Petros drives Elmarie insane

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Today, we are going to drop Petros and Elmarie and Elmarie's two children off at the airport so they can fly back to their dwellings in the Cape. Will we survive the time with Petros?

Petros drives Elmarie insane

Both Elmarie and Petros have been packing many hours yesterday, even into the early hours of the morning. And yet, Petros isn't finished. He just threw his things in the boot and will pack later while we are at Rand Estate, where Elmarie and her boys will be visiting her mother-in-law.

Well, while Elmarie and her boys are having cake and tea and whatnot at her Mother-in-law's, what should we do? We can go eat out ourselves, decide Mother and I.

But nope, party pooper Petros will have none of it. He calls it a waste of time.

"Oh please. You have nothing else to live for anyway", I remind him.

"You can shove that saything up your ass!", he sneers at me.

Heh heh, so it really hit him that he doesn't have anything to live for I see. Yeah, he truly has no wife or family of his own, no business, no job, no obligations whatsoever, yet he's always pushy and calls other people's ideas and things "a waste of time", asif he has anywhere to be.

Today, Mother is on his side again I see. They want to go stop at a shop and buy tea and rusks and eat it at Rand Estate so Petros can go pack his things properly in suitcases.

That asshole should have already packed at home; it is not the time to pack when your departure flight time is this close. But fine, let's just all fall in with his assholic nonsense again.

Mother asks me to go buy the tea, but I tell them it's their idea, they can go buy it. I'll stay in the car. So I do and have a bit of a rest. Petros really gets to you if you're in his company for longer than 10 seconds.

So later on we have our tea at our Halfway House in Rand Estate, while Petros packs. Soon the conversation turns to everything he's stolen. As is his annoying habit, he also just took some things he found at our house which don't belong to him, but which he says we're not using so he is taking it.

So he packs and packs and packs and his luggage is overweight he says, but he doesn't have a scale now so he doesn't know how much it's overweight.

Whatever. I hope this deliberately unprepared prick doesn't think we're going to help him in any way or pay for his overweight baggage.

Much later we are at the airport, saying goodbye to Elmarie and Petros. However, Elmarie and Petros have been fighting since we got out of the car all the way into the building. Elmarie's baggage is all organized and packed, but now Petros wants to shove his extra things into her baggage so that his baggage isn't overweight.

As you can imagine, this drives Elmarie through the roof. Her bags are all full and ready to check in, but Petros keeps re-organizing her things and shoving his own junk into her bags until they look like they will tear.

Unbelievably, Mother and Petros keep saying it's Elmarie who's "so tense" and "so tensed up; wonder what is wrong with her?", when it's obvious Petros and his always being a burden to other people is what is wrong with her. There is no reason why he is this unprepared to fly and couldn't just have packed all his things ready to go at home yesterday.

Father comes later to say goodbye to his children. Father has been playing a tennis tournament somewhere.

So we say goodbye to Elmarie, whose flight is first. She walks through the security gate.

After about a minute of her and her children walking through the security gate and us being seated next to the gate, here comes Petros running like a crazy person with a DVD drive in his hand.

"Wait!", he shouts and tries to poke his head into the security gate. The black woman guarding the gate is almost frightened, probably thinking he's trying to storm right through.

But he stops with one foot and his head inside the gate, peering at what he was hoping would be Elmarie and her children. But, they're long gone.

Petros was in his warped mind hoping to shove that big thing into her obviously maximum packed hand luggage. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, Petros really needs to learn to stop being a burden to other people. Helping him once or twice in a blue moon wouldn't hurt, but this is his normal mode of operation - always manipulating people to put up with his burdening them with his lack of consideration.

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