Part 2. Sayings which dont make any sense

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A funny list of common used sayings ad why they are useless


In our society today we have a lot of sayings which are don't make any sense and are also completely stupid and yet thousands of people live their lives by these sayings and quote them even in the most inappropriate times.


"Never say Never"... I dont really feel like I need to explain this one since you can see the stupidity in using a word to signify the further not using of that word. Its like saying "Stop saying Stop" or shouting at someone to stop shouting. I mean the saying is a good in that it promotes the idea that nothing is impossible.


So this is a common thing used by people, especially when they are angry. You will used the word used to casually that you yourself will often say it and this word is "Always". Commonly used in sentences like "why do you Always leave the door open" or "why do you Always screw up" or "why do you Always bring mud into the house". Firstly this is a word which is not true AND i will say this as a quote "No One Always does anything, not even breathing" which is true. Most people use the word always for things which happen rarely for example a husband occasionally leaves the cupboard open and the wife says he always does it, or for a child brings muddy shoes into the house but they don't Always since there is not Always mud outside. Nobody ever does anything Always and further more using the word Always actually enforces the negative behavior because the human sub conscious mind cannot process a negative and so the persons brain just hears that they should do more of the undesired things. Its like saying don't think of bananas and the first thing your brain conjures up is bananas despite me telling you specifically not the think about not thinking about banana's. See now you have bananas in your mind twice. So you can see that if you use the word Always a small portion of the person's subconscious mind will believe you and try to re-enforce the negative behavior.

Exepect the worst

This a saying which goes "expect the best and prepare for the worst" which to a limited extent is useful but if you think about it this is asking you to do two opposite things at once, its like saying dress for summer and winter at the same time. This also is another way of justifying carrying everything around for the "just in case" mentality. The "just in case" mentality"is never a good mentality to take because it causes people to horde things and worry unnecessarily. Here is an easier way of going about life, just make sure there is a small umbrella in your car or purse.

Expect the Unexpected

"Expect the Unexpected" is a common term used by many people and it is one of the universes few impossibilities. To say expect the unexpected is like saying "Think of something you can never think of" because if you think about it the moment you expect something that is unexpected it becomes expect and so the unexpected thing becomes something else which makes this sentence impossible and also completely stupid.


The use of the word Impossible is used W-A-Y too commonly, so many time the human race has said something is impossible and then someone goes and does it and it becomes normal practice. For example climbing Mount Everest used to be considered suicide and the mountain was called "Death Mountain" by most and then one man climbed it and within a few years dozens of people were climbing it. Check this out for the full story.
It was considered impossible to travel at the speed of sound because it was thought that a person would become deaf. It was considered impossibly to fly or to get to the moon or to transmit information across the air, click here for the full story.
I could give you a list of things which were thought impossible and turned out were quite possible but it would take up most of this page, sufficed to say that there are a very few impossible things in this Universe like Expecting the Unexpected.

No Offense

The term "no offense" is one of the most stupid sayings out there. The main reason is is that anyone who says "no offense" is just about to offend you. I mean why would someone not get offended because you say "no offense". Its like saying "dont feel pain" and then punching someone. Generally if you don't have anything good to say then do not speak.

They dont count

So many times people use the saying "oh their only babies they dont count", I mean what the hell is this! Its like saying "well their kind of human but not yet so dont worry about it". Babies and children still count as Human beings and please never say your children don't count, if a child overhears this then they will that they will never count in life.
This saying also kind of implies that babies are still loading, much like a computer program and will never count as a full being until some predetermined time which is in peoples mind. A good example of this being used is in hotels for example a guy at the front desk see's a reservation for 4 adults and no children and the family arrives with 4 adults and 7 children and the front desk person says "sir we cannot have 11 people in a room and when you made your reservation you only put down 4 people" to which the man replied "yeah but the 7 children don't count their only children", of course the 9 year old child overhears this and thinks, "oh I am nothing then". Please never use the term "they don't count" for anyone or anything.

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