Perceptive Poems II

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Esoteric Poetry for Mind Expansion and Spiritual Unification


Beauty is symmetrical
but beautiful is broken.
Beauty is unwritten word
but beautiful's unspoken.
Beauty is a rhythmic beat
but beautiful's a silence
Beauty is a martial art
but beautiful's nonviolence.
Beauty is objective good
but beautiful's chaotic.
Beauty is consistency
but beautiful's exotic.
Beauty is romantic love
but beautiful's erotic.
Beauty is a comforting
but beautiful is pain.
Beauty's sunshine breaking cloud
but beautiful is rain.
Beauty can be an illusion,
fading as with youth,
Beautiful is ugly too -
for beautiful is truth.

Fear Vs. Trust

Fear is a lock, An inoperable clock,
Its the cast on a paralyzed hand.
Its the block on a road, An unbreakable code,
Its an aircraft with nowhere to land.
Fear is a cage An illegible page,
Its a thief of what could or should be.
Its the blind woman's eyes, The deaf man's own cries,
An enslaver of anyone free.
Trust is a bet, An alarm you must set,
Its the shedding of fear from the skin.
Its acceptance of pain,
Both a loss and a gain,
Its detaching without from within.
Trust's risk for a sake,
Its a chance; leave or take,
Preparation for any unknown.
Its a wish and a hope,
An invisible rope
On a jump
that you take


I've slipped and I've fallen,
I've tripped over stones.
I've broken more words than I ever will bones.
Yet the standing man never trips,
never falls.
The man going nowhere's not subject to stalls.
Each step is a risk and each risk is a choice.
Each thought chosen into existence through voice.
Each choice engineered by desire or need.
A choice left unmade is an unwatered seed.
Serenity reigns in the moment I lose
The assumption that life
is not something I choose.


Where opportunity does not exist It can be created.
Where truth itself does not insist It cannot be debated.
Where obstacles and emptiness Have so far interfered,
Abundance seen in cluttered mess. Dilemma loved, not feared.
Where tears have represented pain
And sadness paralyzed.
No fears can threaten the insane,
By nothing I'm surprised.
Where suddenly I see a light
And patterns start appearing,
I dance with life instead of fight
Upon its forest clearing.
When more awake I feel in dreams,
When syntax breaks my rhyming schemes
When all that matters in the end is
And hopes to which transcend.
A lonely soul has much to bare,
For life appears designed to share.


From Stillness ...
With a dolphin's grace
I free fall into outer space...
My fingertips break water first, In
I'm immersed,
And dancing in suspension
To sounds I can't perceive
Like sonar and the wavelengths
I cannot receive
Above, below the threshold
of my human eye and ear
Vibrations transcendental, too obscure to see or hear
Just like the cosmos,
as I swim through all my four dimensions,
I sense that there are many more
possible suspensions.
The quality shared by outer space and water....
are veils cast upon nature's every daughter.

The Dwelling of Consciousness

Dwelling in this body,
With numbness, pain, desire...
My soul can sense the Earth, the Air, the Water and the Fire.
Exchanging energies
With biological existence,
Sustaining of the temple With its needs at their insistence.
Elemental Interchange,
A star is born with four: Oxy, Nitro, Hydrogen and carbon At the core,
Connected with a line To demonstrate atomic bond,
Another point is reached -
Above the four points, and beyond.
The fifth that marks the spot connects the four To form a star,
To symbolize where four connect, that spirit can't be far.
In every creature formed on Earth through years of evolution,
Experiencing being at this moment's revolution,
There operates behind the scenes the spirit known as soul.
All powers of its vehicle are under its control.
Its only seen or heard or felt perceived through incarnation...
Through which its own development
Has rendered Designation.


Pacing the edge of the ledge of unknown;
Which I recognize now as my comfort zone.
One eye on the viewpoint, the other asleep.
No place to set foot on a cliff that's this steep.
Any decision will make for direction,
Any light shed creates shadows' reflection.
Any conviction restricts a perspective;
Any move made will be somehow effective.
Acceptance in one hand and faith in the other,
The Sunshine my Father
The Moonlight my Mother,
Sustained by the bond of Breath - linked to the Higher,
The power below and above,
Ice and Fire.
or Adrift in between,
Enticed by the possible, potent

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
4th Jan 2014 (#)

Very thought provoking poetry.

Poignant and profound!



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author avatar Subsequence
10th Jan 2014 (#)

Thank you for your kind affirmations of my work. Namaste.

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author avatar Retired
12th Jul 2014 (#)

You have a great gift. Again, thank you for your words.

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author avatar LOVERME
23rd Jul 2014 (#)


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Nov 2014 (#)

Powerful, thought provoking and food for thought, thanks Subsequence. Classic duality of creation is everywhere - siva

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