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This is a regular everyday kind of submission. There is a lot of traveling, good news, networking and just being a mom.Tomorrow would be a more ideal time to write but there are things to be said tonight.

I'm tired, now tell me is this the 3rd of February?

So I'm just going to run with this because that is how my day has been all day....

I am dating a man with an amazing daughter, I will call her Sally, Well this past weekend was our chance to get to spend some quality time with Sally. Friday we got to pick her up earlier than usual and had another whirlwind weekend..Lots of love and quality one on one time. But we only get to see Sally every other weekend and its really only for about 36 hours and about 16 of that are spent on Sleep.

This weekend was different because my daughter had an audition to go to, up in Nashville, Tennessee and I wanted to be there for her for moral support. All day Saturday I was gone from Sally and her Daddy. But they didn't mind because her favorite thing to do is watch W.W.E. Wrestling Shows. Neither her mom and nor her Dad have cable right now, but I do, and I tape every wrestling show that comes on each week that she is away and then we watch all the wrestling shows I have taped and really I'm usually networking on the computer finding a site on which to post in order to build up my chances of publishing my book. But I went with my daughter to take care of the pursuit of her own dream and we had a wonderful time with her best friend and my ex-husband (we are extremely close friends and that is why we have an emotionally healthy child), So we got back to my house and all the wrestling shows had been watched and she was "pumped up" because her Favorite wrestlers were there and won their matches. And lo, and behold, her favorite one of all came back after a long time in recovery from an injury he had suffered, (welcome back to the Great White, Sheamus!) but we stayed up later than usual so I could spend time with my "borrowed daughter". Unfortunately she lives over an hour away so we have to get up early on Sunday mornings and get her back to her mom, so they can get to church on time. I fell asleep on the drive and didn't even know we had dropped her off until her Dad gently shook me awake and I prepared myself to go inside the Restaurant and eat breakfast. When I got back to the HHR, we were getting in and I noticed her weekend bag was still in the car, since we were closer to her home than ours we immediately called to see if she wanted us to bring the bag back. But she wasn't on her way home and said she had an appointment she couldn't miss. So Sally's Mom and Dad set it up where I could run the bag back this morning. I agreed to that planning on being in bed by eight p.m. last night.


It is very rare that I get to spend time with my best friend so today we had lunch together at a nice steak house here in town. As usual both of us had so much to tell the other one that there was no lack of conversation. We both had grilled chicken and a baked potato with a trip to the salad bar. I had the lemon pepper grilled chicken and it was so perfectly cooked and tasted so delightful that I sent my compliments to the chef and thanked him for a wonderful lunch. My best friend and I still have kids in school so I asked her if she wanted to go shopping with me and this being such a little town the main place to shop is Wal Mart so we met up at the store and went in. Of all the things to go shopping for, we were there to get her a journal and i bought the journal and some nice colored pens (different colors, different moods). Then I picked up the things I needed and off we went back to our own homes.


Finally, oh finally, I made it back to my apartment, my Sanctuary! It was 1:00 p.m. and I had an hour and 12 minutes before my next trip to pickup my daughter from school. So I thinking about how tired I was and realized I hadn't checked to see the status of my first page here on Wikinut. I was afraid to look but I gathered up my courage and reminded myself that even though I may have been rejected someone else in this world spent time reading my words, filled with my emotions, thoughts and dreams. With as much courage as I could muster i opened the site and there it was, my page had been published! I wanted to start writing immediately but, it was time to go get my daughter and spend time with her. So I thought of all the things I had left to do today (officially yesterday now) and planned to write about 8 until i was just too tired to write,


I had no time to share the good news, but here in this town you line up 45 minutes before school lets out and wait your turn to pick up your child, But I had my phone and although it's not an iPhone it is an Android and I can somewhat navigate the internet with it but it does have it's limitations. But, while sitting there in the line waiting I accessed Facebook and left a message to all my friends and Family and sent out the link to my PUBLISHED PAGE! Then came my daughter, and I transformed from writer to Mama.


It is Basketball Season and my daughter is a cheerleader so we have to make the games. After school I took her to Taco Bell to get her favorite, plain old nachos. I grabbed a burrito and we headed home. Home in this instance means her Daddy's house. She and I live in a one room apartment together, but she has her own room at her Daddy's so in order to give her privacy in the afternoons we go there and she gets ready for her afternoon activities, and then off we go again and I take her to the ballgame and her Daddy comes to see her and spend some time with her and I come home and let him spoil her all he wants.. Then it is time for prayers we say all together every night she is home and so ends our day.


I left my daughter to spend time with her Daddy and I finally went home and could actually change into pajamas (the way I like to write, I have to feel at home and comfy so i throw on pajamas get in my favorite spot and head back to Facebook to do some more networking. Putting out the word that I would be writing tonight and inviting everyone to check out my entries so far and to be my support system by registering for free after reading my daily entry. And then it was prayer time and I was exhausted and I didn't want to write, but I had already invited people to see what I wrote tonight, and one lesson I've been taught so far is to never disappoint your audience.


So now it is February 4th 2014 and I just finished February 3rd. I am not sure if anyone will read this craziness that is MY LIFE! But after I sleep and wake back up into February 4th, 2014 I will have some Chai Tea and make my writing plans for the day because tomorrow until it's time to get in the car rider line, I will Have some time for me. I am feeling a growing need to post under politics and just give my own American Girl opinion to some of the firestorms that are happening in America today.

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