Physical Eyes Chapter 7

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Zane's haunting continues and evolves.The government makes some changes that he doesn't even realize will affect him and the project.

Physical Eyes Chapter 7

Zane kept an apartment in the historic Broadmoor. He liked its old world charm and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. It was built in 1918. It was a beautiful jewel nestled in the mountains. It was a testament to the pride and craftsmanship of days gone by. The curved marble staircase, dramatic chandeliers, Della Robbia-style tile, hand-painted beams and ceilings, and that striking pink trademark stucco facade! All this tucked away on a quaint 3000 acre resort complex! Zane fell in love with the place immediately, especially when the government agent handling his grant told him they would pay for it outside of the grant! What's not to like?
Zane made it to his room and unpacked his carry-on bag. There wasn't much, so it only took a few minutes. As he brushed his teeth, he felt another wave of fatigue come over him. He could almost feel the soft pillow, comforter and cool crisp sheets that were waiting for him. Within just a few minutes of when he laid down, sleep quickly pulled him into that dark relaxing other world that comes out as we let go.
Suddenly he saw a familiar face. It had a peaceful smile that somehow gave him comfort. It was a young lady. She was waving him over with one hand, smiling and pointing at something with the other. From where he was standing, he couldn't see what she saw. So he started towards her. As he walked, he looked off to where she was pointing. He knew that in just a few more feet he would be able to see what she saw. As he stood next to her, she placed one hand on his shoulder and pointed with the other. He strained to find what she saw. Suddenly, he felt something in her hand on his shoulder change. The grip got tighter. And somehow the hand didn't feel like fingers anymore, but now, more like claws. As he looked at his shoulder, he saw the hand had changed. Most of the flesh had rotted away and it was now the mostly bony fingertips digging in. As fear gripped him deeper, he wondered what was going on. Horrified, he instantly looked up at her face. His mouth fell agape and he let out a gasp as he realized where he had seen her before. She was the last donor!
Zane had made a deal with Dr. Westerly at Colorado Springs Memorial Hospital. The deal was $20,000 for a minimum of 20 CCs of the fresh pineal fluid from each donor. The fluid must be removed before or during death. Zane watched the procedure from the viewing room, directly above the operating table. It was a sad case. A young mother of two in her early twenties, she never even saw the truck that ran the red light. She had no idea that a simple trip to the store to pick up some diapers and beer for her husband, would allow some drunk asshole to T-bone her little Honda with a full-size, old school, OJ style, Ford, four-wheel drive bronco! She never even saw him coming and probably never had any idea of what happened. And he walked away without a scratch!
She had suffered severe head trauma. Her brain had swollen to the point of no return. The good doctor had already informed her husband that there was no chance and that she was brain dead already.
When the husband gave permission to disconnect her, it was because it was the best thing to do. She was dead already. Little did he know they had simply disconnected the Brain wave monitor from her, so it appeared to flat line. Totally grief stricken, he was quickly led away to a nearby waiting room to be with the other family members. The husband had no idea that as they wheeled her away, they had kept the life-support system running. That was when Zane had got the call.
It was around 12:30 a.m.. Zane knew he could make good time. He had the cooler and vials ready. He just threw in the ice packs he was out the door. There was no traffic now.
As he watched through the glass, he could see this once vibrant, beautiful young lady, wife and mom, on the table, all battered and bruised. He couldn't help but think about the life she was leaving behind and her love ones. Then doctor looked up at Zane and gave him a nod to signal he was ready to extract the fluid.
With the help of his surgical team, the doctor rolled her over to one side. He was handed a large syringe with a 4 inch needle. He inserted the needle into the back of her neck. He pulled back slightly on the plunger and blood started to fill it. He knew he wasn't in the gland. He squeezed the plunger and forced the blood back into her. He pulled the syringe back an inch and reinserted it again at a slightly different angle. The same thing happened again. On his forth try he twisted her head slightly turning her face up towards Zane. He inserted the needle once again. Zane couldn't help but stare at her face. Suddenly, as the doctor plunged the needle deep into the base of her skull, her eyes snapped open and her head began to tremble! The doctor had an extreme concerned look on his face. But then, as suddenly as it had started, her body went limp. The doctor looked down at the syringe and could see that it had filled to approximately 43 CCs of the translucent fluid he was looking for. He held it up for Zane to see. Even though he wore a face mask, you could see the doctor’s cheeks puffing and a smile in his eyes. $20,000! “Would you call this the money shot?” he said as he held it up towards the viewing window.
As Zane felt the bony fingers digging into his shoulder he started screaming and trying to run away. Her grip held fast as he tugged and screamed and tried to run. Suddenly he found himself running, but the pain in his shoulder remained. As he ran, he looked to his shoulder only to see her hand had torn off and would still not relinquish its grip! As he ran and was trying to get away, he ran into a group of people that wouldn't allow him to pass. He paid them no mind as he tried to claw his way through them to get away. Suddenly he realized the people were her family members. “You murdered her for money! You murdered her for money!” they repeated over and over. Zane was screaming and couldn't seem to get air in his lungs. He could feel his heart beating so hard it was ready to explode out of his chest. Then he found himself sitting up in bed screaming, sweating and breathing heavily. He had found his way back to the safety consciousness once again. It was 5:30 a.m.
As the coffee machine beeped it was ready, Zane heard an oriole start its morning song and could see the sun lighting the sky with its first rays of light. He could now make out the tree line on the hillside and took comfort in the clarity of consciousness. He was still shaken from the nightmare and did not want to go back to that world again. He turned on the morning news as an added distraction.
“And up on Capitol Hill, Congress still can't decide on which programs to cut to reach the proposed budget cuts promised during election time. We have received reports that the proposal is recommending additional cuts in Social Security, Medicare, schools and some sections of national security. We have also been told that even with all these cuts they will still fall short of the proposed government spending cutbacks."
As Zane listened to the news report he sipped his coffee and peered out the window. It was a beautiful morning! Everything looked so crisp and clear. Little fluffy clouds were moving slowly to the east. The kind that if you look at them they formed little shapes that when you looked hard enough you could find a face or a bunny rabbit, or like the one he was staring at that looked something like a horse’s head. There was a fog in the valley that had started to lift. It formed a smoky ribbon halfway up the tree line. Like someone had taken a light gray paintbrush and stroked it across the center of the trees. He could see a few vehicles were starting to travel on the roadway. It was still just dark enough that their headlights were still on, yet clear enough to see everything in complete detail. There were more birds singing now. This was going to be a beautiful day!
Meanwhile on Capitol Hill: Congressman Harney was meeting with the director of NSA." Listen Bill, we've really got to sharpen the pencil on our proposed budget for you. A lot has changed since we started this ball rolling. There's no way we’re getting out of this without a 20 to 25% cutback." "Congressman, do you have any idea what this is going to do to the programs we already have in operation? You can't do this!" "We can, we have to and we will! This isn't an option, it's a reality!" the congressman said in a commanding no-nonsense tone. "Congressman, please… We’re talking about the security of the United States of America! Some of these programs are critical to the future of our country! Some of these programs were budgeted for five years based on your allocations." " Well you're just going to have to trim some fat and speed those programs up a little now aren't you boy! Just look at as an opportunity to advance your programs at a faster rate than you had originally intended! This is a glorious opportunity for America! "Thank you for your time. My 2 o’clock is here. I believe you know your way out.” the congressman said as he motioned him toward the door.
As Zane was driving towards the lab, his phone signaled a text message. It was one of his best friends from college, Matt Krajewski. "Hey buddy! It's spring break! Jimmy and I are headed your way this weekend! Hope you have some time to shred some powder! A friend of mine just got back from Cuba with some awesome rum and Cohibas! We’ll be in Saturday morning. I'll call you Friday before we get on our flight. We are going to rent a hybrid so you don't have to pick us up. Talk to you then!"
What a great mental side track! Zane was smiling from ear to ear. The thought of the trio, together again... The last time they got together it was three days before his head cleared and he finally figured out why his wife almost wanted a divorce. He didn't remember any of it. It seemed like yesterday. Even though it had already been two years, every so often he would still hear a story here and there of some embarrassing thing he did that night.


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