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Are we destined to follow the same pattern in life? Is it not possible to break a habit and adopt some new and exciting ones?

And again and again

It is said that a person is what they habitually do. So if you wake up at five fifteen every morning, you would be an early riser, regardless of whether you enjoyed getting up so early or not.
People have patterns of behaviour, repeated habits and ways, that they rarely deviate from. You may be thinking that you are not like that, but I would bet that the route you take to work, college or any regular haunt is same every time. No reason it should not be, it's probably the shortest, most convenient route to your destination. Why would you go exploring other routes?
The thing is, this is a pattern that we adopt in other areas of our lives. We stay in jobs we no longer enjoy too long, put off exercise for too long, watch the same television programs and then later realise we have missed another show we would rather have watched!
Possibly the most common lament amongst working, middle income people, is that of wealth. Or lack of it.
They wonder why, with all the hours they work, the effort they put in, the commitment they show, they are not better off? I am not sure I have the answer to that question. What I do know is, I know quite a few well off people and quite a few - a lot of actually - not so well off people. They are all good, decent people for the most part. I would not take one type over the other. But they are different. When I say well off, I do not mean well paid. I am quite well paid, though I am not well off. I know a lot of people who are well paid, very handsomely renumerated in fact, but I would not consider them well off. They are not poor by any means. They are just of a different mindset.
The big difference I find between those I consider well off and everybody else - I include myself in that - is they are always working on something because they want to. They never seem to be working to any agenda other than their own. This may not be entirely true, but it is the impression, the habit, they have. It is as though what they do is part of their lives, not just work for a wage.
Also, they always seem to have options, more than one revenue of income. Once again, this may not be true, but that is the impression they project. For the rest of us, we always seem to be yearning for some sort of escape from our daily grind; our pattern.
Still tomorrow the alarm clock will sound and the habits and patterns will start again. It would be scary to stop and change suddenly, explore some unknown option. Yes, it would be scary, but is it as scary as knowing exactly what you are going to do, with very little deviation, for the next decade? Break the pattern.


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I am a fitness instructor dreaming of being a film script writer. I tend to write - or rant! - about anything that takes my fancy.

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author avatar David Gubbins
29th Nov 2011 (#)

Goodness that is too close to home! Excellent piece once again.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
29th Nov 2011 (#)

Whilst it is true that we all tend to follow patterns within our life yet there is no reason why we must do the same thing every day of our lives. I love to deviate and not take a set pattern, but I guess that has become a set pattern

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author avatar Anisha Achankunju (Aiyanna)
30th Nov 2011 (#)

I wake each morning at 4am and work two jobs and a single mum too.
I have learnt that having a positive attitude along with the ability to change things is the greatest of gift that one can have. But that said, if things cannot be changed, the best is to set them free and walk away.
I never say too much on my plate and infact always find ways and means to have a jam packed day as life is too short for idle time. Get the most of life in the shortest span that you have as tomorrow may never come and you have to strive to leave behind a legacy.
Believe we are all in a queue but when our time is up we have to go with or without saying goodbye so always think ahead rather than live in the past or for the day as it is your tomorrow which counts as thats where memories of you live.

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