Physical Eyes Chapter 14

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Zane has his schedule clear and picks up supplies for his reunion with Matt and Jimmy.
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Physical Eyes Chapter 14

It was now about 9 a.m. Zane just got out of the shower. He felt great!
He had his first great night’s sleep for a good long while, he already had his coffee, his “Morning constitution”, cleared his schedule until Monday afternoon and…..
His buds were going to be in town in the morning!!! What a weekend this was gonna be!
It had been such a long time since a weekend was actually a weekend for Zane. He often had to work. Even when he had them off, he couldn't help but to go to his computer and just make a note here and there. The problem with that was, once he got started, it was amazing how often just a few minutes turned into just a few hours!
This weekend would be different! His schedule was clear and so was his conscious. His buds were coming to town!…
Oh Yeah….and speaking of buds…..These guys weren't alcoholics or druggies. But when it came time to party…if the right thing popped up at the right time, in the right way……anything may go!
Colorado had just recently made marijuana legal to use recreationally. Most of the people in Colorado are laid back, easy going, happy and good people. The law change hadn’t made any real significant changes in the area except more tourists and better business. This seemed to be the financial “life’s breath” the state needed. A lot of people around the country were amazed, shocked and dismayed when they heard what Colorado and Washington were doing. People were saying that those states were going to be overrun with druggies, gangs, crime and murder.
There is a big problem in America on the perception of the actual effect of marijuana on people. The squeaky wheel gets the oil! And that’s a big problem!
The loudest squeakers have consistently been people who have their own agendas and paranoid views of pot. Most of them have never had personal experiences with the stuff and really only know what they have heard from their own circles of like minded individuals and groups. Or their afraid of what others may think of them and what it may do to their careers.
The truth is, marijuana prohibition originally was formed to control the “Crazed Niggers” back in the early 1900’s. The ignorant, prejudice, paranoid “tighty wthties” changed the laws to try to protect their precious way of life. They even produced a lot of propaganda to “Inform” the public at large of the supposedly real dangers of the stuff. The most popular of which was “Reefer Madness”.
They even reclassified it to a “Type 3” category drug, right up there with Heroin, morphine and cocaine. And so it is, still unto this day! One of the biggest hurdles to overcoming this is for those groups to admit this and do the right thing! Reluctant is not even close to describing their ignorant, defiant position!
A lot has changed since then. The prejudice atmosphere has been reduced to such a point that nowadays, it seems to be more balanced between all nationalities phobias of ignorant people. We are moving more to a “Human family” mentality. Some people are just trying to hold on and don’t know how to let go! They need to know “It’s okay. We are going to be fine!” It’s time to start with the man in the mirror!
Zane knew it was a weekend to let go. Life flies by so fast! Work and all of life’s other responsibilities have such a way of consuming us all to such an extent. Why do we do it all? There has to be some reward, a time to let go and just party to make it all worth it!
He pulled up to the dispensary and walked in the door. His sense of smell was immediately hit with the pungent, almost skunky aroma of pot and sweet & savory baked goods.
“Yes sir, good morning, how can we help you today?” asked the young cheery lady from behind the line of display cases.
“I have some old buddies coming into town for the weekend and I’d like to get some goodies to kick back and let go this weekend, what do you recommend” Zane asked.
“Well, we make a lot of our products fresh daily. I think I can put you together a weekend party basket with some variety that should cover all the bases.
As far as pre-made munchies, I recommend either the “Too much Chocolate & Maryjane” brownies or our “Rocky Road & Crippy” chunk & nut cookies. They are our most popular. They’re made with a hybrid indica/sativa with just the right balance to get you there but not knock you out.”
“That sounds good. Let me have a half a dozen of each.” Zane replied. The smell was really getting to him. The fresh baked goods really smelled awesome and that pungent piney, skunky smell made something inside yearn to burn! It had been a few years since he had messed with any weed. He had forgotten that feeling.
“And right now, we just harvested some incredible “Chronic Cherry Haze”, Its as fresh as it gets. Our grower has been refining this strain and it is just incredible. Here check it out.” With that, the she opened a big bag and dumped some onto the counter.
The smell was sooo strong! Zane picked up a beautiful pine cone sized nugget. He marveled at its size, how the crystals that covered it sparkled like so many little diamonds. The bud itself was actually beautiful! It looked like a miniature frosted, decorated Christmas tree. The green parts were swirled with purple and red. And in between was completely bursting with red hairs. And…there was actually a hint of sweet cherry smell. This was nothing like the commercial Colombian he smoked in his college days!
“I’ll take this bud in an an ounce!” Zane said with a smile!
“Are you going to be doing any cooking for them?” She asked.
I was thinking maybe hanging out at my place one night, making some food, munching, parting and just catching up. We need a safe night to just have at it.”
“Well, we have a number of “Infused Clarified” butters and oils. We have them for baking, poultry, meats and seafood. Did you have any kind of menu in mind?” she asked.
“Actually, yes. A good friend of mine just gave me beautiful Elk tenderloin. What do you recommend?” Zane replied.
She paused for a moment and said “Well I have two that sound like they would go well. First, we have our “White Widow glaze/marinade” a basic extra virgin olive oil infused with “White Widow”, lemon pepper & garlic with a splash of apple cider.
But I think you may find our most popular “Purple Haze Gourmet Glaze” may work best for this occasion. It is: Olive oil/clarified butter combo, infused with “Purple Haze Reaper”, fresh garlic cloves, lime zest, just a few capers, some minced white truffles and a hint of a dry white wine.”
Zane felt his saliva glands gush at the thought and said “Purple Haze Gourmet Glaze” Please! Can you arrange that in a nice basket?”
Sure thing, can I get you anything else” she said with a smile.
“No, that will definitely do it! I’ve gone way over board and I still have to hit the grocery & liquor stores.
As Zane drove away, the aroma filled his senses! He hadn't felt like this in years! He was excited like a kid on his way to Disney world!

By Dan Dawson Sr.
All Rights Reserved

Important note to readers and followers:
He Guys!
First of I want to thank my readers and followers for your interest in "Physical Eyes".
I've never actually wrote a novel and this first one is special to me.
I believe you will enjoy the roller coaster ride ahead!
Unfortunately, at least for the short term...I got pretty sick. I need to stop for a short while. Maybe a week or so, to get better and catch up on things.
Please take this time to give me as much feed back, criticism, critique or just plain raise hell with me. I REALLY could use and would GREATLY appreciate your input!!!
Please send me a short note or a long dialog to the contact the author link.
Just a few short moments of your time will mean a great deal to me!
Thank you so much!
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