Perdy Goes to the Circus and Meets a New Friend

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This is a story of when Perdy and Rachel went to the circus and met a new friend and some of the adventures he had there.

Perdy Goes to the Circus and Meets a New Friend

One day Perdy went out walking to his friend Rachel's house. One thing about Rachel is that she thinks she is a duck. She is really a swan, but she likes to think that people would not like her if she thinks like a swan. That is another story. As Perdy was walking he stumbled over a crumpled piece of paper. On this paper it said "CIRCUS TODAY!" Each letter was in a big, bright letter.

When Perdy got to Rachel's place he was so excited by what he wanted to share he almost splashed into Rachel's pond. Just when he was about to show her the paper a sudden gust of wind came along and ripped the paper from their hands. They went running and running and running down the road trying to catch that paper. When they finally caught the paper further down the road they looked up and saw a big, green and white tent. You should have seen the smiles on those two faces. They read the paper and knew what they found.

They both said, "Let's go to the circus!" laughing all the way.

These two characters knew that they did not have to worry about getting into the circus tent for who would notice a swan duck and a caterpillar entering a tent with all the many different people that were there already. It was a good thing for these characters did not have any money for they do live in the forest.

Inside the tent they saw clowns and lions and tigers and bears along with several elephants which were Rachel's favorite. Those two characters even saw acrobats walking on stilts as well as people walking a skinny rope way up high and also swinging on a trapeze. This is when they knew that they wanted to meet the most fascinating creature in the circus and make a new friend. Perdy and Rachel kept watching the trapeze and were trying to figure out a way to meet her.
The trapeze lady was swinging and tumbling through the air. That is what drew Perdy to want to meet her and for Rachel the trapeze artist wore many shades of pink, blue, and purple and she had blonde hair and that is what drew Rachel to want to meet her. The trapeze act was the final act for the night and when the act was over the audience stood up and clapped and clapped and whistled for a long time.

When the trapeze artist let go of the trapeze and bounced on and off the net to catch her she saw Perdy and Rachel standing by the grandstands which is where the audience sits while the show is being performed. She slowly walked over to them and told them her name.

"Hello." she said. "My name is Dawnie." "I will not hurt you, but we better get out of here so we do not get trampled." Dawnie picked up Rachel and then noticed Perdy on Rachel's neck and she did what others might do and tried to brush him off but he would not let go and Dawnie just gave up and patted him as well. When they made back to her tent she asked them if they enjoyed the show. This is when Dawnie's eyes grew big for she heard these two animals talk and the questions started.

"Do you ever get dizzy?" asked Perdy.
"Do you ever hurt yourself with some of them moves?" asked Rachel.
"Do you ever get nervous when do and learn a new trick?" wondered Rachel.
"Whoa!." you guys. You sure to ask a lot of questions." Dawnie exclaimed. "I think we will get along just fine." she told them. "Let's keep on going to my tent and I will tell you all about myself and the act that I do." said Dawnie.

Down the road the three of them went chatting to each other all the way. When they entered Dawnie's tent they saw all her shiny outfits and other objects like canes, umbrellas, even a bike with one wheel. Dawnie called this an unicycle. There were so many colors, ribbons and balls. Perdy could tell that Rachel was in her element. She just stood there with her bill wide open in awe.

They both wondered and then Rachel asked, "How do you use some of these on that swing?" "Well some of these objects I use on the tightrope the other act that I do for the circus and will be doing tomorrow." "I use the ribbons on the trapeze for they attract attention of the audience so they look up at me during the performance." When I am on the tightrope or the high wire this is when I can use the poles or ride the unicycle." "You should spend the night and I can put you guys in a safe place and you can see me walk the rope." exclaimed Dawnie.

They looked at each other and said "Why not." they said excitedly. While Dawnie was getting ready or rehearsing the act Perdy and Rachel went out and had a look around. They continued to see a lot of different colors and smelled some really good smells. They walked over and saw many different foods like candied apples, pizza, hot dogs and popcorn. The popcorn was the one that Rachel really liked and she saw her chance for she was hungry. She waddled over to the popcorn stand and found many dropped kernals of popcorn. She even shared some with Perdy. He enjoyed them too.

After a little while of walking and eating Perdy and Rachel saw this big guy with a big, wide smile that yelled, "Come and see the best show on earth!" Everyone that heard him started to walk towards and inside the tent. Everyone was laughing and talking on their way. They did not realize that they were out walking so long, so they decided to walk on in to the tent and tried to find Dawnie. They tried to make it to where they sat earlier but the space was taken up with the clowns so they hid behind a curtain till they saw Dawnie. They enjoyed watching everything, but they really liked Dawnie on the high wire. She rode the unicycle on the high wire while balancing with a pole. It was amazing. The big man in the center reminded the people to be very quiet before each thing that Dawnie did up there.

After Dawnie was finished the big man said that this was the last night that the circus will be here for the circus will be on vacation till next summer.

Rachel and Perdy thought the same thing. Lets ask Dawnie to stay here during the fall and winter and show Dawnie their world like she did for them at the circus. When Dawnie came up to them and asked them how they liked the show they just asked the question "Do you want to stay here for your vacation?" they asked twice. Dawnie just stood there thinking and slowly a smile came upon her face and she wondered what it would be like to spend vacation time camping in the forest.

Later that night all three of them Rachel, Perdy and Dawnie sat around the fire telling Dawnie what their homes were like during the fall and winter. Dawnie would find out all about the Harvest Fair and then the Winter Solstice. Dawnie thought these events sounded interesting and she could not wait to see them. Rachel said it would be nice to have another girl to talk to and told her that she and Perdy know of a place for you to stay while the circus is vacation.

There was a small, cozy cabin about a mile down the road that no one seems to want to live in for it is only one room with a small fireplace, but there was plenty of trees for firewood to keep her warm all winter and the trip to town is short so Dawnie can go get some basic food staples for it will only be till Spring when the circus starts back up with rehearsals. Dawnie went into town and checked on this property and it was not owned by anyone and the town mayor allowed her to stay through the fall and winter. Dawnie went back into the forest and found Perdy and Rachel at her pond and told them that she is staying and they can visit anytime they wanted.

As the seasons changed from summer to fall and then to winter the three of them became very close and during this time they were thinking about when the spring came they will have to say good-bye to a close friend when the circus came back to town.


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You should consider linking every part of your story together so people can read all the way though. Every part should LINK to the first part and every part should LINK to the next, so that people who find it can read it from the start and can find the next part easily.

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