Pindars of the New World Order

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Pinnacle of the Draco, what is illuminated from Bayern, Bavaria? Here we find treasures beyond human imagination in well built castles, a thriving culture based on a hidden agenda, to rob the world of it's greatest wealth..and to rob the people of their freedom...

New World Order

1776 was an extremely auspicious year, but just as we have the Christ, we have the Anti-christ, and if you are going to swing the pendulum it must swing to the extremes to keep it's balance...and so with the declaration of independence, a beautiful document that outlined a truly free and democratic republic, a more sinister plot was developed by Adam Weishaupt, an idea to obliterate all countries, religions, private property and to set up a one world government ruled over by the Illumined ones.....

It is to the country of Germany, to Bavaria in particular where we must go to find out why and how the idea of the new world order was started...

Even if Free Masonry started out with the highest ideals put forth in the greatest document to ever be written in the world, they soon joined forces with the Illuminati...Free Masonry nose dived into the same sinister plot that was hatched the same year of our Declaration of Independence....

Mayer Amshel Bauer, a despicable Khazar Jew, who will be judged by God, created the modern money system based on debt. He was allowed to control the money of every nation, and soon the international bankers were trying to control the United States...We know that Alexander Hamilton was in cahoots with the International bankers, and created the money system that started to twist and corrupt the good people of the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln realized how evil this plot was and created his own greenbacks, for this he was murdered.

The illumined ones immediately went to work to destroy the idea of freedom, Karl Marx, a member of this sinister group of Vampires, proposed total slavery to the state, the total destruction of privacy and the grabbing of all private one should own anything...

Freemasonry had now taken a 180 degree turn, no longer interested in preserving freedom and democracy, we need only read Albert Pike to realize all secret societies had become corrupted, Luciferian, their ideals were to destroy all laws and rule the world by a very few people....Albert Pike demanded all Illumined masons reveal at the top of their degrees the secret doctrine of Lucifer..

Blavatsky a member of the Illuminati, told the world that Satan was good and God was bad, that it was the Aryan Brahmins of India, who used a caste system to keep all the people subservient to a few at the top, yes, Brahmin Hindu, was the ideal religion and everyone should be following it...Lucifer was at the top of this evil heap....

To make matters worse, since only the top 10 percent of all civilization had continuuing education, the Luciferian ideals and doctrines permeated all institutions of higher learning, (run by the Jesuits) who were themselves part of a secret cult to give and maintain the Papacy, a false head of State, never given the authority by God to "RULE" over the forced religion of Catholicism.

The illumined ones hated Catholicism, because the belief in Reincarnation among christians is Anathema. But Blavatsky espoused the belief in Reincarnation among the Hindus and Buddhists, as this is the vehicle that is used so that the upper elite can return here through the same bloodline they left behind.

Sodomy-(sod) secret of the (dom) blood, is an austere practice, a rite of initiation, that only a very few of the elite know about...It is a ritual of great importance, of sacrifice, of the flowing of blood. The initiate must go through this ritual and be brought to the moment of death, there he must project himself and his symbol of his family's bloodline into the static state we call death.

It is after he leaves his body in death, that he will search for the symbol ingrained in his consciousness during the initiation, whether it be a skull and bones, or red shield or double headed eagle, it is this symbol that he will search for and having found it in the 'bardo' state, by this he will reincarnate back into the bloodline he left behind.

This practice is very important, every soul is vying to return to this world of formation. Every soul will find it's way back here, most who reach the bardo state search for signs that are familiar to them, that gave them comfort while alive...

The elite have formulated a 'way' an 'illegal intercourse' back....this way, they control the earth and the inhabitants thereof.

Every initiate into the upper degrees of Masonry will go through a 'clearing the path' initiation..They will become part of the elite group of people in this world who know a secret...the secret of the blood.

So Lucifer rules by way of Sodomy, just like in the days of Noah.

The Monarchs of this world, were all given this knowledge, do not forget Jesus Christ himself was given this secret of the blood, Satan did tempt Jesus, telling him he could have every Kingdom on earth if he would fall down and worship Satan...

"man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God"

The Wittlebachs, the royalty of Bavaria, supposedly faded away...we know better, the Nazi agenda is alive and well on Planet Earth...The Germans control the Eu, England, Rome and Israel...

The Illumined ones out of Bavaria have spread their knowledge making this world a very dark place...

England was taken over, first by William of Hanover, taught by Jesuits, and then stolen outright by the Battenbergs, a lowly German family who changed their name to MountBatten.

Israel was taken over by the Rothschilds, in fact they went into Israel before it was a state, and bought up all of the land that their wealth could buy them...Then the Khazar jews, Germanic peoples who were not jewish but who stole the religion started to move into Israel before during and after the Balfour declaration....

The Jesuits had their greatest success in Germany, they created the upper classes by educating the people. They took over all of the higher institutes of Learning, and took over Germany, they are at the top of the list of Illumined People. The Jesuits also took over the Vatican and it is now clearly run by Germans and the Jesuits, the Luciferians have taken over the holy of holies, and have caste out Jesus Christ.

Remember the Wittlebachs did not disappear, they are part of the shadow government of the earth, they play at being "aliens" or Nordics, whatever their handle, they proclaim that they created us, and that we owe our allegiance to them as told by Rael, who happens to use the Swastika as his holy insignia.

Rael has the fastest growing religion on earth, he tells his followers that these Nordics are here to save us, that they created us, and we need to get rid of all other religions and live a life of sexual fulfillment...

There is no one that is saving this planet.

God put his bow in the sky, to tell man that he would never wantonly destroy us again...he gave us a remedy so that we would not continue from one civilization to another, fighting and forgetting, and returning to the same corrupt way of life.


By the law, we were supposed to save ourselves.

The wages of sin is death. And mankind knows he has sinned wilfully. The universal laws state that everything is created and brought forth by unconditional love, and all of God's creation has free will.

But never NEVER impose upon the free will of others. This is the greatest to sodomy, the two favorite acts of vengence against God, that is utilized by Lucifer and his hordes..the elites believe that they own this earth, they return to it again and again, so they have power over it, and over you. They can kill you and take your life for whatever reason that pleases them...soon there will be no more death...and that power will be gone from them forever.

The law was put before us to protect us against these illumined beasts in this the darkest of days. The law means everything..If you abandon the law, you have abandoned God.

God told men, follow the law, and there will be no more destruction. We see by the incredible carnage that is being wrought against this earth and mankind that man has abandoned the law.

Universe must then set this world straight, it is times like these that the Sun becomes ANGRY. The Angry sun as fortold in the prophecy of Hendaye, and Chaco Canyon, where we find the sun Dagger.

Men have been warned, they have the book of revelations, and the Koran ever before them. They know that this time if the earth is destroyed it will be by man's own hand.

So as the Volcanoes, blow, and the earth quakes, and the tsunami's change the land scape, remember that you can pray until the cows come home, but you better hold onto and keep God's Laws.

God's will be done. That will tells you, do not impinge upon free will. Everything and everyone is equal before God through his law. Break the law, and you must live and die in this carnage.

The sad truth is that many will fall...and if and when they return to the flesh none of this will be remembered, because the wages of sin is death, the only recourse for the sinner is to return here and relive this utter darkness again and again...

Archaeology is digging up 300, thousand year old civilizations that had greater technologies then ours. Because...we have done this all before, there is nothing new under the sun, there is no aliens that will come and save us, there were no aliens teaching primitive man modern methods...No Science, Science is the beast, a tool to use against one's fellow man...Each civilization brings with it certain destruction, defined by Science, Science is the beast, who was, then is not, then is again...

Men marvel at their own creations, they think they are grand, that they improve life, that they can create utter destruction if need be...this is why they must relive it and return to this vomit again and again.....

Those who believe in the law and believe in the promise of Jesus Christ are told, You will ressurect. Ressurection is the remembering from the vast eons of time, the law will give us a chance to see all the wrong, Jesus does promise, we will remember...the rest who go to the sides of the pit, for them, it is the same old darkness played out and wiped clean again and again...

Isn't it time we got this right??


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Jan 2014 (#)

I don't believe in the New World Order which is brought about to destroy the planet along with false prophets who are misguiding many into their doom by advocating negativity and dark art.
Wish you well but I never allow negativity to manifest around and many use the curses in the Bible and other religious orders to bring about this.

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