Physical Eyes Chapter 12

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Max meets his contact and receives his orders. Baby siting?

Physical Eyes Chapter 12

As Max pulled up to the PX he looked at his watch, 1300 hours, right on time. As he pulled into a parking spot, another motorist lifted his hood and peered at the engine.
Max walked over and asked “Need some help?” The man replied “Do you know anything about starters?”
The two stood side by side by side in front of the car as if looking at the engine. “Maxwell Ryder, you?” The man didn’t answer, he just looked Max in the eyes as he reached inside his shirt and pulled out a brown, legal sized envelope. “You’re being reassigned” he finally replied. “Reassigned? To where?” Max asked. “Not to where, to who. Your assignment is to follow, observe and relay any intel we request. For now.” “ For how long?” Max asked. “Undetermined at this point.” was the reply.
The man reached into the envelope and pulled out some paperwork. “This should help on your cover story. Here is some paperwork showing that you will be doing some consulting here with Peterson Air force base and Homestead Air Reserve base down near Miami.
Here’s the file on your interest. There are pictures of him, his wife, a few friends and colleagues; there is a file on each, his internet searches & passwords, his phone contact list, vehicles and tag numbers. He tends to keep somewhat of a routine, this is its outline. We will be setting up surveillance packages on the required sites as soon as allowable. We will cover the phones,internet, computer, webcams, home, apartment, cars and the lab. Here’s a key to a locker in the downtown bus terminal. You should have all the tools you need in there. Here’s your burner cell phone. You will receive most of your communiques via texts. Here’s your expense card. Go to Miami and rent an apartment with surveillance capabilities, Do your recon and get a lay of the land. Be back before your leave is up. We’ll take care of your C.O. in the event anything comes up.” “When will we meet again?” Max asked. The man turned and walked over to the driver’s side and opened the door smiling and said in a somewhat louder voice “Okay, thanks. I’m gonna see if she’ll turn over.” With that he turned the key and the car started right up. “Thanks for your help mister. She’s purrin like a kitten. I guess I’ll be on my way.” With that the man closed the hood, shook Max’s hand and drove away.
Max had already stuffed the envelope in his shirt and was now getting back in his vehicle. “Well Max, what the hell they got you doin this time? Looks like a baby sittin job. I ain’t no damn baby sitter! I’m gonna have to check all this stuff out after the bus station, when I get home. Miami huh? I guess I can suffer through this for at least a while. I better pick up some sun block while I’m out.” With that Max pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road and drove away with a grin.

By Dan Dawson Sr.
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