Petros' attitude gets to Mother

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Such negativity is enough to make anyone scream!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

Petros' attitude gets to Mother

Oh, this school thing that the older children go to. I don't really know what it is but apparently they go "learn". Whatever that is.

To me it seems more like it's making everybody crazy. So many times do they cry and complain over "homework", and sometimes they're in tears and screaming and acting out.

Like since yesterday. Petros has to make some kind of clay pot for a school project. But how many prototypes have I seen now?

Like many times before, Mother needs to help. His attemps at making a vase shaped claypot has ended in disaster, so Mother has to step in with her skills.

First, the shape looks crap. So they try to take a glass bottle and mould the clay around it and let it dry.

But many times the clay comes off again because it's not right.

Well, it becomes evening and it becomes morning. Petros and Mother had a clay vase in the oven during the night, so it can bake dry.

Oh dear, Petros is still so negative. He really has that kind of personality that really depressed and frustrated people have. Seems they can never get this friggin clay pot right.

Mother has had it now with Petros and his negativity. I don't know if there was a crack in the pottery they baked during the night, but Petros had some complaints against Mother and her attempts.

She screams at him to then do the darn thing himself and she throws their dry pottery attempt on the kitchen floor so it breaks and its in pieces.

Wow, emotions run high because of this school thing. What the bloody kind of madhouse must a school be!

Well, it's time to go to school now. Mother tells Petros to tell that teacher he tried but they really couldn't get it right. That is if Mother can't bring Petros another attempt to school later in the day, because she'll try another one this morning.

Well, they did get some kind of effort at pottery to school. It might also help if Petros doesn't always put off doing his homework projects until it's too late, but he thinks he's smart and can finish things quickly, that's why he sometimes gets himself into a fix.

Well, now that he received his marks on his project, what was something involving such tense emotions, seems to not matter anymore. So quickly it went from serious to something they don't care for and would rather forget.

Ah yes, school seems like fun. Mother says one of these days, I'll have to go too. WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ..............................


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