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Swimming deep into a pool of lovely words. Smelling, tasting, looking, hearing and feeling the words of unusual voices. That's poetry.

The Hollywood Ranger

Their lived a man once upon a time in Hollywood
Who in peace and war his glory stood
Reaching by far his story could
For he was known to share holy food
From a holy book in Hollywood

Always alone he used to be
With his broad sword no enemy was left free
He could slash and shriek zubb zubb like a bee
And took a holy book and said, ‘Lord forgive me.’
And finally admitted this is how it’s suppose to be

He went to the coast to enjoy the calm see breeze
And watched immigrant ships telling him to freeze
He killed people who had pads on their knees
And preached to those who has none of these
And could finally pray as usual in the breeze

He stood for all joy and stood for anger
For he had to use both his book and his panga
As they both worked on people to kill their hunger
He gave a wait to his finger
Which pointed at the book to kill the anger

For his missions he never was late
I don’t know how because there were no calendars to tell the date
Nor clock to tell the time, but sunrise and sunset
When he hunted his need until he would get
And his book and sword was used on time, never late

He was known to be a Hollywood ranger
Who could welcome any stranger
Whether for peace or war he was ready for any danger
On Christmas he used to sing away in a manger
And he was ready to preach and fight as a ranger

Stories were flying about adventures of him
But publishers were scared to publish his film
Nor light on him could beam
For they were afraid of his team:
The holy book, the sword, and him

Now you may wonder how I’m writing about this man
It’s neither because I have a gun
Nor because I’m able to run
But it’s because he passed away and he’s done
And every creature in Hollywood remembers this man.

Through the lion's eye

As I pass through the suburb
I try to make my way short
With my eyes bright and superb
Shining over the map I brought

Down steep in the valley
The villagers call
Upon god, their alley,
Angels and more

The moon seems to glitter
Like gold in the sky
The tongue taste bitter
As the mouth goes dry

Up in the hills
The lions roar
I speed up my wheels
To save my soul

A city ahead my eyes pursue
Of gold, diamonds and all treasure
But their seem to be no way through
Though my heart bounces to it with pleasure

The sun goes to bed
But the light seem to divorce
That makes me still see the city ahead
And the wind going forward pushes me with force

Finally I find my way
Through a mine of the great ion
But my mouth opens with no word to say
Upon looking at the eye of a lion

But I don’t blame my eyes
For it looked like gold for real
And I can’t do otherwise
Just let it have me for its meal.

Gazing in the eyes of my sire

Not so long before he died
When he decided to have me
I saw a solemn promise
When he opened his eyes

His eyes were small but became wide
Whenever he looked at me
With an eye of loving care which now miss
And for it now I apprise

He wiped my tears when I cried
And chased the hunger out of me
He made sure I had all my peace
Through his bright eyes I could analyze

Not so long before he applied
All his plans for me
Before his dreams and life could kiss
When the wind blew him to the skies

Now he's gone leaving promises out they dried
More he had for me
But none I have
And it still pokes in my heart like a wire
When I remember the precious eyes of my sire

I was his pride
And he was mine too
I hardly saw his promises
When his eyes were closed
Unfortunately none were held in my hands

I try to cease the pain
But my tears still drop like the rain
When I remember myself gazing in his eyes
The eyes of my sire.

Camping in the wild

I’m gone to visit the wild
Where the creeping snake
Rashes through the whispering grass
To let his hissing tongue hang out
In search of me, his meal.

My horse shall think she’s too old
To be beaten by him
For her Poe will crash him dead
And birds shall have a party on him
Then praise shall be given to her.

For how long I shall stay I don’t know
For my torch keeps promising to never run out of batteries
As it uses a little mirror
Which photosynthesis during the day
And feeds him ready to stay overnight.

I’m gone to visit the wild
My home I shall leave
In the forest I shall live.

Blind Blind Blind

I looked in his shinning eye
And saw a bright future
He seemed to be blinded
As he watched his father die

Half a year baby boy
With no idea of what was happening
A final gaze was thrown
As his sire saw him playing with a toy

The desire of the family he was
Now the worry of his sire he is
His sire had no word but a wave
Bye bye he goes

Tears drop from my eye when I see him play
For it reminds me of this time
When he was a baby
And when he asks why I’m crying I’ve nothing to say

His mother died a month before his father
And he asks for his mom
As he thinks I’m his sire
And since I’m not married I need to think further.


Hissing like a snake
Bending the heads like sleeping woods
Telling lies and exaggerated stories
Laughing like a crazy mouse
Imagine all these without a profit.

Dreams of a lady finally coming true

Oh, young lady has come with dreams on her head
Can’t sleep all night for more dreams will break her bed
From Africa to America her name is known
That whenever she comes children sing in a merry tone
When she leaves whole Mzuzu knows that she’s gone
For children in the eyes are tears on the dawn
Next time she comes all the tears are dead
For her name, Anna Keys, keep them happy instead

She neither keeps her dream nor leaves he team
Once back from her sleep she constructed her dream
She brought it to life as the sunlight shone
And kept her goal as solid as a stone
As she shared her dream Maloto was born
And as I’m saying now this project has grown
Anna keeps travelling non-stop like the steam
For bringing dreams to life is not as easy as it seems

She kept working on her dream all year round
That in 2004 Kwithu C.B.O she found
Where orphans, widows, and vulnerable people are helped in many ways
It educates, feeds, and empowers as its motto says
Ad those who work hard there had work pays
And in the end shall be given to it praise
For problems in the world education will wound
And educated themselves the kids shall sound

Young lady didn’t stop their but went ahead to build a school
It wasn’t and it isn’t a miracle but dreams coming true
A school you might have heard of where education stays
To update students heads and update for all days
She named it Mzuzu Academy a nice little phrase
And she named it so to keep in track of her base:
The area in which she stays and grew
Where the smiling sun admires when the sky is blue.

All in my hand I hold

All in my hands I hold
Money, silver, Jewell , and gold
All those things that man can love
I still have more though some I sold

All in my hands I hold
Brackets and jackets to drive all the cold
To keep me warm and act like a stove
That when you talk all I do is to nod

All in my hands I hold
All great names in the world I’m called
Angels can know who I am from above
And tell my deeds to the might lord

All in my hands I hold
Stories I made but some I was told
Tales still fly in my head like a dove
And some still hang in my brain they’re stored

All in my hands I hold
Everything in the world to you I showed
All have
But still I’m bored.


Up in the title
Lies the dreams that raised me
The dreams that are vital
The dreams that set me free

For every step I rise,
The other one is building up further
As my clicking footsteps tend to be wise
As I move from the storm to a good weather

I was down struggling as an orphan
But the dream did not let me down
It built up Kwithu where I have more fun
Where I eat as if I live in a western town

Now I’ve climbed up the radar
Moving from Kwithu to Mzuzu Academy School
Where I’m encouraged to work harder
To climb the next step till I reach the sky blue.

Hope soon in the end
Shall be admiration
For my life it has mend
And I shall sing in exultation.

Mirror on the wall

I look on the mirror
And I see a shiny face
Smiling at me.

Dropping down the pillar
My eyes are rushing down in a race
Like a river flowing in the sea

How are you vanilla?
Fine I guess
You are saying what I’m saying so we both agree

I turn my face to look like a drug dealer
But he seems to be upset at this case
So I tell him it was just a joke and he as well tells me

I tell him that he is me
And he tells me I’m him
What a crazy friend I have
Who does what I do.

Malawian politics

Do you remember:
When we had to pay taxes
After gaining our pleasures freedom?
When we elected our own native member
Who drove out the colony with magical axes
And turned out our country into a peaceful kingdom?

Were you here:
When we had tons of money
But hunger in our homes built beard-like roots?
When we heard stories of murder and lived in fear
Where all lives were on a risk tasting like sour honey,
Like an innocent ant trying to escape from a crazy mans boot?

Did you pursue:
When we had enough to eat
But less to spend over the expensive products?
When we fought for change and had to break though
Loosing our beloved country members in our city street
Making the government and its people have negative conducts?

Are you awake:
When women are being empowered
After years and years of nasty women abuse?
When other ministers can not go to enjoy at the lake
As they are being arrested in the same way as cowards
That because the law has said so they have no power to refuse?

Are you going to be there:
When voting will be open to everyone
For you to either inherit or choose new properties?
If you will be responsible for voting please take care
For you don’t just guess, dream and go randomly for any man
You rather study them all from individuals to their respective parties.

The Cry of Offspring

My grandfather
You have killed all panthers
And I can’t see any panda
Is it because of thunder?
Sometimes I wonder
But in fact it’s because of hunters

You built your home indeed
But you knowledge is like a homicide
Your absence of teeth makes you not to talk
But tell me why you stalk
Now your deeds without fears
Have lead to my tears

You found a nice vegetation
But you caused deforestation
You did too much destruction
But not construction
Your deeds without fears
Have lead to my tears

You knew that you bear
But you didn’t care
Oh! That’s not fair
You must be aware
Your deeds without fears
Have lead to my tears

Now people are still cutting down trees
And they don’t want to cease
I can even cry when I gaze
Where am I going to graze
Ah! I’m on ablaze
A really big blaze

I can’t see your love
Because you have made me to starve
You’ve finished all environmental stuff
Yet nothing I have
Your deeds without fears have lead to my tears

You are now telling me to plant
But I can’t
Of course I can beautify
But I can’t purify
Your deeds without fear
Have lead to my tears

I always think about the next stayers
Who will be there
Are they going to see even a hare
Of course they can fare
Provided they dare
And it’s always in my prayer

Now the living ones
Let’s stand again
So that we can gain
Let’s replace what we obtain
If we cut one tree
We should plant more than three

Let’s farm planet earth
We should make it wealth
To make our lives health
Let’s make it green
For the shade of grandpa and granny
Because it’s really sunny.

Sleep for ever

Down I lie
Sleeping all day
Still asleep for years
Surrounded by tears
Of friends, relations and further
But still sleep, sleep and sleep forever.

My eyes all closed extremely shut
My body is dry, straight and flat
As I lie in wooden house
Helpless like a dead mouse
Alone with no any other
As I sleep, sleep and sleep forever.

In my best black suit
My voice on mute
Waiting for the judgement
In a new environment
Coping with underground weather
As I sleep, sleep and sleep forever.

I’ve left all my worth
And ignored all my breath
Tell that I slept to each and every head
For that’s a polite word to me as the dead
To come back I’ll never
It’s a sleep, sleep and sleep forever.

Mzuzu Academy

All started small
But soon began to grow
Our academics and sports
Shaped us all

All started small
But soon began to flow
Our peace and unity
Shaped us all

All started small
But soon began to score
Our soccer team
Shaped us all

All started small
But soon began to show
Our volleyball championship
Shaped us all

All started small
But soon on the go
Our new realized athlete
Shaped us all

All stated small
But soon approach its goal
Our Cambridge results
Shaped us all

All started small
But could never fall
All will grow
But will never blow.

The Boy's Logo

Sickness and orphanage is not his choice
In the ears of the world echoes his voice
When he shouts for help you ignore his noise
For problems in the world are always his toys

Help me please
He still cries for peace
And he’s so polite as he bends on his knees
Beat him. Torture him. Don’t let him have his ease
But you know one day you’ll be punished for this

Little boy has no food to make him health
When you hear his cry he’s fading toward death
A hip pop beat describes his breath
Make lyrics to it. Sing along. Make him loose his faith
But you’ll be the one soon after God grabs your worth

Give him what you ate let him swallow like a frog
For he is proud of what he gets although you feed him like a dog
Let him sleep in the cold night of fog
Put a picture of this fellow on your blog
But if you don’t help him you are just embarrassing this hog

No clothes to wear he has
Nothing nice but a prayer he does
He begs on the windows as they stop, the cars
No woman in the town to claim that he’s hers
Nor a man in the city, they just spend their money in bars

He wasn’t born to struggle
Neither of his hands were meant to smuggle
Nor his life was meant to have no goal
It’s the death of his parents who created this logo.

The Dawn of Freedom

The wind blew
And the birds flew
Our lake matching with sky blue
Crops we grew
Our mouth stuck together like glue
Under the British rule
We had no clue
On what to do
Any of us was like a fool
Since we had an improved tool
But to use it nobody knew
Chilembwe fought for me and you
And for our offspring too
He has brought something new
Unfortunately he can’t view
But his presence shall continue
And our history will always remain true

Our lives for sale

For long we can last
As long as we adjust
Our lives are for sale
Like a mouse’s tail

Today we are health
Tomorrow is our death
Our lives are for sale
Our ancestors could tell

Now enjoying with our wives
Later absence of lives
Our lives are for sale
Drained like water in a pail
Eating like a pig
But our clothes seem to be big
Our lives are for sale
And can fall over like a well

Today we are just weak
Tomorrow we are sick
Our lives are for sale
As we fail to exhale.

The dying toy

The thing which most babies enjoy
Is playing with a toy
Seen from the light of this fact, this boy
(By the name Robert Troy)
Had one and the only one.
He treated it like a holy man
And kept it not only for fun,
But to raise it as his sire on him had done.

It happened that his sire hanged the toy on the wall
And the little son felt petty for the doll
He took a quick neck-cut with a nice which was on the floor
And laid down in absence of his soul.
His death (which was followed by a study
To investigate the effects of all toys except buggies)
Summoned parents, children and everybody.
From there it was demanded children and toys are no longer buddies.

The Modern Generation

The modern generation
Is coming all the way
To colonize the old one to get it’s accommodation
It’s encouraging many people
To welcome it’s arrival
But once it’s welcomed
There is no survival

It’s taking away many people especially teenagers
With very simple measures
It’s attracting the south pole and the north pole
By giving them someone to go for
And that’s why people are dying in fours;
A girl, a boy, and a pair of two models
The models of the two
The models who showed the two what to do in their clue
At different times they were born
But at the same time they are gone

Take a look at the boys of today on the way
They pull the short down as if the shorts overweigh
They wear huge hats which are so wide
And turn them around to balance the head on the other side
Isn’t it too heavy to crash the brain
Isn’t it too heavy to use up the digested grain

Ah! Your parent s must have been tired of feeding you advise
They must have been tired of being kind and nice
They are just waiting for the time when the white clouds will become grey
And rain will fell from their eyes on this day
They will just worry and burry you in a day
And forget about you because you made them loose their hope
They are tired of having commas
This time they have a full stop

The Morning Mist

The sun on the dawn my eyes can see
Pulling apart the curtains are the hands of me
To let him get through the window pane
So his rays on the cold can easily ski.

The mist on the window would think I’m cruel
To warm him up and boil him with fuel
But all I do is opening the window
To let him drop so he recommends that I do well.

He tells his friends who come when I sleep
And rub off memorable dreams that I keep
By letting me draw on him with my finger
Till I hear the school bus beep.

The red that I feel

The red that I feel
Is not the color which you know
It’s a feeling that I get when I’m angry or ill
I always try to let it go
But the pain becomes more and more real
It feed on my disappointment which makes it to grow
And my brain would always pass its bill

The red is a flame of fire
As soon as it enters in me it burns all my plans
And gives commands to manage her desire
It produces more anger clans
That before finishing the calculations a mathematician can retire
It has more grief than the mans
And it goes round and round like a rolling tire

The red that I feel has no medicine to heal
When I’m in a bad mood it becomes more harder
So I know being happy is a great deal
But how can I if someone is raising the red up the ladder
Making my anger to climb up the hill
And one day I shall become a murderer
Because my anger I shall kill.

The poem of the kindergaten

Mum, dad all are gone
Leaving me a child alone
Mum, dad where are you?
Go to town and buy my shoe.

Hey! Listen up!

Mum and dad will buy a bike
Books and clothes and all I like
Dad is going to buy a vest
Mum’s new dress will be the best.

Hey! Listen up!

Everyone will have new thing
Wait and see what they all bring
Will all put on our new clothes
A shining family like a rose.

The Tears of the Sky

I love the tears of the sky
When I ask myself why
I can reply
That I don’t like the day dry
Otherwise I’ll cry
Down I’ll lie
Because of hunger I’ll die

I really love it available
And in my heart it’s acceptable
Since it brings something palatable
Other people say it’s horrible
In my heart it’s unbelievable

To my lover

Life without you is always tough
I can spend my whole life with you
But I can never get enough
You affect whatever I do
When I’m crying in sadness you make me laugh.

A week seems to be a night
And a year just flows like a stream
Every time I’m with you, time goes before I hold you tight
When you go away I just wish to make it a dream
So that when I wake up you should be in my sight.

What Do You See

What do you see
When you are looking at me?

When your flashing eye
Reflects the sky
Like the sea.

A young man having fun
And everyone in turn
Loving him like cream?

Or an old man who after you see you would run
And everyone in turn
Hating him and the sun
Getting dim when it sees him?

Is that what you see?

What do you see
When you are looking at me?

A troublesome boy
Who is in people’s mouths
Where ever he goes?

Maybe a drunken guy
Coming at night
And knocking on doors
And talking while he snows?

Is that what you see?

Then you are wrong for sure.

For I am a broken hearted person
Trying to fight for freedom like Mandela Nelson
Getting all the pieces of my broken heart
To make sure that they are well sown
And one day you shall understand
That what you saw was not what it was.
It will really be the time
After you realize that you were wrong
When your mouths will get rid of that nasty song.

When the rains come

When the rains come
The land smiles
The farmer’s feet clicks towards the farm
And the hole breaks the bricks and clicks for miles

Children dance and play
When the rains come
They wish it should stay
For to them it’s awesome

The bare land has no say
When the rains come
For they get into the shoes on a prey
When the rains declare harm

Come rain, good rain!
The plants call
For in its presence their health sustain
As it bakes their food and makes them grow

When the rains come
Most feel happy
When the rains come
Only a few hearts feel dumpy.

Who am I

Who I’m I in the world?
I ask myself
I’m neither a bird
Nor a wooden shelf

But a vacuum of ignorance.
That describes me perfectly

Being hate by those who I love
And being ashamed of what I have
Being disappointed by my only lover
I even feel better to be judged by my cover
Because inside it’s a mess
And the worries about love have made it worse

Darling you know me better
Tell me who I am in the world
I try to think more and greater
But without you I’ve failed

If I’m nothing in the world
I do not exist in your heart.

When am I going to rest

When am I going to rest?
When I’m going to fetch water
You are on my back
When I’m going to fetch firewood
You are on my back
Oh! When am I going to rest?

When am I going to rest?
When I want to rest
You are on my breast
Suckling like a calf
Yet you have little sharpened teeth
I can even scream if you bite my breast.

All you know is to wee wee, eat and cry
Without giving me time to rest
To my breast
You are the pest
Applying pepper might be a pest control
But still I will not rest
Because there is much to do for you
Perhaps death will be my rest.

Why shouldn't we protest

Why shouldn’t we protest
If something is wrong?
Why should we be under arrest
Just for singing a song?
Should we keep things in our chests
And let them boil and burst?
Should we forget about the freedom of speech
Which we were voting for?

Why shouldn’t we protest
If we are against a certain term?
Should we be imprisoned like a bird in a nest
Just for writing a poem?
Should we through our views away like the waste
Because there is no way to present them?
Should we keep our baby ideas in their nest
Because we have no say in this game?

Why do you always think of violence
When we are talking about protest?
Why do you misinterpret poems, songs and articles
As if they are pointing fingers at someone?
If they are ,well that’s really a problem
But if the problem is the one being attacked
Forget about the author
The problem should be smacked.

With time

With time I’ll grow up
I’ll reach my potential
And become what I want

I admire my parents care
Wonder if they want it back from me
But with time I’ll return

My teacher can’t wait to see me pass
For I’ve been failing for a long time
I believe with time I’ll make it

The money in the banks is waiting for me
So is the food in hotels
I soon get them with time

With time I’ll be able to do everything
Except death, which will intervene my schedule
That in no time I’ll be gone.


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This is very good poetry. Thank you for sharing.

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