Physical Eyes Chapter 6

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Lance and Zane and the lab are on a roll! Its time to start crankin!

Physical Eyes Chapter 6

Chapter 6

On top of Zane's wonderful coffee concoction, he was even more excited and enthused. Lance had all their ducks in a row. As soon as the supplies would come in, usually within 24 hours of placing the order, they would be ready to handle up to three new donors.
“Yeah, remember that girl Cindy I was telling you about? The one I told you I met at a ski lodge? While I was there on Saturday with Gretchen, she happened to come walking by. She really got pissed! She even got into it with Gretchen! Next thing you know, they were both giving me the evil eye. I had forgotten I even ate those pancakes until I was about three quarters of the way running back to my car and felt them trying to come back up. I almost had nasty seconds! So I just headed over here to clear my head and maybe do something constructive with my time. I started organizing and thinking about what we found out last time. I guess I just kind got excited. I really had nothing better to do and so just had at it.”
Lance sat down at his desk and booted up his computer. He started to enter the supply list order. “What's with the rats?” Zane looked back at Lance with that devious little childlike look he gets sometimes when he's up to something.
“I've been thinking about it. The last time we actually had the start of a reaction. I think we need to look at this little differently. We need to change a few things up. We have to run some tests on the frequencies and balances. I think the frequencies are good. I think it’s more in the negative to positive ion ratio. I think if we add some electrolytes and get everything else tweaked just right, we might just shit our pants!
“So Lance, what’s been happening about the pineal fluid donors? Is our doctor friend still willing to work with us?” Zane asked.
“It took a four hundred dollar dinner just to get him to listen, but when I explained that if we succeed, and we can get into the minds of the mentally ill and our theories hold true, all the people we could help and he jumped on the train!
Oh yeah, as long as he gets his twenty grand a unit! That didn’t hurt either.” Lance said kinda tongue in cheek.
“We have to get fresh fluid. No more dead donors. We need to find some more vegetables about to be cut off life support. The fluid has to still be viable. Zane said while going thru his brief case.
“The ion bombardment can’t be effective if it’s not viable fluid. Also, I think our window of time to work with it is extremely shorter than we had imagined. We're going to need to use a chopper to get the fluid from the hospital to lab in time. We need to test it out on a live subject in less than one hour from extraction. That means we'll have to have everything set up, dialed in and waiting when we get the call. We're getting really close. I can feel it! It's about time!
I have to come up with some type of progress to show in my progress report next month. We’ve got to keep the money coming! There's so much riding on this!”
Lance heard the words at first. But as he heard what Zane was saying, it just made scary sense. The electrolytes would multiply the reaction. They could be the catalyst they were looking for.
”What the hell will it do to those rats? How will we know if there are even any effects? One hour? That's 20, possibly 30 minutes from extraction by helicopter to here. Even with everything dialed in, in advance and ready before hand, there's no way we can complete the process and have it administered the in less than 30 minutes. It all sounds so good yet can we do it?” As the thoughts raced through Lance's head he felt a combination of excitement and almost some kind of deep fear. Nobody had ever gotten this far. Nobody ever understood this much. Lance knew Zane was on to something. He felt he was so lucky. There are scientists that worked their whole lives and never even had even the hope to work on something this big. Here he was just a second year student and working on possibly one of the world’s greatest breakthroughs that man has ever accomplished. It was almost surreal. Suddenly Zane's voice started to come back into focus…..
”…and make sure you order the centrifuge tubes that have the flip top snap caps. We have to remove every margin for error that we possibly can. We need to save every second wherever and everywhere we can. We have to 86 the magnetic stir bar. I know it's got to be robbing some of our charge. We need to be ready when Dr. Westerly gives us the call. Thursday or Friday should work perfect. We need to have everything set up by Wednesday. No excuses! I hope this isn't a young one again. I’m not going to watch anymore! The last one was in a dream on my flight here.”

While Zane was saying this, he pulled out some papers from his case. I reran the numbers through the computer and came up with some very interesting stats. When you have the time to look these over, it’ll make your hair stand! We’ve been so close. I think these recalibrations in the ion generation combined with the viable fluid ……well…I’m almost scared at what we might find. If the math and theories line up……we might just…excuse my language…Shake the whole fucking world!!! Zane was dead serious.
Just then Lance looked down with a puzzled look on his face and asked Zane ”What's up with those shoes?”
Zane just replied ”Don't ask! Don't even go there!” They both looked tired and called it an early night.

Very often, when they were on a roll, it was not uncommon to work late into the night. A real breakthrough usually meant an all-nighter. But it was just the beginning of the week. Their supplies would not be in until Wednesday. Lance really stepped and got everything ready over the weekend. And now, Zane was just plain whooped! “Hey Bud, we can’t really get anything done until we get the supplies. I’m gonna go crash while I can.” Zane said in a yawn. “Okay Zane. I’ll see you in the morning.” Lance replied with a smile.


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