People! "Can" Fish Feel Emotions Or Pain And Should They Be A Part Of Our Diet? (Part Three)

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In the tonnage of which method is correct in our applying "mercy" to the apparent "food chain," is this a menu which a Christed One would re-commend? The "fish diet" is now on the table. Would each one please attend? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction Of A Gift!

During tumultuous times in every era the wise would stand aloft of the “common folk,” as they would quip, for intellect and brawn seldom went together in impacting the senses of the duped who for the life of them could not understand even the rationality of keeping simple sea life alive under conditions as rationalized toward themselves.

Sporadically, though, the consciousness of the masses began to stream themselves, and today more than less are becoming not only more academically responsive to universal vibrations in the Oneness of all creation, in being equal, but indeed have their senses begun to coordinate into the general well-beingness of all souls, creatures and human, alike. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Every Christed Being Teaches Universal Principle - NOT Torture, And Killing Of Sentient Beings Of Any Description!!! Those Are The Twisted Words Of The Hellions!

"Fishes, the denizens of the sea, had in the beginning dwelt in the safety and protection of their watery depths. That is how it was: these creatures living a calm, serene, dignified existence beneath the surface of the sea... until, one day, a transformation occurred and they began to be fairly high on the food no less than the creature who was at the top of the pecking order of predators: Man!" – Jamie Sentana-Ries- Cortez

10 Athletes You Didn’t Know Are Vegetarian or Vegan - These Ones Are AHEAD Of The GAME!

(Notation: Thank you to: 10 Athletes You Didn’t Know Are Vegetarian or Vegan - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez)

Tony La Russa
“La Russa was known for being unconventional as the manager of the White Sox, Athletics and Cardinals, and it turns out his diet is pretty unconventional as well. One of the greatest skippers in baseball history, he is a vegetarian because he believes it's a healthier way to eat.”

Billie Jean King
“While rising to the top of the tennis world, Billie Jean King was abstaining from eating meat. She's one of the most famous athletes to follow a vegetarian diet, but it sure seemed to pay off for her. Despite the lack of meat, she was able to become one of the greatest women's tennis players of all time.”

Ricky Williams
“Ricky Williams has always been a little out there, and he has sworn off meat because he believes a vegan diet is part of a healthier lifestyle. While his NFL career didn't quite turn out how he wanted it to, there's no denying the physical shape he was in during his playing career. That could speak to the benefits of such a diet.”

Carl Lewis
“One of the most successful American sprinters of all time was fueled by a number of foods, but meat wasn't one of them. In order to keep his lean body mass, he didn't have any meat and continued to stay healthy regardless. Even without meat as fuel, Lewis was pretty darn fast.”

Venus Williams
“Venus Williams has been one of the most successful tennis players of her time, perhaps only paling in comparison to her sister Serena. She's been able to do that while following a strict vegan diet. When you look at her rippled, muscular body, you'd be surprised to know she was able to forge that body type without eating any meat.”

Tony Gonzalez
“One of the best tight ends in NFL history, Tony Gonzalez was a big dude. Somehow, he was able to achieve this body type without ingesting any meat. As a vegan, he has to work around his diet constantly. The former Chief and Falcon doesn't seem like he's been affected by it negatively, though. In fact, he should be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame when he's up for induction.”

Hank Aaron
“One of the greatest hitters in baseball history, Hank Aaron was able to break Babe Ruth's all-time home run mark. Unlike the Babe who did it on "beer and hotdogs", Aaron did it on veggies and healthy eating. Perhaps this vegetarian diet is what helped him sustain a long, successful career.”

Joe Namath

“Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Namath has been one of the most outspoken vegetarians (and athletes in general) over the years. He claims since he was successful without eating meat, it breaks the common misconception that football players have to be big, tough guys who eat a ton of meat. With his record of success, especially early in his career, it's hard to argue with him.”

Mike Tyson
“Apparently ears don't count as meat, because that's the only semblance of meat that Tyson has put into his body. He is a strong advocate for ia vegan diet in order to stay in shape. The dude was rock solid during his fighting days and is still in pretty good shape, so it seems like his dietary plan has been quite successful.”

Prince Fielder

“Ever since the 2008 season, Prince Fielder, noted as being one of the largest players in baseball, has followed a vegetarian diet. Even with this diet, he has continued to crush baseballs and continues to be one of the largest players in the game. He's one of those players most people are shocked to hear are vegetarian.”

TUNA FISHING – A Cruel And Heartless Act Of Complete Torture For The Beautiful Fish!


"This old and cruel ritual takes place traditionally during this time of the year." Tradition such as this is not tradition at all, but a cruel and sadistic sport.

Tradition has come from other worlds, either from the Federation of Enlightened Beings, or from the Hellions who had brought with them from their own planets their own traditions from HELL!!!

Every fish and sealife with a soul feels pain, love, joy, sorrow, and terror!!! Our only hope now is that those who call themselves HUman would come to realize what living in the Oneness WITH ALL OF CREATION, means!
- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Do Fish Feel Pain? A Scientific Approach And A Cruel One

But when all is said and done it is a soul decision of each person toward the level they are looking to achieve toward their own growth and understanding.

It actually makes one feel healthier and emotionally better when one recognizes that he or she is no longer in bondage to eating his or her friends whom are other sentient beings, therein causing no further agony on the part of the poor unfortunate animals which include all sea life whom have souls and delicate feelings as well.

As long as each soul is for the universal equality of both humans and animals on an on par basis and work toward such means, each one will eventually teach him/herself and one day something somewhere will click within your soul and you will then free yourself from the lower thinking, instead, contributing to the overall good of not only your own soul but toward rebuilding paradise the way it exists upon other higher evolved worlds. Such paradisaical worlds are inhabited by people who one day in their far off past, faced the same bondages to conquer within their own souls' progression. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez


The First Rung Of Paradise Is Not Laid Out Like This, People! By Your Own Actions Support The New Law!!!
What Is The Global Community Up In Arms About?! A New Type Of Racism As Old As The Hills!!!

Mancharians' Questions and Answers (Book 2) : On Mind, Consciousness And The Ego

Mancharians' Questions and Answers: Old Age And The Mystery Of Senile Dementia

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Dear ones,We work in many disciplines with many fine people from within the starships themselves as well as those such as the Mancharians who live well beyond the time line of such planets as your own

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
10th Aug 2015 (#)

Thank you, Johnny, for the moderation and giving the page a star!

Your informative past writings bear witness to your being vegan yourself. :)

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
10th Aug 2015 (#)

Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article. Over the past few years I've given up most of my meat and all dairy. I'm allergic to tuna but I think that may be a good thing. I have to try harder to give up what little meat I do eat. I do love vegetables and I've noticed people that have a vegetable diet have less disease and actually look younger. I know there are people that would argue with me but, this is what I have seen. I wish you all a wonderful day!

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Nancy Czerwinski, our good friend. We had just posted a response to your comment and a minute later it disappeared. Therein, shall we attempt in presenting our response once again.
Dear soul, Nancy Czerwinski, it is our pleasure as always to read your comment and in speaking to you we would suggest that you browse the academics of the Internet on this subject, perhaps in the arena of utube videos, for the perfect reason of acquiring a deeper foothold of the essence of what these sentient beings are facing on a daily basis.

We have of ourselves already presented several works on the topic.

Here is one of them spoken by the Creators in such as way as to not foment hate against the human population during their evolution upward, but rather to enhance their exposure toward something even greater than themselves and their unwonton desire to satisfy and excuse their “cravings” for and at the “expense” of another sentient life form.,-Part-14-%3A-Animals-And-Wet-Markets/3542qy8t/

We will be taking up a small serious of articles with perhaps the periodic insertion writs, combined, in explaining many things of which people have perhaps not even thought of the questions to.

There are such places upon this earth, and because of the desecration of this planet, many have no other alternative to food, save that of their sentient animal, fish, and fowl, life; for the vegetarian food line has been severely compromised by the Hellions whose full agenda is to depopulize the world down to a mere slavery of 500,000,000 persons incapable in those numbers to rise up against them.

Of this, more shall be written soon.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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author avatar Legend
10th Aug 2015 (#)

And how do you know that plants don't feel pain?
In fact scripture permits eating fish, animals and birds and even requires sacrifices of animals...

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Legend, our friend, perhaps you have “missed” our previous article, which, in fact, does deal with your most thoughtful question.

It has been presented in the link above: The First Rung Of Paradise Is Not Laid Out Like This, People! By Your Own Actions Support The New Law!!!

Plants do have a consciousness but not a soul.

Steve Kinsman has most appropriately given his answer in full attunement to the understanding of the creation, its vibratory harmony being the tuning fork of the human body in relationship to the status, of which, he, also, as have many others, already “attained” to both the good and productivity of the Universal Total, or Whole, encapsulating in a nutshell that which is “actually” necessary to ensure a good life for all concerned.

“Soul” is the question to your question and plants have no soul.

We thank your most welcomed response.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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author avatar Retired
10th Aug 2015 (#)

There are also studies that point to plants feeling pain as well as Legend put. I prefer to say a prayer (like most Native Americans used to) to what I eat asking forgiveness for cutting its life short. We only know about this world .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 th of what it is and how it functions.

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Kate 425, I would think it to be of a most presumptuous nature to “suppose” "Native Americans” as you call them, “used to” pray, but no longer do?

How many “Native Americans” do you know, and are you by their bedside or out in the calm places of nature to “observe” their meditations?

Be most careful, dear One, that you do not overstep the boundaries of your own sentientality.

How charitable of you to offer up a prayer of “forgiveness” for cutting the lives short of the sentient ones whom you apparently “love” to “eat.”

Forgiveness, dear One, is not something you say “I forgive” or “Please forgive me” without action put into words at least “trying” your very best to “NOT” continue in doing the obvious wrong to another sentient being like yourself, and bringing about a karmic response in either wise.

If you are sitting in a rice patty with little else to eat but a little rice and field rats, for the majority of the rice during the year’s drought you must bring to market in order to buy clothes for the children, and medicine, which cannot otherwise be purchased in any other way, “then” if a rabbit hops by and is invited to dinner though a gentle coaxing and a swift but deliberate sword, perhaps then a “forgiveness” may one day be acquired by the rabbit from the rice farmer.

However, if you sit within the confines of a healthy living, putting all pretense aside of extracurricular “need” and indeed can well afford to buy your own food, even to the sacrifice of your own pleasures, then you have “no right” to eat the “flesh” of another, just to charm the bodily passion of a yet young soul on her way to learning that “all” sentient beings have a “universal right to life.” And we will leave it at that for today.

In conjecturing that “we” know only an “inth” about this world and how it functions, dear One, presupposes it would seem that you place all intelligence in a box which only you understand.

Please do not modify the evolutionary growth of all those sentient beings around you, for maybe unbeknownst to yourself, they have spearheaded their own evolution in universal understanding by several millennial ahead of you.

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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author avatar Retired
10th Aug 2015 (#)

Also, I would not have used the photo of the older couple who are nude: (1) had nothing to do with the subject, (2) kids read Wikinut and nudity (in my opinion) from ANYONE doesn't belong in this venue, and (3) as a joke it falls flat.

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Kate425, in reference to the “elderly couple” we do not perform “jokes” of these type upon our readers.

We are “referring” to one of the highest format of sentient love.

This is a love story which should "not" go unremembered.

Everything which has been created and everything whether innate or biological in form is to be upheld in the utmost dignity and appreciated; and just because loved ones age it is to be understood, circumspect, that the body only "holds" the soul in place, but it is the soul, itself, which radiates through.

So I hope you and all of our dear readers will see deep into the perfected "LOVE" which this couple had the courage to share with the public, in “their” hopes after a good laugh at the caption, the memory of their story will live on and bring touching understanding to "both young and old," alike.

The lesson being, that while the body is temporal, it is the "soul which loves," and that "soul love" is eternal in itself.

This "highly evolved" "soul love," will "always include" the bodies of the giver and the receiver, each loving the body of the other, no matter what the age or circumstance.

The point here being in question of your own sensitivities toward the “colouring” (flesh colour) of that portion of the text which "represents' both the colour of the skin/flesh of the couple as matching the flesh colour of the fish. We try to draw a parallel here.

Eternal “love” also includes other formats of “sentient beings.”

This couple was "most tastefully" trying to teach the people a most “positive lesson,” and in doing so, ‘humour’ on “their part” was used.

It might be wise to not allow your “kids” which is the word better used for baby goats rather than children, “not” to read Genesis nor to attend Sunday School classes, with your “nude” Adam and Eve in full display with overtly large fig leaves upon "questionable?" parts of their anatomy, whereupon you may be asked to explain what is covered and what is “underneath; nor perhaps should you allow them to view “the depictions” of religious art as painted upon the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by the world famous Michelangelo, considering the people in question are, for the better part, presented in full creative attire, “face on.”

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

"Debra Zaslow: I happen to know this couple. I can't believe their photo has gotten so much exposure (pun intended). He died in his 90's couple of years ago, and she still lives in our town. She is one of the most beautiful women I know at 88, and very much alive and adventurous!"
(end quote)

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
10th Aug 2015 (#)

Plants have the consciousness that "knows" their destiny is to be eaten, and they give of themselves gladly. I have been a vegan for some years now, and I feel better today going on 77 than I did when I was thirty and eating a whole bunch of junk.

Great article my friends. Thank you.

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author avatar Legend
11th Aug 2015 (#)

I was raised to respect the souls of all things including plants. As for destiny - Are you denying the right of achieving destiny to those poor animals?

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author avatar Legend
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Sorry, I can't resist playing devil's advocate...

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Well spoken, our most gracious and dear friend, Steve Kinsman.

You have greatly "added" to our "next" article of which your words will be well presented as part of the text.

You have encapsulated the very "essence" of the message and though we will be presenting a writ from the Mancharians included for discussion, the more evolved of the HUmanities as well as the kindly Ones on their way up the ladder, and the humanity who still need much assistance, being at a place in their evolution which we have all passed through from hard work and diligence, will hopefully gain much more attunement to both "your words" as well as a greater understanding of the Universal Total of all creationary and sentient beings.

Thank you, Steve, for your comment.

With the deepest respect
we remain
your friends,

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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author avatar BNelson
11th Aug 2015 (#)

We would all be better off if everyone ate less meat in general. I stopped eating chicken years ago and have reduced the other meats I eat too. I rarely eat fish.

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Brenda Nelson, thank you for speaking up and it is so good to see you upon this, our site.

There will indeed come the day that as people learn from the level of experience in joining with the essence of all sentient beings, the doors will fling open and the peoples will walk through into a brand new understanding, or seemingly "brand new understanding" of those same principles of hygienic tradition which they once held long ago upon other planets of which each One was reseeded from, and then their journeyings will go on.

We remain as always
your friends,

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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