Pencil Tip #3 - It's getting TENSE in here!

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The Pencil Tip Series delivers the basic fundamentals of writing. Simple and practical tips, ideas, suggestions, and guidelines to improve your fundamental writing skills. In writing, it's important to know the rules so that you can break them with volition and intent.

It's getting TENSE in here!

Tense is one of those "writing basics" that can be confusing and can be a real tripping hazard, even for the experienced writing! So let's PLAY!

First, what IS tense?

Tense tells readers when events or actions occur or have occurred in time - was it in the past, the present, or the future.

Did it happen?
Is it happening?
Or will it happen?

Past Tense:

When I wrote this paragraph, I wrote it in past tense. I wrote it to demonstrate the language I used to show past tense. When I shared stories with people, they were often in the past tense because I was re-telling something that has already happened. In the past, when I have shared a story, I have used past tense to dissociate from the event. Did you feel it?

Present Tense:

Right now, I am writing in the present tense because it is happening, NOW. The writing of these words is happening in this moment. I often use the present tense in both my fiction and nonfiction writing as the reader feels more associated. The reader can "read" the words and feel them in real time and this promotes connection. Do you feel it?

Future Tense:

I am going to write this in future tense so that you will see it demonstrated. You will read this and I trust that it will provide with something useful. I will use future tense to project a thought forward and encourage imagination.

So Tense!

Past - I wrote every today
Present - I write every day
Future - I will write every day

Past - You read this
Present - You are reading this
Future - You will read this

You may find that one of these tenses is easiest for you to write in and that is perfectly fine. Most of us have an energetic shift towards either present or past thinking and assurances. The trick to mastery is to be able to use any and all tenses with volition.

START with the one you are comfortable with and be okay with where you are at.

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