Physical Eyes Chapter 8

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Zane contemplates Matt & Jimmy's arrival. Meanwhile, at the lab...their on a roll.

Physical Eyes Chapter 8

Zane had decided not to go for his full doctorate. He didn't want to take the time for the full ride. He wanted to get to work. Even then, his mind swirled with so many questions, with so many new ideas that had to be tested. He couldn't wait!
Matt and Jimmy would both be completing their doctorates at the end of this year. Matt had pursued molecular biology and Jimmy nanotechnology. The three of them together were not your average nerds. If you met them at a bar and saw them together, you may think them more to be musicians or movie producers. And they played it well! They're still to this day banned from Solid Gold in Miami.
In just seconds, Zane's face went from a sparkle in his eyes and snickering grin to one of angst and concern." What the hell am I thinking? This weekend? For a whole week? How the hell am I going to make that work? Thank God they rented a car!"
Zane's thoughts were interrupted by the fact that he was now pulling up to the lab. He pulled into his parking space and headed inside. Lance was already there waiting with his special coffee. As Zane walked in the door Lance held it out towards him and said "Good morning Kemo Sabi!" with a big energizing smile." Good morning to you too my boy! Looks like you're ready to rock 'n roll. Well let's get this show on the road. Did you fax in the supply order yet?" " Yeah I faxed it last night from home. I hope you don't mind but I made an executive decision without you. I also ordered a 5 tera bite external hard drive memory storage. With all the new calculations and information we are going to be storing, I thought it was appropriate insurance for us to keep it all insulated from any potential mishaps. I also figured that when you head back to Miami next time, it might give you some additional opportunities to tweak it." “Sound thinking Laddie! And you make my coffee just right too! It is a beautiful day!" "And… I saved the best for last, they replied to my fax and said that our order should be delivered here today before five o'clock. I know you feel Thursday or Friday is fine, but now we’ll have plenty of time to get everything set up and be thorough." Lance knew Zane approved when he smiled and raised his hand for the high five.
The day went smoothly and they were both in a remarkably great mood. Everything was coming together and it was great to be back working on the project. Especially as they both knew they were getting close to something, possibly the biggest thing ever to happen in science in this area. Ever!
The shipment came in just after 4 PM. They were on a roll! But as all good things must come to an end, they both were feeling spent and it was time to go home once again. "Hey Lance, why don't you just hold off putting those last few things where they belong till tomorrow? We put in a great day. Save something for tomorrow. What you say we get out of here and go to Nacho Mamas, have a couple margaritas and call it a night?" "Sounds like a plan! Please just keep me away from those ghost peppers. Last time my ass was burning for three days!"

By Dan Dawson Sr.
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Nice post!

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Thanks again Fern!

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