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I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm in a situation in which the entire world around me is one thick, hot, lung-burning blanket of strong smoke.


I know I'm going to pass out any moment soon, since I can't breathe. However, falling over might be painful, so I decide to just use my last strength to place myself in a lying position on the ground. Well, partly because of that, and partly because I thought I might have one last hope, and that is that there is slightly less smoke way down on the surface of the pavement.

Well, it's not much better to breathe here. And it's getting hotter all the time. The wind must be blowing that fire's heat like a rolling heatwave over everything. I don't even know what's burning where anymore, but it feels like the air itself is on fire, especially when I try to breathe it in.

Down here on the pavement, I see there's Majesty. Poor frightened doggy is close to me, though in the thick smoke it looks so far away.

And what are those? The wheels of Mother's BMW appear.

"MARZEUS, GET IN!!!!!", I hear her voice coming panicky out of the smoke.

The next moment I went on autopilot. Somehow I grabbed the dog and the camera both and threw them into the back seat of the car, and then find myself next to Mother in the car.

But blast it, I cannot breathe!! By now I don't know how long it's been since I've breathed in a good breath of life-sustaining air.

There's a little towel in the car, as Mother and Father like to keep hand towels in the car so they can put these on their laps whenever they need to eat in the car.

I grab it and find it helps slightly to hold it as thickly folded as possible in front of my mouth, and breath through it. Using this, I can take a very short breath ever now and again, that keeps me conscious for another second or five.

But oh no, Mother and Father usually keep the cars in the garage with their windows open, probably so the car isn't stuffy when they get into it. But now Mother has just grabbed this car and reversed it out as fast as she can, never thinking to close the windows. So now the smoke is all inside the car too as out, and you can barely see your hands in front of your face even in the car.

When in a panicky blur I try to assess the situation again, I realize we haven't moved. I scream at Mother to go.

But the horrid realization comes to us that we cannot see ANYTHING. And we mean ANYTHING. All around the car there is just this thick wall of smoke EVERYWHERE.

And to make it worse, Mother has reversed out, and we still need to turn the car around somewhere if we are to drive anywhere. But we can't see anything, and I don't even know if Mother can breathe at all.

By now, I do feel that a paralyzing panic has set in to my body. From here on, there's not much chance of getting out of this alive. Yet, I still hope.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting writing!

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