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Continuing the one article that seems so far to be a big hit...Golden Calf is a Mistranslation of Phi Torus, which is a portal generating concept. Book? Book? Book? she clucked...

Sound makes Structure

Triad Music. Another Steve, Steve Skudler.

Creates with sound a geometric STRUCTURE around you, and the more speakers you have the closer you get to what boils down as far as I can visualize it, to a BUCKEYBALL, a geodesic dome. I found one company that makes fiberglass BuckeyBalls for $12,500 starting. I personally like a wood yurt better, for my real old age, but the shape is intriguing just from the echo point of view. I would sit my desk in the middle and put small speakers in a circle around the dome then play the Tibetan chants. I am guessing I will experience more than just relaxation. Maths is the key to making the holograph work. Maths is only boring until you take the number sequences and such and feed them into a function that spits out a picture. Then when you understand how the picture is formed you can make it with your thoughts, as big or as small as you like. You can practice making it in lucid dreams. Then you can travel around in it, at will. George Jetson. George Leaves?
(Fee Fi Fo Fum? Mechanism for teaching children to REMEMBER maths acronyms?)
First Sound, then Light.
Sound organizes structure. The pre-existing structure is described by Penrose and Haramein. Sound makes the structure out of whatever happens to be around in the environment. Cymatics…Love is a driving force (Emoto). Because everything is a torsion field either a yin/dark/absorbing one or a yang/white/reflecting one. Not a one or a zero on or off, but a GRADIENT of shadow. Everything has a degree of white and a degree of dark, each has their own mix. That which is made of too much hate degrades, it is too tightly packed. But that which is too emotionally sweet is too trusting, too loosely packed. There has to be a balance.
Everything is a torsion field, each thought. The balanced, harmonious thoughts that have the right shape and polarity ascend faster because they are balanced. It is not a matter of “trying” or forcing it. Nothing is all good or all bad, all is shadow and light…flickering, at a certain rate. When that flicker and the shape is just right it fits on the conveyance, on the escalator step that ascends. It pops into place. Electricity takes the path with the least resistance. It moves around obstacles. It wants to keep moving.
I wonder sometimes about beings we humans call “animals.” Here perhaps it looks like a hummingbird, or a squirrel. But when it goes through the portal doing just the right dance (do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around…) they shift into different physical or ethereal forms. Like the idea behind Harry Potter…some of his Hogwarts professors could shift, into a raven, a cat, a bat. We dream of flying…because here we occupy a human vehicle but in dreams/astral travels our consciousness is a bird in a parallel universe, for 8 or 10 hours or so whilst the human vehicle is in the garage resting. This is only slightly different than Jane Roberts’ Museum of Time. What if in parallel timelines I am male or female human and in parallel space universes…those that exist with this one contemporaneously I am…a wolf, or a falcon, or a snake? Because the “I am” once was each of these things as it evolved to here/now?

Sun's light is a Teleportation Node

Based on today's "Cosmic Disclosure," The sunlight, which I see is not just light but a cloud of "stuff," the more I gaze and sit watching it silently...magnetic, gravitational and plasmic torsion fields are created in this stuff and link us all via sub-sub-nodes to a cosmic web, internet plus.


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Photo made in the ruins of The Great Synagogue of Rymanow, Poland in 1975. Interior polychrome murals were exposed to the elements. As in "Polish Jews: The Final Chapter": ... murals are of animals, based upon a Mishnaic teaching: "Be strong as a leopard, light as an eagle, fleet as a deer, and bold as a lion, to do the will of thy Father in Heaven" (Ethics of the Fathers, V, 23).

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