Peer Pressure

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A kid will do things on a dare, that kid would not do otherwise. Sometimes it is wrong. Sometimes it is another step in growing up.

Making Haste Slowly

I’d better take a shower. I don’t want to, but it will take up time. I’ve already got my trunks on, but I am moving slowly. I don’t want to go out to the pool. If I go out, I’ll have to do what I said. I can’t chicken out. Darn. That shower is cold.

Hank is calling me. I walk slowly to the door. Going into the pool isn’t the problem. I walk out and dive in just past the rope, into the deep end. I swim across and back and climb out of the pool.

“Come on.” Hank says. “Let’s go down to the board.”

It isn’t the board that bothers me, either. I go to the end of the pool and climb up on the board. I take practice steps, so I’ll know where to start. Then, I take my three steps, the last one with extra power at the end of the board. I go up, and I come down on both feet. The board gives me all of the lift I need. I do a pike. A pike is my best dive. This one is fairly clean. I knife through the water, swim to the edge, and get out.

It’s time.

Working My Way to the Top

I go to the tower. I climb to the first platform. This isn’t much higher than the board. I dive. I return to the tower and climb to the second platform. This is the only way I can do it. I have to move up one platform at a time. None of them seem too bad.

Now! I climb the tower, walk out on the board, and look down. Oh, my, gosh!

This is the one that bothers me. I tell myself it really isn’t that much higher than the top platform. Only inches. I can’t make me believe it. The end of that board is out over nothing but space, and below, way below, is water. Is it because the board sticks out where I can’t see the tower and platforms around me? It doesn’t matter.

I look out over the wall as if I can see something really interesting in the park. I’m probably the only one I’m fooling.

I look down. I talk to myself. “You did a good dive off of the board. You did really great working your way up the tower. This one isn’t that different.”

Fish or Cut Bait?

I don’t believe me, but it would disgrace me if I turned around and climbed down. I can’t do that. I can’t dive off of this high board, either. Help! The others are better than I am at this stuff. Why do I even try? Is it really that important? No, it isn’t.

Yes! It is! I take a deep breath and dive off the high board.

I come up out of the water with my arm extended, hand fisted. Yes! I did it.


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author avatar A.M>CrewsAnita Crews
28th Jul 2014 (#)

I would have liked to read more than the first sentence of this article, but was cut off by Wikinut!! Very distressing as it looked like a good article.

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