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I've recent been spiritually promoted by God into a new season in the wilderness. The persecution still remain but I'm getting used to it. Here's another spiritual warfare poem of truth and growth.


A lot of stuff is known for lying
Owing time
Growth I need back
Magic on my mind, witches crafting that
At max, the hand repulsive
Sold on that
I ain't
And can't relate
The prattle is the rattle, shake, attention
For the same today
When satan plays, his actors may display some fake remorse
For it
Of course, it's fixed, to figure out the force
That will be most effective...
In an age, where friends are killing friends
And stealing lands
Rest assure, the Lord is with us always
Commandments instilled
We will expand
And, spiritually, Light can clearly see
Now, so many different things can cloud one's focus
Plus, the smoke of persecution
Certainly, makes grateful grumble
Until some ventilation...
Camera eyes, trust concealed any situation
Many plans devised, why fantasize
Life aside the purpose?
All some wanted was to see me down
Then mention pride
How much more to they?
That's if we're playing God and saying not...
In the flesh, vengeance seems like the quickest peace
Even if I died, I will survive, I'm no celebrity
But somewhere on the other side of universes
Welcoming, it treasures me up there...
Doesn't measure me up there...
I know of hurt and hurt
I'm telling truth, that hurt ain't the word
The same evils claim I can't grieve it
Can't reach it
Can't see it, ain't even on the wavelength
Year when it engaged me
Career was taking off good
Some say I slandered
I ain't name
Self-incriminated, Jezebel a demon
All the same
First, I need to forgive this
Deemphasizing, why apologize for something
That you have been punished for?
I'll just ignore
While it get away, in a cage, I ain't trying to pin it
Trying change, from the maze
From the haze
That I was sent through
And this too
See, my homies ain't a part of this
The enemy is many things, a showing of how
Smart it is... hard to end, scars extend
To welcome darkness in
Hearts and battle fields, from the start
This battle real, I don't care about the air
Of tormentors, I'm trying to find a job
Nothing more humble, than a stumble
So I ain't nothing much
And since the truth's released
I'm judging good
Feeling nice, that's right, the wicked rulers
On the high, convinced that strife is tight
Against another's life, something blind
And though I'm less appealing
Never losing sight, I choose the Light
I don't want a witch, and may not know a lot
But the only thing that I know is this...
Jehovah's quick
I don't switch because somebody tripping
Coming for me constantly
And persecutors only strangers
Many want to see me, beaten, broken, low in danger
Choice between protection and the Light
Plus there's no remainders...
Some say I'm taking way too long
I agree though
I ain't for everyone, taste's acquired like a
I keep it three though, a lot of faith
Several sequels
And still I keep on, amidst the trials
And the evils
See, I ain't what you thought
But still I'm good
Feeling peace, and never was involved
Sick of being judge and framed
Manipulated circumstances
But what can you really do though?
I'm uno, I ain't all of that but I still embrace the
Truth though...
Too much I'm dealing with myself
So you can move on
Who can I embarrass if I never
Choose to pair with? I'm declaring strength and hopefulness
No matter how far, the Lord is Light unto my path
Doesn't matter how dark
Don't have to give me any chances
I been snatch and capitalized
On it
Alphabetical grind, I kick, the lists
And rhymes that fix the mind...
The misaligned can win and rise
That don't hypnotize me
Some successful people leaning down
Trying to sweep me out, dirty work
And worried 'bout the wrong thing
It's so strange...
I don't hate because, to me, it's really no gain
It's like a ticking time bomb, defeat
By the wrong maze
And it's easy, wanting to give up...
But we're still up
Every soul that's in the Light
The only ones that feel us...
See the devil want to
And I'm on the sight, got my Spirit sword
You'll never see me on the side
Holding knives called prayers
Angels on the ride
Never losing faith no matter what
Until I'm shattered up
Being famous, evil trying to see me battered up
To sheep, so it can scatter us
And shatter trust
But God is greater...
Overshadowed, like a cloud when it's hot
The shade is disappearing, scripture hearing
Missing bitter hateful speech...
On a carnal weapon also known as the web

God will give me back what I'm owed

I am ex to nothing
I am dominant


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