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A strange tale of a terrible deed and the lengths one will go to earn forgiveness for their actions.


Omar awoke with a smile on his face. For today he was a new man, he had made love to a beautiful lady for the first time, he was waking up in her bed, his head hurt but that was to be expected. In truth he and she had been so drunk the night before that he really could not remember what had happened but he felt good inside so he knew it must have been a good night for him and for her. He started to feel around the bed and realised that she was not next to him and he looked around and was startled by the sight of her sitting fully clothed near the foot of the bed. Her name was Taniqua and she was an African American woman, she had light brown skin and wild afro style hair. He pulled himself up and realised that she was looking at him angrily.
‘What is wrong?’ he asked
‘what is wrong?’ she replied almost sarcastically.
‘Yes? What’s wrong? Did I not last long enough last night or something? If so I am sorry. I honestly cannot remember a lot of what happened’ he said and she chuckled dryly.
‘yes well I do!’ she hissed and her icy demeanour cut through to his very soul and it was in that instant he knew that something was terribly wrong.
‘Why what happened?’ he uttered although he dreaded to know what was wrong.
‘Well if you do not know I will tell you, we came up here and started kissing. You started touching and at first I liked it. I thought maybe we should have sex and we started getting naked but then I realised that I did not want to lose my virginity this way and I tried to stop you but you didn’t seem to realise or maybe you simply did not care and you had your way with me’ she said. He looked at her, mouth open in shock as his mind tried to catch up with what he had done.
‘I think they call it date rape. I don’t know if you knew you were doing it or what but I don’t care I just want you out of my life!’ she snapped and it was only then that Omar realised that she was holding a baseball bat across her lap.
‘I…I…’ he started but it was all too much, his world had just come crashing down on him. He had always been a good boy, mamma’s favorite child. He had been modest and never once had he started drinking until a year ago when he entered his last year of college, it had started with his friends convincing him to get drunk and from there it had slowly descended into Friday night parties and dating…well one date and look how it ended up. He started to sob into his hands and he placed his hands in front of his face and tears streamed down his cheeks.
‘I…I will burn in hell for…this’ he said through sobs and she looked at him surprised. For this had been the last reaction she had expected, in her mind she had expected maybe him to try and rape her again or just chuckle and walk out of the room or even try to kill her in any one of a thousand scenario she had thought up while he slept, but never once did she consider he would break down like this.
‘Wha….what have I…I done’ he sobbed and his voice became high pitched.
‘I h…have b…become one of th…those evil m…men’ he said through shuddering sobs and he looked up at her and his eyes were red with grief and tears.
‘I am s…so s….sorry’ he said and truly he was, for now he felt like a he had stained his soul, his body and his heart. He felt as if by his actions he had doomed himself as the lowest of the low and he would never again feel clean, he felt as if he had become those men, the vile men you seen on the news who capture and rape women and in that moment he realised he could never live with himself. For it was one thing to be a victim but to be the perpetrator of such a terrible thing was a terrible burden in itself and he was not sure he could live up to it. He looked up at her and then he saw the door to the balcony was open and in that one terrible moment he knew what he must do.
‘I…I am so sorry’ he said and got out of bed, she gripped the bat tighter and prepared himself to lunge at her but he never did and instead he ran out of the bed and towards the doors, in a heartbeat he was onto the balcony and without hesitation he leapt. He did it with such speed Taniqua did not even have a chance to turn around when she heard the crunch of Omar hitting the car below.
‘oh my god!’ she gasped and dropped the bat and ran over to the balcony and saw that Omar had landed on her car, luckily the apartment had only been one floor up and the fall had been a relatively short one onto the roof of a car. But it was enough to blow out several windows and leave glass embedded into Omar’s face. As she looked down there was something almost comical about a naked man spread out on top of her car, but when she saw blood she realised she needed to call an ambulance.


Omar awoke for the second time that day, but in a lot more pain. He was in a hospital and some nurse was trying to tell him that he was lucky to have survived and that they needed to keep him in for a few days to make sure he does not try something so stupid again. The days went by slowly and achingly and he barely spoke a word to anyone besides answering the doctors and psychologists questions. He of course omitted that he found that he had date raped someone and tried to kill himself and simply said the lie that he thought the apartment was a ground floor apartment and he did not expect a ten foot drop.
He was glad his sister had not found out and after three days Taniqua had come to see him late at night. Today she wore a tight fitting red denim coat with matching trousers. She was a slender elegant woman and she looked as beautiful as the first time he had seen her.
‘What are you doing here?’ he asked.
‘I came to see how you were doing’ she said
‘And…erm you kind of wrecked my car’ she said.
‘I am sorry for that, and the other thing too’ he said
‘I know you are sorry but that does not change anything.’ She said
‘I know, I wish I could do anything to change what I did to you but nothing I can say will ever change the fact that I date raped you’ he said and she seemed to flinch at the words.
‘ssssshhh’ she said.
‘I am sorry’ he said.
‘You know what. In my religion when someone has done a grave injustice to someone they must pay penance to that family and I would like to pay penance to you. Tomorrow I get out of here and I promise you I will buy you a new car and I will do anything you say. Consider me as your lackey…or slave whatever you want I will get for you, do for you. Please accept this as my apology…please’ he said and she thought about it for a long while and shook her head.
‘I don’t want you entering my apartment ever again!’ she said
‘I won’t, I will just do your errands, get your groceries, get your dry cleaning, do your homework whatever you want’ he said and she looked at him for a long moment, trying to discern any hints of falsehood in his words and look but she could not see any lies there and so she nodded.
‘Alright but just for a month’ she said
‘Forty days is the minimum requirement in my religion, it’s only ten days more, please I will do anything, I will be your slave’ he said and at the mention of the word “slave” a wicked smile spread across her face.
‘Ok then forty days, no more no less’ she said.


The next morning she awoke with a knock on the door and after putting on a dressing gown she opened the door to find Omen standing there. He was dressed in a suite and hat and his face was covered in stiches and band aids where the doctors had removed the glass. He stood there with a box.
‘Good morning, I have come bearing a gift’ he said and opened the box and revealed a set of keys and in her sleepy state it took her several moments to realise the keys were car keys.
‘What…what is this?’ she asked.
‘I bought you a car to make up for the one I…um broke’ he said and she took the keys and smiled, there was a small keychain dangling on it that showed a horse.
‘Just give me a second’ she said while holding up a finger and closed the door. A few minutes later she came rushing out of the apartment, haphazardly dressed and he took her downstairs and he showed her a yellow ford mustang with black stripes down the centre and she was stunned at the sight of the car.
‘I remembered you said you liked bumble bee from transformers so I got you the same car, it took me all night but I got it’ he said and giddy she embraced him before remembering what he had done and cautiously stepped back.
‘Sorry’ she apologised and then immediately wondered why she had apologised, she needed to punish him not sympathise with him.
‘It’s alright. I hope you like it?’ he asked and she folded her arms over her chest and shook her head.
‘No you have work to do. First I need you to get my groceries and…’ she started but paused when he pulled a note pad and pen from his shirt pocket and started taking notes.
‘You were…prepared’ she asked
‘Yes well I promised to serve you and now I am, so what groceries do you want?’ he asked and so it began. Every day he would get a list of what she wanted him to do and he would go out and do them. On the first day when he went out to do her bidding she realised she had not given him money to pay for everything and the next day when she had brought the matter up he had refused and so reluctantly at first she allowed him to get whatever she wanted. At first she was hesitant to push the boundaries but after a few days she was ordering him to go get her things like laptops, iPhone and all manners of things, each time expecting him to refuse but he never did, not once.
Then after five days of this she had ordered him to take her shopping and he did. He drove her like a chauffeur to the mall and he sat there as she tried on dresses and showed them to him. It was long and monotonous work for a man but never once did he falter and never once did he let her pay. Then that day when he drove her home she brought up the life changing topic.
‘Do you ever watch Scandal?’ she had asked
‘I usually focus on my studies, I don’t have time for TV’ he said
‘well I do watch it and I love the show but since my TV died I have not seen season two or three’ she had said knowing full well that he will get her a new TV and surely enough the next day he arrived at her door with a Samsung 42 inch flat screen TV.
‘I can get some guys to bring it in, I do not want to make you uncomfortable again’ he said and she thought about it and then shook her head.
‘No just come in’ she said and he picked up the rather large box and brought it in.
‘Do you want me to install it?’ he asked
‘Yes’ she said and he went about his work.
‘Omar why are you buying all this stuff for me? Are you trying flatter me?’ she asked.
‘My father owns a plot of land where I come from, the land is rich with oil and as such I get a monthly allowance of ten thousand dollars. I don’t usually use it and it mostly sits there but now I have a reason to spend the money. Please do not confuse my actions I am just trying to make it up to you and I am not trying to win your affection’ he said a he got up and aligned the TV and then looked around and realised her one bedroom apartment was a mess.
‘I am sorry for the mess Omar’ she said
‘No it is quite alright, I can clean up if you like’ he said and she nodded.
‘Alright’ she said.


And so it had begun, Omar worked diligently cleaning her house that day and the next and soon Taniqua had called upon him to do other tasks, she herself was a last year student of photography and she had been tasked with teaching the first year freshmen on the basics of the class, which was an honour bestowed to only the best in the class. As such she was also very busy and soon she found herself calling upon Omar to help her out in class. He was ever present and reliable and he worked hard to help her out in class. So much so that at times she wondered how he could possibly attend medical school and help her out, especially since finals were coming up and she needed all the help she could get.
It was two and a half weeks into Omar’s service of penance that Taniqua ran into her friend Natasha at the mall, of course Omar was not present. Natasha was her best friend from high school and as such they had been close up until she had gone to college.
‘Hay girl how are you do’in?’ Natasha said embracing her.
‘I am well, just exhausted with college’ she said
‘Oh girl sorry to hear that but you don’t seem too affected’ Natasha said.
‘What do you mean?’ she asked.
‘Girl you have glow to you. I aint never seen you like this, you have a smile that you cannot hide and you the way walk. Girl I see a swagger that you ain’t never had before’ Natasha said and Taniqua stepped back and gasped.
‘What?’ she uttered.
‘You know what I mean, you have a man’ Natasha said and Taniqua shook her head.
no no no! Defiantly no! There is no man in my life’ she said.
‘Really…are you sure? There is not even one guy, a friend maybe that you’re secretly attracted too?' Natasha asked.
'Well... there is this guy who is helping me out a lot, but it defiantly is not anything more than friends. Trust me, me and he are defiantly NOT close.' she said and she shuddered at the thought of letting Omar back into her life.
'Oh, so.... what’s the deal is he gay or something' Natasha asked.
'Gay. No but just we had something and now it’s over and there is too much hurt between us for anything to happen' she said.
'Girl trust me. My parents had it hard but they worked through it and now they are stronger then eva. If you two like each other and your will'n to work on it then ya can make a great thing.' Natasha said.
'Hell to the no!' she said and they both chuckled.

It was a few days later that she had noticed that Omar was coughing despite working hard to help her out in class. She also noticed a shake in his hands as he scrubbed her car clean.
'Omar are you ok?' she asked
'Yes it is just rheumatism' he said and she looked at him confused.
'What is rheumatism?' she asked
'It is something we call joint and muscle problems where I come from. Don't worry it is not that bad' he said and she nodded and she handed him the house keys.
'Omar I need you to clean my apartment, it’s a mess again. But I will be back by three so I expect it to be done by then' she said and he nodded and he gave her the keys to the car and she drove off.

She arrived home late that day, hours late and the sun was just starting to set. When she parked and went up to apartment she found that the door was ajar. Worried she reached for a lamp on a side table and unplugged it and walked into the room. She realised she was shaking with fear and she could see a light coming from the bathroom and all kinds of thoughts flooded her mind and she realised how stupid she had been. He was doing it again, trying to get back at her. Maybe he would behind her and jump out and this time tie her up and rape her. All kinds of crazy thoughts flooded her mind with each step she took towards the light and she made a promise to herself that after this day she would never see Omar again. Her heart was racing so fast she thought it might pop out of her chest. She could hear a faint wheezing sound and it frightened her more and more.
'What have I gotten myself into' she said and stepped into the light and in an instant all her worries and fears dissolved when she saw Omar on the floor of her bathroom. Blood pooled around the back of his head and he lay there, his eyes closed and his breathing was shallow.
'Holy shit!' she said and dropped the lamp and ran over to him.
'What has happened to you?' She exclaimed but he was non responsive.


Taniqua had been sitting in the waiting room of the hospital when an Arabic lady came rushing in and spoke in hurried tones to the nurse at the desk and the nurse pointed for her to sit in the waiting area and the lady shook her head angrily and shouted something and the nurse got up and pointed in the direction of the waiting area and even without Taniqua being able to hear them she knew the lady was being told to sit down. So reluctantly the lady walked over and sat down a few seats away from her.
'Ridiculous! Just ridiculous!' the lady exclaimed.
'Are...are you alright?' Taniqua asked
'No I am not alright! My brother Omar is there and they won’t even tell me what is wrong with him?' the lady said.
'Omar?' Taniqua said
'Yes do you know him?' the lady asked.
'Yes I am...he is my boyfriend...kind of.' Taniqua lied, she honestly did not know why she was here but she felt obligated, after all he had been cleaning her bathroom when he fell doing what she had asked him to do.
'Oh...I did not know he was seeing someone' the lady asked and got up and took a seat opposite her.
'Well it’s kind of a new thing, we not really going steady or anything and it’s really really complicated.' she said.
'Complicated? But do you know what happened to him?' the lady asked.
'No they...' Taniqua started but almost as if in answer to their questions the doctor appeared at the doors and walked towards them.
'Taniqua I take it and this is?' the doctor said, he was a tall white man wearing a white overcoat.
'Yes I am, this is Omar's sister...erm I don't know your name' Taniqua said
'I am Sana. Please doctor tell me what has happened to my brother' she said
'Omar is stable for now. He has a serious chest infection and will need to be on anti-biotic drips for about a week. His iron levels are low and he has anaemia. He should be fine but he just needs to take better care of himself and get plenty of bed rest.' the doctor said.
'So can we see him?' Sana asked
'Not just yet we are running some tests on his blood and the worst part is his head. I think he passed out and hit his head on the ground pretty hard. We are stitching him up right now and when we are done you can see him.' the doctor said.
'Thank you doctor' Taniqua said and the doctor nodded and left. They sat there for a few moments awkwardly before Sana spoke up.
'So how did you guys get together?' Sana asked.
'Well as I said it’s complicated. In truth we're not really going out it's just that he was helping me out and he fell' Taniqua said
'Helping you out? So why did you say he's your boyfriend?' Sana asked
'Well it’s the only way I can convince the doctors to let me stay. I am worried about him.' Taniqua said.
'But why? And why is he helping you out he does not need the money?' Sana asked.
'It’s complicated' Taniqua said
'Complicated. Like the fact that my brother tried to kill himself a few weeks back and I just found out a few hours ago from one of his friends.' Sana said and Taniqua's head snapped around and she looked at Sana in shock.
'And then I found out that he has quit his studies and no longer wants to call our mum' Sana said. It was clear that this lady a fierce deep fire burned in her eyes as she spoke.
'He quit his medical school...oh my' Taniqua said
'Yes and I don't know why, he was always such a stable boy and now I don't even know him' Sana said
'Well that is probably my fault' Taniqua admitted, she had not realised how far Omar had gone to atone for his sins. It sounded weird to even think it but she honestly regretted this whole situation and no for her sake but for Omar's too. He was genuinely a nice guy and that was why she had asked him out, but she regretted convincing him to drink that night and everything else which followed.
'Why is it your fault?' Sana asked, a serious look on her face.
'Your brother has been helping me out, he has been paying penance for something he did to me and I feel really bad for working him hard' she said.
'What did he do?' Sana asked
'I cannot tell you, it’s personal' Taniqua said
'No please tell me, I need to know what did he do to you?' Sana insisted.
'Well...we were drunk and I wanted to have sex with him but then I changed my mind and I don't think he understood and he didn't stop and he....' Taniqua said but could not bring herself to say the words.
'He raped you?' Sana exclaimed.
'shhhhh' Taniqua said holding her finger to her lips.
'It’s not like that. It’s complicated.' Taniqua said
'Oh really and what are you doing here defending him. My god women like you give the rest of us a bad name. Stand up for yourself and stop defending him.' Sana said.
'I am not defending him I am just...' Taniqua started but Sana cut her off by holding up a hand to silence her.
'If any man dared do that to me I would have had him arrested and thrown away, or I would have cut his dick off but you. I don't know what the hell is wrong with you, you’re just as bad as him and frankly I don't want to know either one of you. Especially not you, going around telling people your his girlfriend' Sana said and stood up to go.
'Sana please don't go, not like this' Taniqua protested but Sana held up a hand again.
'Talk to the hand because I don't care!' Sana said.
'Look just don't tell anyone for my sake. Please I don't want the news getting out' Taniqua protested and Sana let her hand drop.
'For you I won’t say a word, but not for him' Sana said and turned to walk away. At the same time the doctor walked back in.
'You can see him now...' the doctor said but trailed off at the sight of Sana walking away.
'Coming' Taniqua said.


Omar looked changed, he had an IV drip in his arm and half his head had been shaved and Taniqua made a point not to look at the back of his head where he had stitches. He was coughing when she entered and she felt nervous being here. She sat next to him and he smiled to see her.
'Sorry' he croaked, his throat was sore.
'Please don’t apologise for what you did, I forgive you and please stop trying to repay your debt, you don't deserve this kind of punishment' she said
'No I am sorry for leaving your bathroom a mess' he said and that of all things got her to chuckle.
'Omar please I don't want you to hurt yourself anymore. You quit medical school and your worked yourself nearly to death. Your sister and I was so worried' she said.
'Sana is here?' he said and his face lit up.
'She was' Taniqua said.
'Was?' he said puzzled?
'Yes I kinda told her what happened between us and she stormed off' she said and he placed his hands in front of his face and shook his head.
'Oh no...This is terrible. I am dead.' he uttered.
'Dead? Why?' she asked
'My sister is are rare breed. She is an ultra-feminist Arab. She came to this country to study feminism and further her cause and she is the reason my mum sent me here, I learned medicine here instead of back home so I can keep an eye on her and now she knows what I did and she will tell my whole family. I will be outcast and left here to rot in a country I don't really like. I will never be able to go home again' he said and Taniqua stepped back, aghast at what she had inadvertently done to him.
'I am sorry' she said.
'My life is over' he uttered and she got up and sat down next to him on the bed.
'I told her not to tell anyone' she said.
'Oh...she will. You don't know my sister' he said and not knowing why she was compelled to come closer to him and she placed an arm around him.
'Cheer up Omar. I will find her and make sure she does not tell ok?' she said.
'Good luck, she is like a dog with a bone, once she has an issue god help you trying to let it go' he said.
'Ok then why don't you hang out with me and forget about her.' she said and he gave her a long hard stair before speaking.
'Look I don't want to get into a relationship with you.' he said and she gasped and let go of him. But she had no reply, not at first because in truth he was a very nice guy and if what had happened had never had happened she would probably be going steady with him. But as it was she had used and abused him but if she was completely honest with herself the last few weeks had been the most fun in her life. He was like a best friend but more than that to her and she honestly liked him, a lot.
'Why not?' she asked and he chuckled but his chuckle had no humour to it.
'What will we say when we meet other couples. You know everyone wants to know how couples meet and the first thing everyone will ask us is. "Oh how did you guys meet" and what will we say. "Oh yes we had a date and I got drunk and date rapped her and now we're together". Yes I can really see how that conversation will go down' he said and she was silent for a long time before answering. He was right of course and that stung her heart deeply.
'I see what you mean. I think I had better go' she said and removed her arm from behind him and got up to leave.
'Omar, I am sorry for everything and I forgive you. Please go back to medical school and forget about me. I forgive you and you’re a nice guy. Just forgive yourself.' she said and tears welled in her eyes as she walked away from him.


Taniqua returned home that late night and never before had her apartment felt so empty. She walked around with only a few of the lights on and her home felt like it was massing something. It took her along time to realise that her home was not empty but her heart was empty and it was the strangest and stupidest thing but knowing that she would no longer see him was the hardest thing.
The next day was no easier. She found herself distracted when in class and she often stared into space with no thoughts in her mind but instead she was simply feeling. Her emotions guiding her and she felt adrift with a sea of her own feelings. Her mind screamed at her at times not to give him another chance but her heart seemed to override logic.
As the days turned into weeks the sadness lessened but it did not go away easily. Often times she would find herself remembering some aspect of him in her daily life. The way he laughed was mirrored in the laughter of some guy on TV. The way he used to take notes was mirrored by the way the guy at the local sub shop took her order.
She met Natasha several times and her best friend spent a good ten minutes noticing how she looked sad and she had mentioned in length how much she had changed. It irked Taniqua how easily her friend had seen right through her and she started to wonder how obvious her sadness was.
Then after three weeks she realised something. As she walked outdoors or went anywhere public she would often catch herself looking for his face in a crowd. It was only then that she realised she had been unconsciously doing this for weeks and it was then that she decided enough was enough. She got out her phone and texted Omar.
Omar my place tnight! U stil ow me, she sent and she stared at the iphone for the longest time. But nothing. She waited and waited for several minutes and...Nothing. She drove home and waited but he never replied. She was too nervous to call but tried texting again.
Omar! I need ur help its desperate! Plz com quickly!!!, she sent again but still nothing, so with nothing better to do she gave up and went to turn on the TV and every few minutes she kept checking and checking. Even to the extent that more than once she checked the settings that she had not accidently muted the phone somehow and then she checked the settings again directly after this time worried that she had somehow inadvertently turned the phone on mute by checking the first time. Satisfied that it was working she sent a test text to herself and it worked and so angry she tossed the phone onto the table and waited and watched TV.


Bzzzzz Bzzzzz Bzzzzz, the phone vibrated and chimed and the sound of it surprised her. She had been watching TV for hours when the phone vibrated across the table and she all but leaped from the couch and grabbed the phone. She turned it around and saw that he had replied and he hesitated before touching the open message button and then pressed it.
I am coming now, sory fone was dead, he had replied and she had to restrain herself from jumping and it was then that she realised her apartment was a mess and she got to work cleaning up.
Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and he had arrived. Excited she ran over to the door and opened it. Omar was there and he had healed, his hair was short and clearly had cut it soon after the trip to the hospital. The cuts from the glass had fully healed and he looked like his old self.
'Erm can this be done outside because I don't feel comfortable coming inside. At night' he said and her smile faded.
'no no no I need you inside. I neeeeed your help' she said stretching out the word and when he shook his head she reached out and grabbed him and pulled him inside. Once inside she let him go and closed the door behind him but it was clear he was uncomfortable to be back in here.
'what did you need me for' he asked.
'All my friends are away and there is an Accidently on Purpose marathon on and I needed to watch it with someone.' she said,
'Oh...well I think I should go' he said and turned to leave but she went to stop him.
'please please please I need your help. It was like the greatest show and I need someone to watch it with me and chat with me about it' she said.
'What is Accidently on Purpose?' he said and she feigned a gasp.
'It was a great show from a few years back some idiots cancelled. Look please watch it with me. Remember you still owe me' she said and he sighed and his shoulders dropped.
'Fine!' he said reluctantly and she dragged him over to the sofa and sat him down. The TV was on and it only took Omar about five minutes to realise that this show was not the one she was talking about, because she was watching the discovery channel.


'Taniqua what is this really about' he said and she grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.
'Kiss me' she said.
'What! No' he said.
'Kiss me it’s an order. You still owe me nearly twenty days. No kiss me' she said, her heart was racing. She had never been this authoritative before and it gave her a strange rush to do so.
'I...I can't...' he protested.
'Just do it!' she snapped.
'Fine' he said and he grabbed her head and kissed her lips. The kiss was short and brief and he pulled away from her as quickly as possible and it had seemed more like he was removing a band aid then kissing.
'No do it properly. Kiss me as if I am your long lost lover and you have only just found me after a life time of behind apart' she said and he paused and then came closer and gently placed a hand on his cheek and brought his hand behind her head and the touch of his fingers on the base of her head sent tingles down her spine. He came close and kissed her and strangely enough he kissed her just as she had described and she felt like she had spent an eternity without him and only now they were together. He kissed so passionately and gently that she was tingling all over by the time he pulled away.
Her heart was racing and she was breathing fast. She was suddenly aware of the motion of her chest as she breathed and she felt tingles go up and down her spine as she looked into his eyes.
'Remove my clothes. But gently like you are a blind man seeing my naked body for the first time' she said. But he did not do anything and then he stood up and her heart sank. But instead of walking away he knelt down and grabbed her legs and pulled them up and then placed her legs across the sofa. He then knelt down and took her hand and kissed it gently and she felt tingles of excitement run up her arm to her heart.
He kissed her across the arm and up until he reached her neck and he kissed her neck and caressed her cheeks with his fingertips. She moaned as he kissed her neck and her hand gripped the sofa tightly as he kissed her. Her heart was racing so hard that she could hear it in her ears.
'Take off my top' she said and he moved to her stomach and lifted up her t-shirt a few inches and he kissed her stomach and she was barely able to restrain a squeal as he kissed her. She had never been touched this way before and every sensation was new to her. Slowly he removed her top and kissed her every inch of the way and she wondered where this passion had been the first time around. Back then it had been a clumsy and rushed affair but now he was filled with passion.
Surprisingly he did not touch her breasts and instead delicately kissed around her bra and he kissed her lips as he pulled the t-shirt off. Their kisses were deep and passionate and last so long that she started to wonder where he his lips began and where her lips ended.
She reached up and gripped him close. She was breathing hard now, each breath came in deep ragged breaths that sent shudders across her body and she held him close as she kissed him deeply and passionately. She could not let his body part from hers.
'' she said and he did as he was told. He slowly pulled her trousers down, taking care not to remove her underwear in the process and he kissed her legs as he removed them. Each kiss made her shiver and the touch of his warm hands on her legs sent waves of pleasure down her body. He finished removing her trousers and pushed them aside and he kissed and bit her toe affectionately. She sat up and placed her arms around him and she looked down and realised that he was hard and she could not help but smile.
'Remove your cloths' she said and he hesitated.
'No. Taniqua we have gone too far. I don't deserve this. I...I...' he started and she placed a finger on his lips to silence him.


'You need to stop punishing yourself. Omar I want you and I am ordering you to have sex with me. Also I lied. You never date raped me, I was just mad at you because you because I lost my virginity on our first date. But Omar I need you, I want you. Now take me' she said grabbing his hand and placing in her breast. He was stunned but she knew this was the only way he would open up around her. The truth was that she had just lied to him, it was a secret that she would take to her grave. But sometimes that was part of the burden of being a woman, this came from the deepest strongest part of herself where she knew she needed this lie to keep their relationship going. It was a burden she would gladly pay if she could only be with this man that she needed.
'thank you' he said and she would never know if he knew that she had lied or weather he had felt relief from the burden she had lifted from his soul. But either way she would never ask and never know. But this too was her burden and she took it in her stride as she pulled him close and kissed him.
A moment later she was reaching down and removing his top and he was unbuckling his belt and he pulled it free and let the belt fall to the ground. She reached down and removed his trousers and underwear at the same time and she pulled him close to her and smiling at the feel of his hard penis against her.
'Make love to me' she ordered and he did as he was told.

A greater good

Omar and Taniqua continued to see each other throughout the last years of college and medical school and Omar went on to become a doctor and Taniqua became a nature photographer and a year after graduation they married. Omar's sister Sana chose never to tell anyone of what she described as "the weird couple" and Omar and Taniqua moved back to the Middle East after a few years so Omar could attend to his dying parents.
Taniqua would never speak of the events which lead to them being together and despite the hardships of adapting to life in the desert lands of the middle east and converting to a completely different and bizarre religion, but she never once regretted being with Omar. He had a kind heart and had always treated her kindly, plus being richer then Bill Gates never hurt either. She had kept quiet about the lie for her entire life for a greater good, their marriage.
Omar and Taniqua lived happily ever after and are living proof that all relationships no matter how strenuous the beginnings can have a happy ending.

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