dint remember the ones at the collage moving so fast. I ran down the street I dint care who or what saw me I just ran. I could hear the low thumping of this abomination keeping pace. I had to find a place to hide some place it couldn’t get at me. Then I saw it an old gun store it windows smashed and its front door hanging loosely on its hinges I darted inside. The place was a shambles, I had no time to look for a weapon I just darted threw the shop hoping there was a back door or janitors closet I could hold up in till I could come up with a plan.

I dashed in behind the counter as the thing came in to the shop. I ran threw the back door into the stock room its shelve over turned and looted. I could see no back door franticly I slam the backroom door behind me and began pushing shelve to black the door. The creature thudded into the door sending me falling to the ground this thing had incredible strength and I knew then that no amount of my barricading the door would stop it. that’s when I saw it a low red light over what append to be a mettle door at the bottom a short flight of steps. AN old bomb shelter. I darted to ward the metal beauty hoping that maybe it wasn’t lacked as the zombie rammed relentlessly against the door. The barricade I had constructed slowly becoming less of one. As my hand closed around the cold metal handle I could hear the door to the back room give way and the clatter of the shelve told me it was inside. I tugged on the door to my surprise it opened with out another look I darted inside pulling the door shut behind me.

Just as the seal was about to close the things finger s worked their way around the frame tugging and pulling to fallow me threw. I pulled with all my strength and with a cracking pop the door sealed severing the zombies fingers. I fell to the floor panting and rasping. I could hear the muffled thump of the zombie beating the door in a attempt to gain entire. I sat in the room and slowly a dim light on the ceiling light up illuminating the room. A small chamber with shelve of old KP rations and an cot in one corner deffinatly an old bomb shelter. In the far corner sat a generator pumping along slowly this was what provided my light and probably my air. I figured this would be a good base of operations till I could gather supplies and make a plan but for now I should look threw what was stored here to get rid of anything that may not be of any use.

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