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I woke up to the sound of the rain pounding gently on my roof. There was no thunder or lightening only the peaceful sound of the rain to make me relaxed enough to work. The rain was heavy but since I had no where to go there was no frustration at it.

Sleeping In, Sorta

This morning I was rather surprised to find that I slept until almost 6a.m. I woke up in time to watch the last fifteen minutes or so of Mister Ed. It was an episode about a bank robbery that happened while Wilbur was in the bank and the robber later came to his house. The day was of course saved by Mister Ed who became offended at hearing he took bad pictures. Go figure.

Gentle Rain There was a gentle pounding on my roof this morning. The rain had finally come. I relaxed a few moments with Mister Ed and then went to turn on my computer. I also felt the need to get out my camera because I have learned that pictures taken through a window with the flash on can create some interesting illusions in pictures. I took several of them for various reason. I have blogs to update and sometimes I remember to include pictures so people know what I'm talking about.

While today has the potential for a lazy day it is not to be one. There are tons of things to do and since there is no therapy today or the rest of the week I have things to do.

Plan for the day

House work- Thanks to that little green bar of soap my dishes are done and my hands are in no danger of breaking out. The whites are now in the machine soaking in bleach until I get the rest of the clothes down so that I have a place to hang them up in order to dry. That is of course after I run them through the wash and an extra rinse cycle to get the smell and effects of the bleach out of them. My poor sensitive skin is not found of the bleach but I am unable to find everything I need to whiten them without it. The joys of living in a town where stores are hidden from view because traffic is horrible where they are.

There is also vacuuming to be done. I have to clean the filter first. That tiny vacuum takes a filter that costs $16. Yet another thing I will be using Amazon gift cards to replace. Oh well, meantime I'm getting the clothes down and putting them away so I can finish the ones in the washing machine. I can't over soak them or they may fall apart.

I will go back and forth from work, housework and playing with the kid to make sure I get everything that I need to do done today.

Thinking About What I Want

There is also a need to go through the house and get rid of what we no longer use or need. I am boxing up the things my child has now outgrown in order to give to a friend that is having a baby girl. Yes, I still have some things left that have not been given away yet. It is time to part with them. I haven't had postage to mail them out so these toys and clothes will be taken with us to therapy so I can give them to her.

The cats have already been in and put back out this morning. Their food sits on the porch in a pool of water waiting for me to empty the bowls. This reminds me that once again I must start bringing their food in at night. The little one attempted to ride them while they were in the house, it seems that she has not yet figured out that they are too small to ride. I am just thankful that they do not lash out at her when she inevitably causes them discomfort as she does not realize she has to be gentle with them.

Now the Day Must Continue

I intend to go back and forth from my computer today as I clean the house. I have a book to work on. I have a few thoughts to add to it before I continue my day. So I am going to continue to do so right now. I am also going to post the New Year's goals on my blogs this morning.

The sun is beginning to come out so the rain's affects can be photographed soon.


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author avatar Denise O
21st Dec 2011 (#)

That housework never seems to end,UGH! LOL
Thank you for sharing another one of your days with us. Congrats on the star page, it is well deserved.:)

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author avatar Laurie Childree
21st Dec 2011 (#)

Thank you Denise!

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