Physical Eyes Eyes Preface/Chapter 1

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And so it begins..
One of the largest obstacles to diagnosis psychiatrists’ face is the first phase interview. These often find some of the keys to proper diagnosis and the right treatment.
What if a doctor could just go into someone’s mind and listen to what is going on?
Our main character is on this path.He is determined and able!
Our sixth senses have been proven as real and may be the most powerful tool ever!
How would the average person use these tools?
How would the government?

Physical Eyes Preface/Chapter 1

Preface: Physical Eyes is the story of a Biophysicist who makes a radical discovery while working on an experiment involving the pineal gland and its relationship to our sixth senses. He had figured out that this would be one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs ever in history for helping the mentally ill! Diagnosing and treating from the inside out!
The project was finally funded by the U.S. government, and even though he suspected they had ulterior motives, he couldn't pass up the funding, the lab, the equipment and his hope to succeed.
So he pushed forward, until that fateful night.
That night when everything changed.
When the door finally opened.
But now was he ready for what he found? Was the world ready?
He never knew what a part of the project “he” would become. That he would become one of the world’s most sought after possessions or one of its greatest threats!

Have you ever looked a stranger in the eye,… had a naughty thought…, and saw them react as though they knew what you were thinking? As if they could almost feel, understand, and get lost in the same moment?
What if they could?
What if you could walk up to your wildest dream and just mentally ravish them….. sexually?
What if with each thought you could see them convulse just right so you knew it was real?
What if you could reach out and touch someone with your eyes?
What if?


“Doctor we’re loosing him!” “ 200 cc’s of Adrenalin, STAT! Prep the paddles!”
Zane could hear everything going on. He wasn’t sure if it was a dream or a show or what. Suddenly, it started to become clear. He felt the prick of the pencil thick needle inserted into his arm. He could feel the cool fluid making its way up his veins.
CLEAR! Zane’s whole body convulsed and arched upward. Every single muscle in his body tightened as the electrical current surged through him.
The second time he felt something happen. It was his heart. It had started beating again!
“Well, that’s gotta be good!” he thought to himself.
“ That was close doctor!” the nurse said. “ How long has Mr. Grey been in his coma?” the doctor asked the nurse in a monotone voice.
“Five…almost six months” she replied.
“Well, we may have to present his chart before the board for potential disconnection. We’ve had a forty percent cut back in I.C.U. and he not showing any signs of progress. We might be just wasting our time.”
Zane heard every word. “Those cheap bastards!” he thought as opened his eyes. Everything was very fuzzy. He tried to move. It was like a bad dream. He couldn’t.
“Doctor, look! His eyes, they’re open!” the nurse screamed in an excited and emotional tone.
Zane was actually pissed! He tried to give them a piece of his mind, to tell them “How dare you think to disconnect me!” but all he could do was to slowly move his mouth and utter inaudible sounds. The tube down his throat almost made him gag. Then he felt a huge wave of exhaustion surge through him and he closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them, his wife was standing over him and she didn’t look happy.
“Are you going to nap the day away? I’ve been trying to get your lazy ass up for ten minutes. I thought you were in a damn coma!” Zane sat up in his hammock. It was 3:30. He’d better get moving. He still had a few things to do before he would be able to enjoy his evening ritual!

By 6 PM he had caught up with his required tasks, just in time.
It was the end of another one of those sticky hot South Florida days where the air was so warm and humid that it felt thick when you breathed it in.
Zane was sitting on the back porch, sipping a margarita and watching another beautiful South Florida sunset over Biscayne Bay. He could see the usual circus of boats, most racing where possible, heading to the boat ramp. Here in Miami the lines to pull your boat out can get pretty long. And you gotta figure that half the boats here are being captained, if you can call it that, by drunken assholes. So every day when the sun starts getting low the race begins. And just to add a little spice to the mix, the Marine Patrol was out and busy, usually writing tickets.
They’re so underfunded that they had to get creative. They realized how much money they could make by using the endangered species act and imposing “NO WAKE/SLOW SPEED /MANITEE ZONES” in all the busy waterways. During the busy hours the only one or two units in the area always had someone pulled over. Everyone else just flew by, knowing they already had their sacrificial lambs.
Zane pulled out his binoculars to get a better look at what was going on. The sunset, the water, a great margarita and the unfolding zoo at hand… this was way better than TV!
Both the Marine Patrol boats were together and a news chopper was circling. There was a beautiful cigarette style racing boat stuck on a shoal. Zane could see a frantic topless woman waving over the officers. She looked like just another one of the enumerable nuggets in the South Florida style silicone valley scene.
One officer was wading the last hundred feet on the sand bar in the ankle deep water. Just then Zane’s wife Tina walked outside. ”Can you see it? It’s on the news right now! That poor girl is stuck out there by herself. Her boyfriend fell out the back of the boat right between those two giant outboard motors and then she grounded. You can see body parts floating all around the boat on the T.V. I can’t believe how those network guys will film every gory detail. That's Fox news for you. Let me see those binoculars.” Zane handed them to her. As she got them focused she could see an officer trying to console the poor girl. As she watched, he took off his shirt and wrapped it around her, holding her close in his arms to help support her, keep her warm and offer comfort. He cradled her in his arms as they waded out to deeper water. That’s when Tina noticed how built and tan he was. As two other officers approached in their boat, he gently reached under her arms and lifted her out of the water and onto to the side. Through the powerful binoculars she could see the wonderful muscular build on his back and arms. She wondered why she couldn’t be out there being rescued. Why those couldn’t be Zane’s body parts floating around as she’s being carried off into the sunset in officer friendly’s big strong arms. Just then, her fantasy was shattered by Zane asking for his binoculars back. “Damn! I just got them. What the fucks your problem? You know, I bought the fucking things for you on your last birthday!” Zane was getting real tired of her seemingly endless bitch syndrome. Since he finally got funding for his project six months ago, he’s been lucky to get home one or two weeks a month. Then he has to put up with this shit? No fucking way! “What’s up your ass? Is it that time again? It seems you’re always on the rag when I’m home. I see you’re nice and friendly with almost everyone else, but as soon as I enter, it’s bitch city!. Well sorry you’re fucking Majesty, no more on my watch! Either we go to counseling like Father Hooligan recommended or let’s just get it over with. We used to laugh and have fun. What ever happened to those times?” Zane was aggravated, yet more dismayed. She was pissed, but somehow the sound of finality, anger and sorrow in Zane’s voice hit a nerve down deep inside. She felt her eyes getting watery. Her lower lip started to quiver. She knew she loved him. Why wasn’t she happy? “It’s his damn project! Ever since he started that fucking thing, he’s never here. And even when he is, he’s lost in space thinking of it.” She swore he cared more about that damn project then her. Maybe he was right. Maybe counseling would help. ”Zane, I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m not happy. I don’t know if it’s you, me, your project or what, but I think you’re probably right. Call Father tomorrow and get some info. Six pretty good years. We can’t just let that go.”
Besides she didn't like the thought of going back to work!.
She walked up to Zane. He gave her a hug. They shared a nice lite kiss. Then Tina said…”Is that smoke I smell?” Zane immediately flashed on his award winning chili on the stove and went running off inside. Tina went to take a step, but when her flip flop came down it had a smooshie kinda feel.
”That fucking dog! I swear, one night I’m gonna tie a fucking chum bag around that fucking dog’s neck and throw it into the fucking bay for fucking shark food!” She walked over to the hose by the seawall and bent over to rinse her foot.

Now Tina was no dog herself. She was 5’10”, a dirty blonde with a shapely hard 126 pound body.
She knew she looked good too. That’s why she always wore those thong bikinis. So you can just imagine what that Marine Patrol officer saw as he rounded the point. Her bent over like a Barbie doll, knees locked straight, washing her foot with her back to him. ”Daaaaammmmnn! Give me some wasabi & ginger!” he thought to himself. Tina sprayed the last stubborn piece out from between her toes. As she looked back to make sure she got it all off her heal she noticed the boat and was startled.
She immediately realized it was him. His shirt was still unbuttoned, not yet dry from his valiant rescue. She could see his chest had sparse light colored hair that nicely accented his finely chiseled torso… and that smile!
” What do you think you’re doin, sneakin up on a girl like that? I didn’t even hear you. What do you got that thing on stealth mode?” she asked with a smerky little grin.
“It’s the new four strokes. They’re good like that. I didn’t mean to startle you. I didn't see you till I came around the point. I was pretty surprised to see you there, like that… you know, standin there like that …you know.” His face was a little red behind the smile. She could tell he was nervous. She liked having the upper hand. ”I watched you out there today. I mean I saw how you rescued that girl in the boat. You know, you’re like a regular ladies hero. You got a name?” “Ken, Ken McBride. You?” “ Tina, just Tina for now.” They both heard Zane calling Tina from inside. “You married?” “Separated” she said with a pleasant little smile.” He comes and visits. We’re not romantic, but he’s here about one or two weeks a month. Well, goodbye Mr. Ken McBride.” “Please, call me Ken and goodbye to you too, Ms. Tina Justina.
“How corny” she thought, but as she was walking inside, she looked back over her shoulder and saw him driving away with that smile. She was simply captivated. She got a little giggle as he glanced forward just in time to see he was getting too close to a dock pilling and had to make an immediate course correction. He had a hard time taking his eyes off that thong!
Tina turned giggling to go in the house but, as she did, she bounced off the sliding glass door. “Oh shit! You never put those fucking decals on the glass! I go out and buy the fucking things and all I ask you to do is put them on….but can you do this one simple little fucking thing? Of course not! Now look at my fucking eyebrow!” There was a knot rising. Zane felt bad but at the same time he was growing tired of her trash mouth. Sometime he wondered what he ever saw in her. “Come in the kitchen.” he said to her. “Let me put some ice on it.” Zane got out a clean wash rag and put some crushed ice in it, dampened it and pressed it gently on the bump. She flinched a little at first but then it started to feel comforting. In about a minute Zane moved it away to get a look. “Nice little bump you got there. I’m sorry about the decals. I've just been so distracted.” “You can say that again!” she thought as he examined the injury. As she sat there, him caring for her like that, it gave her a real sense of security and well being. Something she hadn't felt in a while. Their faces were only a few inches apart. She was looking into his eyes. She could see the guy she fell in love with. If only for this fleeting moment, he was her knight. Between the A.C. and the ice on her head, she could feel her nipples starting to rise. And just at that moment Zane noticed her looking into his eyes. He looked back into hers, and even with all the bitching, at that moment, he got kinda lost. Suddenly the compress lowered and the two just fell into a passionate kiss.
Suddenly, he felt his heart beat in his pants. He knew that naughty little look. Tina started gently kissing him behind the ear and whispered “I thought we might start on a little one on one counseling right now” and tugged on his earlobe with her teeth.
Without a word, Zane swept her up into his arms and carried her off into the bedroom. It had been a while since they both felt so good Zane thought. It was wonderful. That spark seemed to be back. Zane was feeling happy as he continued a slow rhythmic stride. Tina was really getting off. The sounds she was making and the way he could feel her contract and shudder, it was great! He felt like he was “The Man” again!
If he only knew she was thinking of “Officer Friendly”!

To be continued....

By Dan Dawson Sr.
All rights reserved


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