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Yesterday I finally wondered how long Paypal needs to resolve the case of the money stolen out of my account, so I rang them up. They say it might take up to ten days.

Paypal resolution

"But", says the lady on the phone, "if you did give them (the criminals) authorization, we cannot get you your money back."

"I did no such thing!", I say. "I woke up one morning and found the messages in my inbox that two purchases were made using my Paypal account."

I tell her again that these criminals posed under the name of eBay, but their website and email address keep changing to everything BUT

Anyway, I'll wait some more days for their findings in the matter. Though I can't say I'm not afraid that they may not pay me my money back. Last time I reported something - that time it was a vendor who after being paid by me via Paypal, wouldn't deliver what I bought - Paypal did NOT decide the claim in my favor.

Finally today though, after a week since I reported it, I get their verdict.

I'm getting my money back!! WHOOHOOO!!! Only in five days though. Which means I'll probably be charged interest on my credit card by my bank, because the month ends in a day. But I'm happy none the less.

At the same time, Paypal limited my account. I cannot withdraw money from it, nor do any purchases on this account, until I answered some questions and did some tasks like change password and security questions. I can't say I mind though - I'll be going on vacation now and it's good that no purchases can be made on my account while I'm gone. It seems they believe somebody might have gotten my password somehow. I'm thinking it's probably through a password stealing virus or something. Those can be picked up by opening emails infected with them, visiting sites infected with them, visiting sites of innocent webmasters whose computers were infected by them and they uploaded infected files to their websites, and downloading "free" stuff.

Well, the best outcome one can expect anyway. We really need to instate the death penalty for cybercriminals. Please write your senate today.

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