Physical Eyes Chapter 13

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Zane and Lance finally had all their ducks in a row! Time to make it happen...the next step.
Now what? Unexpected time off? Does everything really happen for a reason?

Physical Eyes Chapter 13

The phone wake-up call rattled Zane to the core as it rang with an old school phone bell. For a second he wasn’t sure where he was. That seems to happen to him a lot. With all the traveling he does…and those dreams! “Wait a minute…What was I dreaming about? Did I even dream?” Zane smiled. It had been quite a while since he had a REAL night’s sleep. He sat up and had the best yawn stretch combo he could remember. He needed his morning brew!
Zane loaded the coffee into the machine and filled the pot with water to dump into the machine. As he did, the sound of the running water made him realize he had to pee. As he dumped the water from the pot into the machine, the urge became over whelming. He tried to dump it a little faster, but the machine would only take it so fast. The pot was almost empty…He started wondering if he would make it the last few seconds as he fidgeted back & forth. Finally it was done! He threw the pot into the machine and hit the start button as he ran for the john.
He barely made it! The second he started, he felt such a great sense of relief. He relaxed as he stood there just letting nature take its course. It felt wonderful! And after such a great nights rest…. That’s when his phone started ringing in the kitchen!
Zane had been going for a while now. On the first ring he was still relaxed. By the second ring he started to hurry things up. On the third ring, he was tightening his abdomen and wondering how the hell he could pee so much? By the fourth ring he was straining to tighten every muscle he could to hurry and finish. He even had veins starting to show on his forehead. It stopped to a dribble…”That’s it…no, a little more…okay..Damn! A ltttle more”…By the sixth ring Zane just did the shake and run. He grabbed the phone and slid the unlock bar…Silence. ”Damn! It was just ringing! Who was it?” He checked his phone log. It was from the main number at Colorado Springs Memorial Hospital. “Damn! No extension, no message…It has to be Dr. Westerly.” Zane went to his contact list and dialed the doctor’s phone. “Hi, this is Dr. Westerly. I’m sorry I’m not here to take your call right now. I will be out of town until next Wednesday. If you need assistance, our office will be open during normal business hours. If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911. Thank you!....Click.
Zane was furious! He and Lance had worked so hard to have everything ready, hoping for a donor this weekend. All that work. “Well we are ready now at least. Everything happens for a reason, I’ll just have to figure this one out.” Zane called the main number for the hospital and when the operator answered, he explained who he was and what had happened. The operator said that luckily, she was the one who had called. Dr. Westerly had left her a note to call Zane and let him know there was an unexpected opening for the Dr.’s time share in the Bahamas. He would call him as soon as he got back.
Great, just fucking great! It’s already Friday. Now wha……Just then, Zane was hit with an ear to ear grin. “Matt and Jimmy are coming in in the morning! That’s the reason! I love it when a plan comes together!”
Zane dialed his phone…”Hello Lance? Yeah, it’s me. We’ve been shut down until next week. No, Dr. Westerly will be gone until next Wednesday. Yeah, I know. I was pissed when I found out too. Listen, it’s Friday, why don’t you just give everything a quick once over and get the hell outta there? Why not?.... I usually don’t pull rank on you, but your boss that’s an order!...And give Cindy & Gretchen a call, one or both of them has to have cooled down by now and may have some needs. Okay Ace…Maybe go for a double header! Yeah, I know. I’ll call you late Monday. No. I believe I’ll be busy the first part of the day. Okay Kiddo, talk to you then. Bye.
Zane was being smart. If their get together was going to be anything like any of the last ones, he would need Monday morning, at least…to recover!

By Dan Dawson Sr.
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author avatar Legend
14th Jan 2014 (#)

Great piece - or is it pi**

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
14th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks Legend.
I'm going to post 1 more chapter and then I have to take a break. I've been pretty sick and have a lot of catching up to do.It'll probably be next week before I can get back in the saddle. I would love some real feed back on this. If you or anyone else could contact me through "Contact the author" with your take, feed back and criticism, it would be great!
Thank you!
Only the best,

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