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This article will be about pens and pencils. Also, about how pens are better than pencils!


When I use a pen at a time where it is recommended you are supposed to use a pencil, I would tell them "Well, pens are actually better than pencils." They would be confused, but they really wouldn't 100% understand, because they have rarely used pens. This article is literally supporting over why pens are actually better than pencils. And yes, I am aware that everything has their flaws, so that means at the end, I will also talk about what the pen lacks against the pencil. Also, afterwards I would like to wonder what type of writing instrument you use. Do you use a pencil, or a pen? Don't worry, I won't hate you over it, because this article is strongly on opinions with why the pen is better than the pencil.


The variety of the pens is what really makes each pen special. Some pens have features such as replaceable cartridges, ability to change colors, and different types of gels and sizes. However, a wooden pencil isn't really that special, because with that, it can't exactly be any different, and it can break. Even a mechanical pencil is nearly the same as a pencil, just made with thick lead so you don't have to sharpen it when your mechanical pencil's lead breaks. I realized that after working with several pens, each one worked differently, where a Pilot G-2 ended up doing REALLY well, as I didn't realize how good it really was. I started "specifically" looking for that pen, and started to buy them and use them for work. And lets just say that, I could write a whole page in 5-10 minutes.


The durability of a pen, is pretty strong, depending on what type of pen you have. If you have a BIC pen, it may be a very basic pen, but it sure is pretty strong, where it would take tons of strength to just bend it. Certain cheap mechanical pencils would crack a bit if you were to drop it. I have seen someone with a completely destroyed mechanical pencil, and I was very surprised how he just broke it so badly. Also, I love the ink because pencils would wear out, and forcing you to sharpen it. Sharpen it enough times, and you will be given a tiny little pencil You will need to write pages and pages of words if you really wanted to waste the ink out of a pen! And as much as I used pencils, up to this day, I haven't written enough to where I have ran out of ink.


The speed of a pen is my 1# reason why I love pens. Since it is made out of ink, with ink liquid, you could easily write faster than a pencil, and to me there is less stress when I write with a pen. I feel like speed is definitely necessary if you are needing to do a certain essay, and it is starting to be due, and you are hardly even finished! (Fun Fact: I actually type WAY faster on the computer than writing with a pen.) Honestly, I believe that I feel way slower with a pencil because the lead is solid, and I have to drag it across the paper, which must cause stress on my hands. If I am wrong, I hope one of you readers are a specialist or know a lot about pens and pencils, so that you will be able to correct me on some of these facts.


I just LOVE pens. Also, one flaw is that since pens easily bleed, that can be a terrible problem when you are not careful. Also, you may be able to buy nearly 100 pencils compared to the price of four Pilot G-2 pens. (Take note that those pens are pretty darn good.) Then, there are the pens where they are nearly worth 250$! Unless if you are really obsessed with expensive pens, that is the only people that would actually buy something worth that much. Overall, if someone wants to, they can always message me when they make a counter article on how pencils are actually better than pens. (Take note that I will feature your article link, but you must message me if you make one) Because I would gladly read it, too!


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author avatar RBJBrian
9th Jun 2015 (#)

Thank you for this light-hearted look at pens versus pencils - I really enjoyed reading it. Have a nice day!

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author avatar LivelyAurora
9th Jun 2015 (#)


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author avatar Retired
13th Jun 2015 (#)

Never thought of it that way. Interesting and I agree, especially on the durability/ink of pens.
But I do most of my writing on my computer so...LOL

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author avatar LivelyAurora
13th Jun 2015 (#)

I actually prefer writing on the computer over pens because not only does the keyboard have a stronger durability, but it is WAY easier to write everything.

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