Petros pops up once again

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During breakfast this morning, Mother announces that Petros is coming this afternoon, and I must make him feel welcome.

Petros pops up once again

This is a bit of a shock. I know some days ago Father laid very heavy news on me when he said Petros is coming to stay maybe for as much as a month, and maybe after that he's coming to stay here permanently while he rents out the property Mother bought with him in Stellenbosch, where he has been residing.

Heavy news. Really heavy. Father and Petros do not get along at all, to not even mention how hard it is for me to like him for long. And now, probably purposely, Mother didn't say anything about it being final until the day he comes, which is today.

Sometimes I don't know what Mother is thinking, but unfortunately when it comes to Petros, Mother ALWAYS choses his side, no matter how damaging it is. I remember there was a time when Mother got money from Father for the groceries, but then secretly she went to the bank and transferred it to Petros' account, and then pretends like she used it on groceries.

Mother and I are always the greatest of friends, but when Petros comes to stay over, she has no other children but Petros. I get that she's trying to build his self-esteem, for example whenever he tells a joke, whether it's funny or not, she'd laugh her arse off. It's so obvious, it's almost funny. Or tragic.

Anyway, she's always been encouraging him to come live here because he only moved to Stellenbosch because it's a university town and he wants to act like he can still date pretty little student girls, even though he's past 40 years of age. As he's been getting on in years and in body fat, it seems he's being shot down more and more and this is becoming another source of depression for his already depressed nature.

Suppertime arrives and I go eat on the stoep of the West Wing with Mother and Father and Petros. Oh my gosh, he has a HUGE stomache. We say hello. Thank god he's not starting some kind of insult. Usually when he sees me, he immediately makes some sarcastic joke about how fat I've been getting or about what I'm wearing or any gray hairs I'm getting or how old I'm getting or whatever he can dish up out of his mean streaked dark personality, giving away his own fears about how ugly and old he's getting.

Fortunately he must probably know he's in REALLY bad shape now, and though that has never stopped him before, he doesn't start spewing insults. Or probably Mother enlightened him, because I have told Mother in the past that the reason I can't stand being around him is because he's insulting, offensive, rude, hurtful, annoying, irritating and selfish from the moment he opens his mouth until the moment he leaves and then some.

Well, we get through supper ok. It could be because Petros and I don't really speak much to each other, but whatever, let's hope we can maintain the peace.

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