Physical Eyes Chapter 10

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Meet "Max" as he get assigned. Tina & Stella work to secure the Walrus...I mean Manatee.

Physical Eyes Chapter 10

Meanwhile, at the military base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, agent Maxwell Ryder was ready to meet with some high brass for his new assignment. He had no idea what this one was about, but what else is new? However, this time, when he received his A.R. (Appearance Request), he was told not to show the docs to his commanding officer. He was ordered instead, to put in for a three day leave request, then to meet with his contact at the base.
Max, as some called him, knew this was something different, something very important. He felt a sense of honor when he realized that they chose him.
He was a legend in his own mind!
Now don’t get me wrong, Max definitely had talent and dedication. He was just an egotistical, self-centered, conceded bastard, without much concern for human life, that’s all.
Now I must admit, he served us well in Desert Storm. He and his other 6 teammates were dropped in Iraqi territory eight days before the start of our campaign to gather intelligence. They did a great job over all. The information they gathered helped to keep the war short and definitely saved many of our boys lives….but, for some reason, five out of the last seven missions, Max seemed to lose someone, this time, two. I mean, it was all justified in his report. It always was. He just always seemed to keep himself out of harm’s way.
Max headed over to the P.X. He was told to meet his contact out front. He would find the man looking under the hood of his jeep at 1300 hours. He was to ask “Need some help?” And the reply was supposed to be “Know anything about starters?”
‘Yes, Hello, is this the Fish & Wildlife Commission? Hi. My name is Tina Grey. I live at 11316 Cordova road. I’d like to report a dead manatee. Yes. It’s right out back by my dock. Yes, I am sure it’s dead. Because its eyes are clouded and bulgy, its upside down, it has huge gashes on it and it stinks like shit! I need it out of here and I was told you were the ones to call. You are? Great! How soon can you be here? Yes. A couple hours? Can you make it sooner? Okay, I’ll wait. I told you, its right by my dock. No, there is nothing to stop it from floating away. Secure it? How the hell am I supposed to do that? Okay, I’ll see what I can do. Thank you. Sooner is better. Yes, I’ll wait for the officer to arrive. Thank you. Bye.”
Tina’s eyes were sparkling with excitement and you could see the wheels in her head were turning. She headed out toward the dock. As she passed Stella, who was now passed out in the lounge, Tina grabbed her hand and tugged her to her feet. ”What’s going on? I was just really crashed!” Stella said pissed off.
“No time for attitudes. I need your help. We have to stop that manatee from floating away. My man…I mean the marine patrol is on the way.” Tina said as Stella just found herself being pulled down to the dock.
“Oh shit! Look, it’s already floating away!” Tina screamed.
It seems the hot Florida sun was cooking the dead beast on the inside. It had already plumped up noticeably in the short time since they had seen it. The amounts of gases inside were multiplying. It was already sitting slightly higher in the water as well.
“What are we going to do?” Tina said in a panic. “We? What do you mean by we? I'm not going to touch that nasty thing! Why is a dead walrus so important to you anyway?” You could tell by Stella’s tone she was not happy!
“You fucking idiot! I told you, it's a Manatee not a walrus! Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you. I really need your help. You will understand when the Marine patrol gets here. What the hell can we do? The pool brush! The pool brush! Please go get me the pool brush. I'll see if I can maybe get it with the dock line in the meantime.”
Stella headed off to grab the pool brush without a question. She could tell by Tina’s tones that this was somehow important to her. As she did, Tina took one of the dock lines and tried to throw it across the manatees back as it floated further out into the canal. It didn't do any good. The rope just slid across its back. It was slowly starting to move further away. Tina was starting to panic! But just then Stella came up with the pool brush.
“Oh thank God! Help me extend the handle all the way. Come on hurry! It's floating out farther!” Tina said in a panic.
“Damn girl! What the hell is it with you and this dead stinkin Manatee? Look, I got it right…..Manatee!” Stella said
Tina was too busy to talk. She had extended the pool brush handle to its limits and she was now struggling to lift it out over the bloated beast. It was just long enough to reach the far side of it. She was able to twist it and hook the end of the brush on the side of its body near the tail. She started to pull it towards the dock but it started to spin. The wind was still moving but now the tide was starting to pick up as well.
”You fucking dead piece of shit! You're not going to get away from me!’ Tina growled with determination. She repeatedly hooked beast and tugged on it. It spun three full rotations before it reached the dock. The current was picking up still, but she was able, so far, to hold it with the pool brush.
“Here. Take the brush and hold it here while I get the rope. I need to try to tie it around its tail and cleat it to the dock. As she said that you could see Tina was starting to shine from the sweat she worked up.
“I still don't see what's so damn important about a fucking dead walrus… I mean Manatee!” Stella piped in with a frustrated tone.
“Please, just keep trying to help me hold the fucking thing here while I try to get the rope on it. Maybe I can lasso its tail. ” Tina pleaded.

By Dan Dawson Sr.
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