Outbreak part 5 chapter 1 finally

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part 5 of outbreak the fineal part of this capter of the journal.

Day 5- ?

I’ve lost count of the days I’ve been in this town; it could be weeks or months at this point. I spend my day combing through the ruins and looking for supplies. Somedays I find nothing other days I make out good, a can or two of spam or a few other odds and ends. The crawlers, slow moving as they are, are not a problem as they are slowed from hunger, broken bones and damaged ligaments. But the ones who have fed recently are a problem. They go from being slow and jerkier, to fast and wicked smart.

I believed from my observation that the longer a zombie goes without food the more it is likely to become like the traditional crawler. But if they are fresh dead or have just fed, their rotting tissue and degrading bones somehow restore somewhat, making them fast and deadly for a time.

I’ve also found that this contagion dose not cross genetic lines. It only affects humans, not animals, at least not those who are vary genetically different from humans. I’ve seen a few cats and dogs that have been bitten or killed by them; I’ve not found or seen any monkeys to confirm this theory. Food and ammunition are becoming more scares I think I may have to leave the city soon, or start hunting. Since I’ve been here I have seen more and more un-dead every day and not a single human.

At night I sit in the dark in my bunker, my generator off to conserve power. I think to myself, am I the last?. The lone flame in the night or at least one of a handful of flickering flames are there others will they come for me. How can they do they know I am here. I know these are just my mind playing with my boredom like a cat with a mouse. I think I will strikeout soon try to find more people someone anyone.

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