Planned Parenthood-A Company Of Ghouls

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Planned Parenthood has reached a new low with the harvesting of fetal bodily organs for sale.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is misnamed. It should be called Planned Non-parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the leading abortion provider in the United States. They take advantage of the law of the land in the Supreme Court's decision on Roe versus Wade. This made abortion legal in the United States before the third trimester of pregnancy. Planned Parenthood receives millions of hard-working American's tax dollars to fund their operations.


This week two undercover videos were released of conversations with Planned Parenthood executives. In the videos the executives discussed fees they charge for body parts of aborted fetuses. Ghoulish is what immediately comes to mind. Not only is this activity illegal it is immoral. These people are monsters! One interviewee answers questions while dining on salad and wine. She describes how she goes about dismembering a fetus with a pair of forceps and how she preserves the bodily organs for later sale. She comments that livers are very popular. Disgusting! Believe it or not she is a doctor!
When pressed for a price of these organs the other interviewee joked that she needed a Lamborghini. She also is a doctor.

A company of ghouls

This goes beyond the pale. These two women have their defenders. Planned Parenthood denies that it sells fetal body organs. Others go after the makers of the video. They say the videos were edited to make the women look bad. The videos were not edited. They were released in their entirety.
These people are a company of ghouls.

Reverse Roe v. Wade

Planned Parenthood should be investigated by the Justice Department. Their funding should be cut and they should be ordered to cease and desist this practice. The time has come to reverse Roe v. Wade. There is no place for this mayhem in a civilized society.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
24th Jul 2015 (#)

In the world of deceit where a man is raped to put a catheter under sedation and then told she is pregnant, Wade is a better deal but then again Roe would never admit the crime until they find a way to made the finances to give a better lifestyle. Result, down the pregnancy and get the boyfriend to give the claim and fool the raped man, the child is his as a favour to a friend and then get the other to hurt as well by destroying love and friendship that remained.
Well such are the demonic minions of satan who get praised for the life they led while making the other a ghost of who and what they are until they kill themselves for the evil woman in life who didn't think such continuance post marriage led to an illegitimate child again using the same ploy.

Well yea it's like Australia that was the land of criminals in the past and America was such too along with gang violence etc.

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author avatar Retired
24th Jul 2015 (#)

The Justice department supports the same ghoulish practices, making its judgments favoring women's freedom with their bodies at the execution of a life in the making.

It's worse than disgusting or ghoulish. But, it's what our radical left-wingbat culture has become.

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author avatar Retired
30th Jul 2015 (#)

I gather that Planned Parenthood has disowned the comments, which do not represent their company policy.

The fact remains that they do a lot of good things apart from providing abortion services - it would be a shame if those other services were jeopardised because of a few unguarded remarks.

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