Outbreak part 3

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Part 3 of the journal of a man surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Day 3

I don’t know when I dosed off but when I came to my companions were gone. I looked around the cab in of the car and saw a note and a handgun. The note was short and simple ,“Sorry we cant trust ya but as I said every man for himself. We couldn’t leave ya undefended however so here is an old gun of mine its only got 3 shots so you would do well to find something more.” I could see that the car was out of fuel and that they had just left it on the side of the road locking the doors and me inside. Grabbing the gun I slipped it inside my pocket and made a quick scan of the surrounding area for the undead. Seeing none I slipped out of the car and into the quick onset of night.

I dashed threw fields and across dirt roads. I had no safe location in mind no way of telling were I was going or how far I had gone for all I knew I was running in circles or into a nest of the hungry buggers waiting with out stretched hands to tear the flesh from my bones and devourer my soft organs. I stopped cold in what I thought was a corn field my belly letting off a low growl. My heart stopped what if I had just alerted them to me what if I. My mind went blank all I could think was corn and I am hungry. Grabbing a cob from a stalk in the dark I pulled back the husk thinking to my self better then nothing. I bit down and almost broke a tooth. Tossing the cob on the ground I swore silently to my self, what the hell kind of corn was this. Its was hard as a rock and tasted sour.

Spiting out the taste I made my way across the field to a small building I found a window and worked my way inside. The building was small but it as secure I was the only thing inside. Feeling around I found a small box inside were a number of first aid supplies and s set of emergency glow sticks. Cracking the pair the room glowed slightly just enough to see but I hoped not enough to allow others to see me. The building riley was small and full of tools and machine parts. I was about to nod off for the night when I saw a cooler under a work table I hoped beyond hope and cracked the top inside in a pool of water and melted ice were some plastic wrapped sandwiches and a few bottle’s of water. Grab them all and chowed down on them, I chugging the water like it was the life blood of the gods. The sandwiches were a little old but still good I covered the glow sticks to mute the light and settled down on the dirt floor near the door.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
6th Mar 2011 (#)

Well written and quite descriptive.
Please spell check and correct to have a good read.

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author avatar muthusamy
7th Mar 2011 (#)

Interesting to read

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