Physical Eyes Chapter 11

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Manatee mishap! Tina & Stella find the dangers of a Manatee!

Physical Eyes Chapter 11

Tina tried to lasso the loop in the rope around its tail but it was floating on the surface. She needed to get one part of it under the tail. The current was swifter now and Stella was complaining because this was becoming a lot like work. Just then Tina noticed one of the tennis rackets by the pool and ran and grabbed it. She quickly leaned over the dock and pushed the edge of the rope below the level of the tail. It worked! She tied the other end of the rope to a cleat on the dock and high-fived Stella. As she did, she accidentally kicked tennis racket into the water. It floated next to the carcass.
“Oh shit! That's Zane's racket. It cost $400 and was a gift!”
She leaned down to try to get it. It was too far. She lay on her belly and clawed at the water surface. She could barely reach the surface of the water and the racket was still another inch or two away. She clawed at the surface frantically and managed to create a small current toward her hand. Her fingertips were not quite touching the racket. She almost had it! She reached a little further… And then it happened!
There was nothing she could do as she felt herself starting to fall. There was only a few feet, but about halfway down she realized the horror of what was to come. She was falling directly on the Manatee!
As she fell she put her arms out in front of her as anyone would do to brace themselves. As she impacted the Manatee everything seemed to be in slow motion. She thought to herself how it felt like a giant underinflated football. But then to her horror, her left arm sank into one of the propeller marks! All the way up to just past the elbow! As that happened, it ruptured the gas pocket! As it hissed, a horrific large plume of disgusting gas of death enveloped the two of them. Tina tugged on her arm in a panic but somehow there was a sharp bone from the beast holding her arm fast and causing a stabbing pain. She pushed and tugged and pushed and tugged. Each time, gases, fluids and little chunks of dead beast erupted from the wound. The water around her was filled with dead Manatee juice and parts! She managed to fight the pain and pull her arm free suffering only a long scratch on her forearm. As she pulled it free she was so relieved and she turned toward the dock.
“What the fuck? I can't fucking believe it! I can't fucking believe it! I am ready to hurl! What else could go wrong?”
As if right on cue Tina heard Stella making some type of wretched noise above her. As she looked up to see, she started to realize at the last second that that was a bad choice. Before she could react, she heard the vomit splattering in the water around her and felt it land on her face!
As fate would have it, the Marine patrol boat rounded the corner. The two ladies were still both throwing up as it approached.
When Tina noticed the boat she was absolutely horrified! This was her chance! This was her fucking chance! This is the worst possible moment she has ever had in her whole fucking life!
They heard a voice from the boat, “What the hell are you ladies doing? Are you okay? I got the call and got here as fast as I could.”
Suddenly Tina realized the voice you heard was not her Knight in shining armor. It was a manly voice. But it was not her Ken.
Tina dove underwater and swam toward the boat. While she was swimming underwater she was washing her face hair and body as fast, frantically and efficiently as possible to get the nastiness off of her. As she surfaced next to the boat she saw a hand held out to help her. As she grabbed hold of it, she felt herself being lifted into the boat. In one clean sweep she went from in the water on the deck.
As she looked at her Savior a number of thoughts were swirling through her head. “This isn't Ken! This isn't even a man!”
Sure enough, the person in the uniform was definitely not a man. She was a large stocky built woman with short cropped hair. Her deep voice originally had Tina think it was a man. Where was her Ken?
Even though it wasn't him, she was now feeling a sense of relief. She didn't want him to see her like this. Her feeling now shifted to ”Thank God it wasn't Ken!”
“Are you okay lady?” The officer asked in a concerned tone.
“Yes, yes I think I'm okay.” Tina said somewhat confused from the whole ordeal.
The officer added “Better make sure that you take care of the arm. I'd clean that really, really well if I were you. You don't want it to get infected. It looks like it's just a deep scratch, but I wouldn't take any chances!”
“I am going to take a fucking bath in fucking bleach and then a scalding hot shower until I run out of hot water!” Tina was obviously disgusted.
Stella stood silent on the dock watching everything and wondering exactly what was going on as she wiped the wretch from her chin.
“Whoa, this thing really stinks! Can I use your rope tow this back to our dock?” The officer asked.
“Sure, keep the fucking thing! Please just get it the hell out of here!” Tina said in no uncertain terms.
The officer helped Tina from the boat back onto the dock. She untied the rope to the beast from the dock and attached it to the cleat on the back of her boat.
Stella just stood there in a kind of daze, watching everything.
As the officer idled away with the dead wretched beast in tow she tipped her cap to the ladies and wished them a nice day.
As Tina stood on the dock, she looked at the long scratch on her arm. Her nostrils were filled with the scent of death. She definitely was not a happy camper!
Just then Stella broke her silence “So that was your man? Well then, he's all yours honey! ”

By Dan Dawson Sr.
All Rights Reserved


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice and interesting post in every line!

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
10th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern.
Feedback is great. The stats show a lot of hits since I've been writing this, I would just love to know how many people are reading this and not my other stuff. And...what they think.
I am sooo busy with life's other stuff! I would love some reader incentive. I may stop for a little while otherwise.
Only the best,
PS: I sure hope Tina & Stella's trash mouths don't offend anyone. Those girls are just like that.

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