Physical Eyes Chapter 9

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Girl's day!
Tina and Stella try relaxing by the pool to recover from a night of over indulgence.
Some things come up..Some things go down. Literally!
Sometimes a plan doesn't necessarily come together!

Physical Eyes Chapter 9

Thursday morning, back in Miami, Tina was just staggering out of her bedroom. As she was passing through the living room she noticed her best friend Stella passed out on the couch. She wasn't completely surprised. They had been up late watching "Housewives of Miami" and doing shots of JagerMeister. Before Tina went to bed she offered Stella the couch just in case she was too tired or felt unsafe to drive.
Tina nudged Stella. "Hey girl, it's past time to get up. It's almost noon. I'm just getting moving too. It's already time for lunch." Stella slowly opened her bloodshot eyes and tried to say something. Tina could see that when she first tried to open her mouth, her lips were stuck together. As they parted, a little drool trickled out a corner of her mouth. "What time is it? Lunch? I feel like shit! Who in their right mind would think of food right now?"
"Don't worry, I know what kind of breakfast to make us for a day like this. You just sit yourself up and try to slip into this bikini." Tina was already in the kitchen by the time Stella replied "Bikini?” “Yeah, I put a right by your head. Don't argue, just put it on. I'm making us a couple of spicy Bloody Marys with a stalk of celery. The tomato juice and celery are good for breakfast and the rest is a kind of "hair of the dog" thing. Trust me!
"Hair of the dog"? Did I say that? Fuck that dog and its hair!"
By the time Tina finished making breakfast, Stella was already out by the pool on one of the chaise lounges. Tina handed her a breakfast beverage, but before she settled in to the lounge next to her she said "Hold your hand out.". Stella looked up at her confused, with the gaunt look on her face." Here's a couple of Excedrin and a big glass of water. Take the Excedrin and drink the whole glass of water. You can take your time on the bloody Mary. I'm sure you're dehydrated and if your head feels anything like mine you could use the Excedrin too. I took a couple and drank my water while I was making our drinks." As Stella took the pills and chugged the water, you could see the water in the glass slightly jiggling from her trembling hand as it poured down her throat. As she swallowed the water she made a “Glugging” sound with each swallow. It sounded anything but ladylike!
As they both settled back in the lounges Tina said “I gotta say, I feel like shit, but it's a beautiful day!"
They both just sat back and stared across the pool into the bay. There was almost no breeze at all. The pool was one of those endless pools. The far side was set up to overflow into a small trough that ran alongside it. From where they were sitting, because the surface of the pool and the bay were so calm, it was hard to tell where the pool ended and the bay began. They sat there for almost 45 minutes without a word. Then Stella asked "What day is it?" "Thursday.” Tina said while still staring with a dazed look out at the water. Stella looked down and noticed she was already starting to change color. She also noticed there was a tube of sunblock under the table next to the chase lounge. She reached down and started to apply it to all the areas required. Another half hour past without a word. Then Stella said " Thank you for the breakfast. You have done this before! I do feel a lot better. You sure know how to treat a girl right. I'm really starting to cook. I have to take a dip in the pool."
Tina slightly turned her face and said "You are gettin some color girl. And it is hot, but you're not getting in my fucking pool until you rinse some of that shit off you! It will leave oily shit on the tiles all around the pool. There is a shower right there by the dock. Use it first then, take your dip"
“Okay, okay." Stella said as she started to get up. As she rose to her feet she started to feel a little wobbly and shaky. By the time she reached the shower she was happy to hold on to the pipe for support. She was feeling a little nauseous. Just then she started to smell something very unpleasant to say the least. It wasn't a subtle fragrance; it was more of a terrible stench.
As the cool water came out of the shower head onto her face, it felt wonderful. It had a soothing, cooling sensation on her freshly sun blushed skin. She started to feel better and proceeded to wash the sunblock off of her body.
As she was working her way down to her legs, the stench grew. It started to make her feel a little nauseous again. As she went to rinse her feet she saw it! At first she didn't know if it was peanut butter or barbecue sauce with a couple little pieces of grass stuck in it. It was a little stubborn and the water pressure wasn't quite enough to remove it, so she helped to wash it away with her hand. As her hand slid across it, she could feel the texture of something like peanut butter. But then the smell became overwhelming and she realized what it was! "That fucking dog!” was all she could say before she had to turn and puke into the canal along the side of the house. On her third bout, she thought she was going to throw her stomach right out her mouth into the canal. Her brain felt like it was going to explode and she could feel the veins in her forehead swell with pressure. She stood there bent over the water heaving and retching, but nothing more would come out. She stared at the water hoping more relief was on the way, but it wasn't coming.
As she stared through her watery eyes, she could see little minnows starting to pick away at the floating debris of last night's dinner. It almost made her sick again. But that's when she noticed there was something under the surface.
As she wiped some of of the nastiness from her chin, she looked closer and her eyes started to focus a little better. She started to look through the surface of the water instead of at it. Only then she realized something was dead! She wasn't quite sure what it was, but it was big and had giant slashes running down its back. She noticed some flippers and could almost make out the face." Tina! There's a fucking dead walrus behind your house in the canal over here! Come take a look at this shit!"
Tina got up pretty quickly and headed over to see what the hell Stella was talking about. As she looked into the water she could clearly see that it wasn't a walrus. It was a Manatee. The slice marks on its back were in a perfect pattern that made it obvious that they were made from a boat propeller.
"That's not walrus dumb ass! It's a Manatee! Where do you think we are, the fucking North Pole?" Tina said as they both stared at the 8 foot, 1000 pound carcass.
As Stella stared in amazement she said "So that's why they have those slow Manatee zones?"
Tina turned and said "Those Manatee zones are all just a big sham to make money. You could go 1 mile an hour and a Manatee is still going to swim in your way. They're definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed!
It's kind of sad. I actually think they’re kind of cute. I think I may have known this one. Sometimes we leave our hose hanging into the water and leave it on just a little bit. If there are any manatees around, they come and drink the water. There is no fresh water around here so they really appreciate a good drink when they can get it. It's actually illegal to do that but we just feel sorry for them and it's kind of nice to have them around."
"Well I hope this one's not going to be staying around too long its already starting to stink. By tomorrow I'm sure it will be unbearable. Is there someone you can call to get out of here?" Stella asked.
"I guess so." Tina replied." I wonder who I should call…” With that Tina's eyes started to light up with a sparkle and smerky grin came across her face.
"So,…what's going on with you girl? I see that look in your eyes and that smile on your face. What's going on in that pretty little head of yours?"
"I'm going in to freshen up real quick and make the call." Tina said as she headed toward the house.
“Why would you freshen up to have carcass hauled away?" Stella asked with a confused tone in her voice.
"I'm going to introduce you to a new friend of mine. No matter how much your mouth waters, remember he's mine!" Tina hollered from inside in an almost giggly yet firm tone.
"But what about the Zane?” Stella asked.
Tina’s grin grew slightly…" Zane who? He's never here anymore anyway. A girl's got to have someone. I think I found that someone. You'll see… He's my big strong officer friendly!
But remember, hands off!"


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