Physical Eyes Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
The start of a new day and Its time to head off to work.
One for the road?

Physical Eyes Chapter 3

Chapter 3
The next morning:
Zane was just finishing a presentation at the Miami Airport Radison hotel on experiment results conducted on remote viewing. The American military has been using this for decades. It was first taken seriously when it was used successfully by then president Jimmy Carter to rescue our Iranian hostages.
Remote viewing is where a person or persons who are said to be clairvoyant are isolated in a small dimly lit room and asked to picture a certain location and give details about what is going on there in real time. Some are given pictures, some artifacts from the location. They are then to tell what they see. Some of these tests have been nothing short of remarkable. But as Zane was preparing to step away from the pulpit he looked down and noticed to his horror, that somehow, his pants were gone! He stood there for what seemed like forever, trying to figure out what to do as about five hundred or so people looked on. Just as the anxiety was getting to be too much, the fire alarm went off. Zane tried to take advantage of all the confusion and made a desperate attempt to exit the stage, but as he did, somehow he tripped over the microphone cord and hit the ground.
Then as he started to get up he became disorientated and somehow found himself on the floor next to his bed with the alarm clock blaring! “Oh great, what a way to start a work week!” he said out loud. It was seven-ten Monday morning. He didn’t have to be to the airport until 1:30 to check in for his flight back to Colorado. He went down stairs and found Tina on the tread mill. “Good morning.” He said halfheartedly to her. “Good morning. Sleep good? You tossed, turned and mumbled a lot last night.” Tina said as she kept her pace on the tread mill.
“I guess not, I feel really groggy and I kept having really weird dreams.” Zane said as he loaded the coffee machine.
“Well, make sure your back in two weeks like you promised. I’d like to take you out for a very special birthday date when you get back. It’s cutting it close getting back on the same day.” Tina said still pumping the tread mill and wiping the sweat from her brow with the towel wrapped around her neck.
Zane could now smell the fresh coffee brewing. That wonderful life giving sent filling his nostrils. Just the smell started to lead him on the way out of his fog. In doing so he realized he was staring right through Tina. She didn’t notice. She was going for her last quarter mile burn. As he watched he realized he was still suffering from his normal morning erection. He knew he’d be gone for a while and he should probably try to leave her satisfied. Besides, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for him either.
He walked over to the tread mill just as she was finishing. She was glistening with sweat. Her body was firm and pumped. Her thin workout suit was almost transparent and clinging very form fitting to her most desirable parts.
As she turned to step off, she noticed him standing right next to her. She knew that look in his eyes and if that wasn’t enough, there was a circus tent pitched in his briefs!
“Get away from me with that thing! I have a tennis match with Nance in a half hour. I still have to shower and change. You shoulda thought of that an hour ago. You know what they say “You snooze, you lose!””
With that Zane could feel himself going softer with every beat of his heart. With only some mumbled grumbling he made a cup of coffee and went off to finish getting ready.
After their goodbyes, Zane made it to the airport on time. However when he was going through the security check point, the metal detector kept going off by his shoes. They made him remove them and x-rayed them by themselves. Apparently, the manufacturer used a metal shim in each of the soles for support help to make them more ridged. But even though this was the way the shoe was made, the security personnel told him he’d have to rent a locker and leave them there. Because of the delay, he now only had about five minutes to make it the almost quarter mile to his gate. Two hundred and fifty dollars! That’s what he paid for those shoes. He was really pissed as he threw them into the garbage. There was no time for a locker. And to make matters worse, the only other shoes he had with him were his fuzzy Florida Gators bedroom slippers Tina had bought him last Valentine’s Day. It was a sight to behold to see a well-dressed man in a business suit running through the terminal in those shoes!

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