Physical Eyes Chapter 5

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Touchdown in Colorado. Meet Lance, Zane's assistant and partner in crime as they head to the lab.

Physical Eyes Chapter 5

The stewardess announced they had come to a complete stop and that people could begin getting their luggage from the overhead compartments. The normal shuffle ensued. There were those that quickly grabbed what they needed and headed for the door to be first in line. Others fumbled around in compartments, wrestling out their bags and coats. Others sat and chatted, waiting until some of the Ark had been unloaded.
Zane was by the window. There was no way he could get out until the fatty twins from New Jersey started up the aisle. He pulled out his cell phone to call Lance and let him know that he'll be waiting for him down on the sidewalk, at arrivals in 20 minutes.
Lance had worked off and on with Zane over the last two years. He was a second year student, majoring in bio physics and bio chemistry. But since Zane got the grant, it's been full time. Even though Lance was still only in his early 20s, Zane really appreciated him. This kid was a natural. He didn’t have experience, but he had passion and an uncanny ability to grasp and understand. This suited Zane just fine. He would rather have someone with great potential over someone with experience any day. Not set in his ways and eager to learn. This kid was sharp and fit the bill. It didn’t hurt that he worshiped Zane, his work and most of all, his theories either.
Zane could talk to him about things that no one else would seem to understand and he would just get it. They weren't exactly Batman and Robin, but you get the idea.
It was sixty-two degrees when Zane stepped out of the airport. That’s cold by Miami standards but, very nice by Colorado Springs standards.
Zane had barely made it down to the sidewalk when he heard the distinct “awooga” sound from Lance's horn. He had gotten it as a gift from his father before he passed away 12 years ago. This was his third vehicle that he put it in. It kind of worked with this truck. It always seemed to startle people. Some would give nasty glares. Others would get startled, glance over their shoulder and kind of smile. Lance loved it because he knew it had been his dad's and that he had loved it. Besides, it always made the chicks look!
As Lance pulled up to the curb, Zane set his carry-on bag in the bed of the truck and climbed in the cab with his coat on his lap. ”Hey buddy! Glad you made it back! This is going to be a crazy week. Here's your coffee. Let me see if I got this right. 20 ounce, roasted Columbian, two shots of espresso, heavy whipping cream and a shot of dark chocolate?” ”Yeah, good man! Zane remarked as he took the cup. “Great to see you too! I know, I'm excited about this week too. Here's a complete list of all the supplies we should need this week. Some of these things will carry us into next month, but we need to keep them on hand. We're coming up on a full moon and we might have a shot at, hopefully, a few donors. We have to be ready.” Zane had a combination of excitement and a serious business look on his face.
When that first sip of coffee hit his mouth, his whole body recognized it instantly. The caffeine helped clear his mind and remove the cobwebs. Plus, that mixed with the sugar helped him every morning grab the bull by the horns and get everything lined up for the rest of the day. And the chocolate? It just helped keep a good mood going.
As Zane walked into the lab, a smile crossed his face.” Lance, what did you do here man? Did you take any time off while I was gone? The place looks great! I was really worried about how we were going to get everything done this week. Brother, you just took a load of stress off of me. And there is just one more reason to start work and get this done!”

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