Parasite Love

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in a loving relationship can not be separated from the temptations that always disturb the good relations that come from outside like, friend, neighbor or even the closest friends and who come from within his own heart that always whispering that the current relationship is not good, this is what called parasites in relationship, please read the following article.

Ego Destructive Relationships

Great companions, no love subverted because the roots are not strong, then came the wind and storms, or deliberately felled owners.
I am, this afternoon did not talk about it, because almost everyone knows. How to plant a tree with strong roots of love, wind and storm resistant, and maintained from the hands of looters nosy.
Indeed, the more should be wary of parasites, tiny creatures that secretly come, the robustness of the stem and roots, underestimated, not considered important, and only realized when the tree was dead withered molt. The situation is heartbreaking, because trees felled or fallen due to wind, some material may be used for other functions.

Parasite, a small, but once it came, it was difficult to shut down, stopped, or removed.
Here's what I mean, any solid as tree planting love you, there is no guarantee the parasite does not come visit.

There are many parasites on the tree of love. Among them are hidden ego, At early age, this parasite will not appear. At this time there is always a word budge. At this time you call budge even a victory. Yeah, you're absolutely right, basically succumbing indeed win, Too bad you forget this fact at the time of expiration of the conquest. I mean, a time when you felt he had become yours completely.

In soft and smile, you forget the beauty of caving, which is in your heart is a whisper, "You must come with me dong if you really love." The whisper of your heart, heart said similar, That ego hidden. As nothing, just a weak little heart sometimes come reminds but you ignore.

The parasite is growing, growing, twining-girth and branches, creating a new parasite-parasite others, Other parasite-parasite that is clogged communication, because at the time of liver accumulate indignation caused ego, each partner feel like talking, the atmosphere will be more ugly, and any attempt to fix it led to the opposite.
Another parasite counting goodness, feel a little receives and much to give. Why is this called a parasite? Because it is rare that realizes the damage. That there should feel right. Feeling he did not like it used to,hhmmzz.. you yourself like what? Felt it was a lot to give, but at the time we began to calculate goodness, that's an indication we begin to mitigate them, or do not do it sincerely.

Parasite-parasite is still very much, but if you can detect the above, it will be easier to survive than others.

Let's clear the parasite, if you want to keep your love trees grow and bear fruit.

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wow, so informative

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20th Dec 2014 (#)

So touchable posting. Good for sharing this. Thanks.

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21st Dec 2014 (#)

thank you for your visiting here my friend viewgreen,,have a nice day...

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21st Dec 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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