Pathfinder Pathfinder find me a path!

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Well we're still chasing after and behind and in front and on the side of the truck Mother directed a wrong way to.

Pathfinder Pathfinder find me a path!

(Continued from here)

Mother drives up alongside of the truck and tell me to tell the driver to turn left in front.

He finally does open his window and seems to say thank you for our previous helping of him. I scream at him to take a left up front. Then as we speed away in front of him I also point with my hand left.

There, all done. Now he'll take the left.

Only, I see Mother driving on straight, so I wonder if that was right. I ask her if it was right. She says no. We must carry on straight. Only later on we must turn left.

Gosh darnit Mother!!! Now you made me say something wrong to that truck driver too!!! What if he turns off left now?

Fortunately it seems he doesn't turn left. He must have noticed that doesn't look right. So he's still behind us.

We reach a place where the truck driver has to turn off. Only, the way Mother explained the road to him, he has to go on straight. But he mustn't or he will not get to Carltonburg.

So, we turn off to the left, thinking he'll follow us. He doesn't. He carries on straight, honking to thank us.

Oh no!!!! Was all our trouble all for nothing then?

We stop at the side of the road and watch as the huge truck carries on the wrong way.

Now what? Do we leave him on the wrong path now?

But wait, he's stopping. Yay! He noticed us over here.

He puts on his hazard lights and stops. But it's completely impossible for a truck that size to turn around.

He doesn't turn around. Instead, he reverses it all the way back to where he can turn off into the road and come this way.

It takes a while to slowly move that big truck all the way back, but finally he's coming this way again.

Ok, now he seems to understand that we wanted him to follow us.

So, we drive on and take another turn where he must go to get onto the road to Carltonburg.

Well, we're not going to Carltonburg so we stop at the side of the road so he can pass.

But instead, he puts on his hazards and stops too.

NO!! Carry on!! We try to instruct him with our hands.

Finally he comes past with that huge truck and honks again to thank us.

Goodbye, lovely stranger truck driver guy with your huge truck!

He drives off into the night.

Well, now what do we do? It's much too late to make that Marrick Max concert, even if we did find it.

So we decide to go to a coffee shoppe.

There we eat soup and bread with olives baked in, which is something Mother believes taste something awful, while Mother is - you guessed it - on her damn phone answering messages and taking calls and reading all the messages from everybody.

Seriously, I wish she'd visit with me instead. But, she's adamant about busying herself with her phone messages because, as is always her motto, "it could be important!".

Whatever. I'd go mad if my thought processes and daydreams were always interrupted by phone alerts. Good grief!!

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