Part 3. Sayings which dont make any sense

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A funny list of common used sayings ad why they are useless


This is a saying mostly used in England and it is usually used as a quick escape for people who do not know the answer. I will give an example the husband is looking for his keys and says to his wife "where is the keys honey" to which the wife replied "where do you think it is?". Now this saying is especially stupid since if the husband knew where the key was he would not even ask where they were in the first place. This response is a perfect example of replying without putting any actual thought into a reply.

The Last Place

To continue from the earlier section this in this section the husband has found his keys and says to the wife. "I have found my keys, their always in the last place I look". Now I don't know about you but I would not find a thing and then keep looking for it so obviously everything will always be in the last place you look. This is a hilarious example of stupidity in language.


So many people use vague responses like, "oh can you hand me that thing" and then they point at a cluster of 10 to 20 things with no specific way differentiating which "thing" they actually need and then to compound matter they then get mad when we dont have a clue what "thing" they need, its almost as bad as Wheel of Fortune in US having a category of "thing", which can encompass any"thing". Please be specific and dont use terms like "thing" or "thingy majiggy", I mean what the hell is a "majiggy" anyways.

Over There

So many times I have seen people get confused when they have been directed to go "Over There" which is in most cases a corridor or road which leads to an intersection of more corridors and roads which only leads to confusion. Please for the sake of humanity dont be lazy and say specifics like saying "go straight and then left".

I need to talk to you

Nothing scared the poop out of me more then when some body looks me in the eyes and then says "I need to talk to you" and then follows up with saying "but finish what your doing first" or "I'll tell you five minuets" or "well I will tell you when you have finished eating" to which they promptly walk away basically gives the "Ah-Oh what have I done wrong" effect for example saying "I need to talk to you but after lunch" will mean that for the next 20 minuets I will be setting there worried thinking "Ah-Oh what have I done wrong" only to find out that you needed something simple like a tissue box. Please never use this term is scared the S#!T out of people.

Who do you think

I see this all the time on lawyer tv series when the person says "but I am innocent" and the lawyer chortles and then replied "oh if you didn't do it then who do you think did it?". This is by far one of the stupidest questions ever asked, because it takes into assumption that the person being asked will magically know and further more it somehow makes them look more guilty because they cannot give an answer. I see this as well with adults and children, an adult will blame an innocent child and then when they say it wasn't them the adult would say "well who do you think did it?" to which the child will freeze up like a deer in the headlights and stammer "I...oh...ohh...I don't know?' to which the parent usually smacks the child around the head and says "see you did do it". Now I don't know what kind of logic dictates that if you don't know who did the crime then it must be you who did the crime. Because if we applied the same logic then all police detectives would be arrested because they don't know who did it at some point or another and so using this logic they themselves must have done the crime.

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