Persecution of Witches

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Do you still believe witches can kill with the spells they cast? Then why are people able to kill those witches?

Persecution of Witches

Witches and sorcerers use impure sacred forces to frighten or harm others. So it is also possible to hire these witches and sorcerers to help to ward off deeply felt but at times unreal threats. People say that is more of a faith rather than knowledge upon an assent to the supra empirical. Aren’t all the religions based of faith?
These witches used violence against children, women and men. How many people have been accused of practicing sorcery? Witch hunting is now a global problem, thanks to the Internet.
Witches have been beaten up, murdered, or suffered banishments. Some were stoned to death or beheaded, according to news from Indonesia and sub-Saharan Africa. The witch hunters are young men and it is obviously their way of earning prestige, and quick money. Witchcraft –related violence are mostly directed against women. Why are women more interested in sorcery? The daunting and the fascinating job of extermination of the witches will go on. But can the job be completed?
In some churches, the pastors are also the prophets and they claim ability to cast out evil spirits. Many of these pastors charge a fee for the job. Why are those identified as possessed mostly children? These pastors may provide consolation to the deprived but they actually fan the flames of conflict resulting in disorganization and chaos, as we can see all over the world. Superstitions act upon believers or worshipers to strengthen and sustain them.
Superstitions are stoked by local witches who charged parents a fee to exorcise the demons. There could be as many as 50000 children living on the streets in Republic of Congo. These children were abandoned by their families who believed the children were possessed by demons.
In 2011, Saudi Arabia beheaded a man and a woman when they were convicted of sorcery. Many witches claimed they could make predictions and prescribe love portions and spells. Isn’t it strange they were not able to prescribe love portions and spells on those guards in the jail house?
In Indonesia, in the year 2000 alone about 100 witches were killed. Most of them were women without family or community protection, and their homes and properties were taken over by the accusers.
The fear of black magic and spirits do not just confined to developing countries. In January 2014, a man in New York, beat to death, his wife Ms Estrella Castaneda, and her daughter Ms Lina Castaneda. That man told the police the ladies were witches who used voodoo to cast spells on him.
In London, during the past ten years, police had also investigated 81 cases of ritual abuses, of children believed to be possessed by demons.


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author avatar snerfu
23rd Jul 2014 (#)

Dark side of life. Must be careful there.

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author avatar pohtiongho
25th Jul 2014 (#)

Had anyone ever found out why most of the witches are women and most of them are not married? Are men afraid of witches?

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author avatar n.c.radomes
9th Aug 2014 (#)

Sorcery, witches, barang and allied demonic powers are valid topics these days. They're happening in our midst.

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