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It would be silly , if I started my article asking "Have you ever travelled on a flight ?" There may be a very few who haven't done that in the present day.As it has also become a necessity now a days than a luxury.
But, there are also certain bitter experiences with it , which I would like to share on this account.

On line Booking

Shrivastav, an employee in a reputed firm in Chennai, had to go to Delhi for a training session conducted by their firm,for a week.He could go their by flight as the firm would bear all the expenses which was a privilege for most of the employees working in the firm.

So, he decided to relax himself for a week, enjoying the training programme, at the cost of the firm.The only thing he had to do was to book the flight tickets.This could be done any time, even at home as he had the internet connection.
On Saturday night, he booked his ticket for a Sunday flight, so that he could feel relaxed by the time he reached Delhi and start his programme afresh on Monday.
He thought it better to book his return ticket on the forthcoming Friday, which was scheduled to fly late in the evening.It even provided a light supper for all the passengers.So, he was more happy.

It was not at all a matter.As the next day was an off and he could have time to relax the day and start over again on Monday.
So, he made up his mind to be well planned, and booked his flight tickets to and from Delhi.

Its really a great joy, booking tickets on line.Without having to wait long hours in queues,or worrying about the arrival and departure timings especially if its by train.Flights have made our lives so comfortable he thought.

The unforgettable journey

He had to travel to the airport 2 hours before boarding as the airport was too far off from his place.He had to take a cab. Again this amount could be reimbursed, so not at all a matter.He didn't mind it, though it was peak time for the cabs and they charged more during peak hours than rest of the day.
Somehow, he reached the airport and even reached on time, without any problem.The programme went on smoothly and there were many other employees from other branches who attended it and so he could add more friends in his "whatsapp" list.

Finally, the programme concluded and everyone came to the airport to fly back to their respective destinations.There were almost all the members of the programme there who had opted for the same flight.So, Srivastav could spend some more time chatting with them.This chat went on till the boarding time and the airport authority finally disclosed that the FLIGHT WAS OVERBOOKED !
Everyone was shocked.How could that be possible ? We booked it a week earlier and how can that be possible ? Everyone yelled and kept on questioning them but there was no sign of response from the booking counter.
This was so ridiculous, thought Srivastav. But what could anyone do ? They could only claim the amount back to book for another flight, for which the authority was ready. But the next flight was only at 6 am the next day.
The airport authority offered all of them to take the next flight in morning with the same amount and rest in a nearby hotel till morning and it would provide them a cab to drop and pick up.They even promised to provide dinner for everyone at room service.

What else could anyone do ? Everyone had to accept the offer.They had to travel in the cab to the hotel which was 1 hour journey. That was not at all comfortable as it was late night by the time they reached.

The food provided was not at hygienic, half cooked rice,the rotis were almost like cardboard pieces and no one dared to taste the curry.
So, they went down to the restaurant and had curd rice which was the only digestible dish, there, late at night. Some even opted to have a glass of butter milk instead.

They could hardly sleep for 3 hours, by the time the cab had come to pick them up. Shrivastav had to take a shower as soon as possible.Then they started back to the airport early in the morning.And reached their destinations finally.

Shrivastav came back to his place but by the time he reached, it was late afternoon. Though he relaxed till evening,it was a very tedious journey with unexpected incidents.

There is comfort in Inconvenience

He couldn't forget the journey and experience the previous day he had.Then, he kept recollecting his words, about the flights and on line booking, he said a week back.

It was not too late for him to realize the fact that, all these comforts have got their drawbacks along with them.
Though there is inconvenience in waiting long hours in queues, there is comfort in the journey. Never did he experience "OVER BOOKING OF TRAIN " after getting his ticket reserved. Train journey has got its comforts and plus points.

The on line booking makes us feel relaxed though, it has its drawbacks too.
That was how our Shrivastav made his analysis and kept recollecting his childhood for the way they used to live and were so happy with the comfort levels then.


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