Physical Eyes Chapter 4

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Zane's mind is racing. Their getting close to being ready for the next step. Its time to really start moving.

Physical Eyes Chapter 4

It was 3 PM... Zane was about half an hour into his three hour flight. It was almost the end of the month and getting time to place his monthly orders. He was still tired from the weekend. He closed his eyes as he mentally went over this week's work load. He needed to make sure he had everything he would need for each step of the procedure. He had to have everything ready just in case a fresh batch became available.
There was something about the ionic charge. It made a difference. Zeffermen was right. His thesis on how ions could affect our mental state and sense of well-being was what gave Zane the idea. The pineal fluid had shown some sort of a reaction. What's the frequency? Was it the balance? A combination of the two? How would he know when he got it right? He knew this was possible. He knew he was going to make a difference!
You see, Zane believed those lost case mentally ill patients could possibly be helped if he could just get the information he needed to help them, from them. If he just had a way to get past all the static thought. Then he could reach their inner being on the right level, and then he could set them straight or at least be working from the right angle!
Quoting from his notes to the US government in his grant application: “Psychology is about to experience a breakthrough not like any in history! The ability to work with the mentally insane from the inside out!”
One of the hardest areas to conquer always has been and still is, is the ability to get straight answers from mentally ill patients. Either they'll tell you what you want hear or what they want you to hear or just reply with some kind of nonsensical answers.
What if we could hear what was going on in their heads? What if when we asked a question, we could actually hear their world, the thoughts that were actually flying around in their brains? All of them, in real time. Not just the answer that comes out their mouth.
What if we could really understand their thought processes and what was really going on inside their heads!?!
That's why our sixth senses are so important! The pineal gland is the key. The key to quell incredible suffering that has been going on since man's beginning. The ability to stop the suffering in the worst jail ever known,…our own minds!”
He drifted off into dream land…. As he did, he saw a young blonde woman with comforting smile. She motioned him toward her with a friendly wave. As he approached her he realized where he had seen her before, she was last donor! Zane tried to stop his approach toward her. But the gap between them was still closing. Suddenly her face went from a pleasant smile to an insidious transformation. She opened her mouth and as she did her face started to crack and peel away. As she reached her arms out towards him the flesh on her arms and fingers started do the same. He was almost in the arms of this hideous zombie demon…
Suddenly, Zane was startled by the sound of the breaking wheels, revving engines and the G force from the brakes. Apparently he was a little more tired than he thought. He was relieved to leave that nightmare again. He hadn't had it in over a month. The donors keep talking to him!

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