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What it takes for you to achieve your goals!Persistance and...

Don`t do multi-tasking

Modern man has the urge to do several things at once.Wants to include the whole world with his weak hands.Wants to be good at job, to engage in sports, in politics, art, family-all at once.It`s useless waste of energy.
Anyone who wants to achieve the set goal need to give up such an useless way of action.Only one goal should be aspire to.Only when you reach a target you should set a new one.


We all see things differently.But, people always want to advice you what to do or not to do.Don`t pay much attention to that.Your preferences and ambitions are unique.Emulate by them, and not by someone`s advices.It is best to look deep into yourself and go after your own incentive.Select one job that you think will be most useful and appropriate to your abilities and GO FOR IT!

Know in advance where you are going

Let all of your energy being constantly directed towards one goal.You must know in advance where you are going.Consider what are your spiritual and physical powers, and how much time it takes for you to achieve your goal.Avoid hurry.Don`t let yourself to dispiritedness.Fight, and you will be impress by the success that you will certainly attain.Persian proverb says"Patience is a tree whose root is bitter, and a sweet fruit".Great Buddha said"The greatest spiritual knowledge is patience".

Great accomplishment

Always keep in mind that the great deeds do not achieve overnight.Success is made up of many small works.Those"small works" can often be annoying and boring.For example-you are writing an article in English and you don`t know how to write a word.You must get up, take a dictionary, find the word...It might look to you as a much work for a little achievement.But it`s not like that!By doing that you are learning ang you strenghten your will.Serbian people have a saying"Brick by brick-a house".Here,and while I write this I learn.I learn English words, I learn to be patient and willing.

Order and discipline

When you insert a row in the distribution and execution of your work, you will have more time available.You`ll do twice more than the others.People around you will wonder how you can handle such a big work without apparent fatique and with no trace of concern.They will admire you.Order and discipline are certainly difficult.If one wants to reach something, he must currently sacrifice his satisfaction.When one succeed, then he`ll be resting and his suffering will be multiple rewarded.He will peacefully enjoy the joy of fulfilled duty and fulfilled ambitions.


For success in any field is required:
-rely on your"inner voice"
-order and discipline

And to add something more

*Don`t stay to long at the stations of satisfaction!You don`t need every second to drink coffee, smoke, do useless chitchat...

*What ever you are doing-writing an article, cooking, researching...Only dedicate yourselves to that job.To do more things at the same time is stressful and futile.At the and, you wan`t do anything right!

*I`m writing this article and learning from it at the same time!

See Your Goal...


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YOU LOVE EROTICA I thought I have company...
but look what u r trying to teach me

erotica please you are the latest erotic mind of wiki
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