Peccavimus (we have sinned)

Ian R Thorpe By Ian R Thorpe, 27th Jun 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A reflection on the way we have treated the world. I am not convinced by 'the science' that the main threat we face comes from carbon dioxide emitted by human activity, in fact I think that is just a diversion to steer attention away from the serious harm we are doing to our planet through many other human activities.


“Centuries ago you white people chose the path of science and technology. That path will destroy the planet. Our role is to protect the planet. We are hoping you will discover that before it’s too late.” Rueben Kelly, Elder of the Dhungutti tribe of Australian Aboriginies


The world spins endlessly around
its dying sun in endless space.
Seers and science seek a sign;
are we alone or might we be
mutations of an older race
planted here to serve some grand design
as guardians of a sacred trust.

Squatting on our mother Earth
we tear at her fragile skin,
gorging on the precious lode.
The industry that milks her dry
destroys the seed contained within.
Her vital systems now corrode;
we drain her like an incubus.

A glutton never forsees want
but hopes the feast will last forever
careless of harm that may accrue
to the infinitely forgiving dam;
but if the umbilical cord should sever
the cycle ends, nothing can renew.
Must everything we made end thus?

Peccavimus, we all have sinned,
ignored wisdom for easy gain,
turned each from other to cult of self,
traded with the salesman priest,
bought instant pleasure with future pain,
swapped heritage for short term wealth,
thrown truthless prayers at empty skies.
Earth bleeds. May we yet turn the tide.

The prodigal god that men have made
demands only blind servitude,
turns the child against its mother,
deceives with gifts of gold and glory
the highest among nature's brood
and bids the rape go on forever
until womb becomes sarcophagus.

54 degrees north
Feel the burn
The reality of climate economics
The true cost of green energy


Environment, Philosophy, Poem, Poetry, Rhyme, Verse

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author avatar Ian R Thorpe
Born Manchester UK, 1948. varied early career from clerk via construction site worker and street trader to I T consultant. Performance poet, broadcaster, fiction writer and essayist on many topics.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
3rd Jul 2014 (#)

Nice use of the final consonant sounds. That's a hard ending to match up, and you handled it well.

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author avatar Ian R Thorpe
9th Jul 2014 (#)

Thanks Phyl, I've always loved rhyme and its more fun when I make it difficult for myself :-)

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