Pandemic or mass killing?

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I rather think that these pandemics aren´t casual, but Man made with the help of the mighty laboratories.

Pandemic or mass killing?

Ebola is taking some of the space on newspaper front pages. It´s like Aids years ago. There was a lot of talk and articles written. They said it started in Africa. Millions died of it. They also said that it was because of sexual intercourse. In the Western Hemisphere, that is, in some of the most advanced countries, governments and local Authorities started to allegedlly educating their population.
"Beware of Aids" they claimed in coloured posters and brochures, "The worst thing about Aids is not knowing anything about it. Have safe sex..."
Blah, blah, blah. Millions went to launch their propaganda.
Several years on, the obscure illness seems to have been cured or defeated , but the thing is that they don´t talk or write about it anymore, except for some small news inside the newspapers.
Now, it´s Ebola. The illness has started in Africa and it seems to be advancing. The illness has already taken on its victims and these are people like you and I. We´ll never hear of big shots catching the dreaded illness. How strange this is.
I don´t understand that at this stage in life when Medicine and even more pharmaceuticals have improved a great deal, there´re so many illnesses devastating parts of the world, but I say some parts of the world.
It´s part of a plan to wipe some millions off the Earth. The ruling folks won´t tell us this, but they´ll present it as a new and unpredictable curse on Mankind. but they won´t tell us the truth, because people that don´t know the facts are easier to manage.
I don´t believe that this is a new pandemic or curse on Mankind, but as with many other changes at present and worldwide, pandemics are Man made and behind there´re the mighty laboratories, because they´ve the tools that are requested from them to create or to kill.

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author avatar vickylass
6th Aug 2014 (#)

I´ll appreciate your comments whether on agreement or not.

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author avatar vickylass
9th Aug 2014 (#)

This world goverment are poisoning drinking water, our rivers and the sea. They´re manipulating the food we´re to eat whereever we are and now they want us to believe that this pandemic is a casual one. Go on! Are we going to believe this?

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author avatar blogperfect
9th Aug 2014 (#)

great article my friend,people need to wake up,,,,god damn

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