Part 1. Sayings which dont make any sense

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A funny list of common used sayings ad why they are useless


In our society today we have a lot of sayings which are don't make any sense and are also completely stupid and yet thousands of people live their lives by these sayings and quote them even in the most inappropriate times.

Walk it off!

"just walk it off Joe just walk it off" says the boxing instructor to poor Joe who has been beaten so hard that he had a concussion, broken ribs and two black eyes. Now I don't know about you but I don't have a clue what walking it off actually means.
Imagine Mr. Joe walking around with sever injuries as if magically walking will cure him. I will tell you this now, walking it off when your in pain or injured wont do a thing except maybe make things worse. Never tell anyone to walk off there injuries its no cure what-so-ever.
But this saying extends further more, because I have heard it being used in the work place. An employee grumbles "oh I am having a crappy day" and the manger overhears it and says "oh just walk it off, just walk it off". What the hell does this mean? I hear this all the time and its now help, its just like saying suck it up I don't care.
Please for the betterment of everyone around you, please don't be so compassionate, you can be better then this and show more support and kindness to your fellow man and/or woman.

Tie a Knot.

Another saying is this "If you reach the end of your rope in life, tie a knot and hold on"...I read this and think ok...does this mean things are about to get worse? or.... is this another suck it up and deal with it. Either way I don't like the connotations, this saying is not helpful and instead of dealing with issues it just says "well hang in there and walk it off" and we all know how well that doesn't work.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Ok this last one is not a saying but I put it in here for fun. Why did this chicken cross the road...who the hell cares its a bird and we cannot talk to it so stop pondering questions and leave the poor animal alone...

The Enemy of My Enemy

Well the man who made this saying up was betrayed and killed so I don't really think this is a good idea. Remember if your enemy has made an enemy it does not necessarily mean that they are trustworthy either.

Texas is big yo

"Everything is Bigger in Texas yo"...I could give you a list of reasons why this is not true and will never be true. But I will just sumerise with one sentence, most people believe Texas is the largest state, it is not in fact you could fit almost two and a half Texas's in Alaska alone, Alaska is H U G E.

Box o' Chocolates

Life is like a Box O' Chocolates because you never know what your going to get next...well no! I don't know about many of you but I never sit there randomly selecting chocolates, I look at the options and then select what I want and feed the rest to the cats...only kidding.
But seriously there are times in life when it is predictable and other times when life throws you a curve ball.

I ain't done nottin yo

A typical Londoner slang word "I ain't done nottin yo" well this is a double negative and it is actually a confession of having done something. Now I know this may sound strange but let me translate it for you "I Have Not been doing Nothing" do you understand it now? It means that your confessing to not doing nothing.

Weird Maths

ok maths is wacked and sometimes is contrary to real life, now I fully understand what I am going to say is wrong but hear me out ok. So in maths -100 x -100 = 100. Ok so lets apply this to real life. Your bank has $0 and I subtract $100 making you in dept by a hundred dollars, then I go and multiply that dept by another $100, so basically I am doing this -$100 x $100 and doing maths on this you will come to having...ta da +$100 in your bank wait how does this make any sense at all. Maths is great for science and stuff but sometimes when it comes to real life it does not make any sense.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Here is another common quote "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"...ok... so lets apply this to real life, a man gets shot up gangsta style and is shot in the chest several times and some how he survives. Well he most likely going to have scars and all like of respiratory issues and ailments that will make the rest of his life worse, not to mention mental trauma.

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Very amusing, thanks!

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