Pardon me my good man, but I am going to have to kill you now.I do apologize. It's just not your territory

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Exactly where is the line between what living things you would kill without a wink, and what you wouldn't?

Pardon me my good man, but I am going to have to kill you now. I do apologize. It's just my territory this, you know how it is.

I go into Studio C today to gym. A long time ago, Father had too much gym equipment for his garage gym, so he sent some stuff to storage. I needed these equipment to gym with, so I brought them here to Studio C.

I also go around to all the different halls to make sure everything is still in order. Aside from being a bit chaotic with things standing around everywhere and the dust and rats being a problem, all is okay. I do regularly put down some of those wax rat poison bricks, which seem to work. The rats eat them like sweetcakes, and then leave the other things alone, as far as I can see.

Today however, in one of the halls, I see someone has made himself a domain. I'm using the term someone because, although it is a spider, it is so huuuuuuuuuuuuge, it feels like a gentleman or something.

And now this is a problem for me. I'm glad this spider is here, because they help keep the insects in line. On the other hand, although I don't know the name of this type of spider, I do know they are extremely poisonous if they should bite me or Majesty my best furry friend.

I do so wish this giant spider had settled just a bit out of the way. As it is, it is unfortunately right there where I know I'll be needing to take out or rearrange some things some time, and it will probably then hide and then make it worse because I won't know where it is and probably touch it accidentally.

Bottom line is, I'm afraid I cannot allow this "person" to stay. I'm going to have to kill it.

I take out some insecticide out of the cupboard.

Oh, the poor thing, I think before I start spraying it. Couldn't it have been some small, impersonal spider? Like a daddy longlegs or something. Those things are so skinny and thin and small, they really don't feel like you're killing something when you kill them.

This big spider on the other hand feels like a person, or an animal with personality. It's so big, you can practically see its face.

I feel like I'm going to kill someone who is just trying to make a living and who can't help being who he is, looking like he does.

Although the spider is very black, it seems to become lighter brown to its center. And there's some reddishness on its underbelly.

Well, please my friend, understand I don't mean any harm and I wish things could have been different, but in this life, I'm a creature who will sustain damage from your poisonous bite, and you are a dangerous creature with a poisonous bite, so, taking into account who we turned out to be born as in this life, I'm afraid it would be responsible of me to kill you.

Well I suppose the spider would understand. They understand about territorialness. He is in my territory, even though he may not have seen me here much, and that is why the natural world decided only one of us may be allowed to exist here.

It makes it easier that, when the first spray comes from the insecticide can's nozzle, the creature disappears instantly to hide underneath some pipes. Now I won't have to shoot it right in the face.

I spray a little more in that general direction, and then leave and go about my business. I'm glad that's over.

I come into the same room a little later. There sits Mister Spearlegs the spider on the floor underneath the pipes. He's still completely intact and seems well. The only signs of the poison that was sprayed on him, is his delayed reactions.

He stares at me for a bit. When I come closer again with the insecticide, he doesn't run away. He's just sitting with his legs nicely sprayed out like an eagle. We could have been friends if only things were different. Like if he was a human, instead of some yukky poisonous spider that's not only gross but just makes my skin crawl.

I decide to finish it. I spray him with some more deadly poison.

He then jumps out of his eagle spreadwing position, onto his side, and starts kicking with his legs, like somebody in pain. I wonder if this stuff burns or what.

Well, it's best I end his suffering now. I spray him some more.

Finally it seems he can feel no more pain. Good bye Mister Spearlegs. Next time, be born as something a little higher up on the ladder of evolution. Perhaps we can be friends then.

Some days later, I find Mister Spearlegs' body has been moved. I suspect it was by a mouse or a rat or something.

Yep, he came, he ate some insects, then he was killed alive by insecticide and his corpse became a chewtoy for a rodent. What a life! A true legacy.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
1st Nov 2015 (#)

Different in perspective and interesting read too..

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
3rd Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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