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These articles will generally be about doing what you love and then creating a way for the money to follow with that. So when I call this group of articles playing at life seriously, you understand where I am coming from.

We all have to work, but there is a way to enjoy it with good cheer.

We all have to make a living, but if we do it with gratefulness, understanding, cheerful working and all that makes life good. We will program ourselves to attract better and more cheerful, favorable circumstances that do work for us as we do work.

Sure, that sounds simple, but it is not that simple. We have to raise our consciousness to any occasion that we need to raise it to and we can go from "here" to happiness to put in the way of a late friend of mine, named Champion Kurt Teutsch. For no matter what, life really is what we all make it with our consciousness, whether it is high (good) or low (bad). A high consciousness creates good situations even out of "nothing", because a high consciousness acts with high energy and highly genuine initiative, while a low consciousness is envious, fearful, weak and not willing to take the initiative in life and existence. Fear or force in an irrational way does not lead to power, it only leads to hasty, rushed actions that mean nothing ultimately. For example, if you do something out of desperation instead of calmly (even if rushed in a way) weighing the situatiion and doing what needs to be done it will lead to something undesirable ultimately, even if you do get temporary relief from the action.

I remember my Dad, Joseph Clayton, he was patient in that way even in the type of situations I am writing about. Although he died young, he died peacefully without regrets and I understand that nascent philosophy now, because it is better to be seemingly insufferably patient, than irrationally desperate.

My Mom, Sterling Clayton today as an instance was looking for a good smog checking place for her car as mandatorily needed, because we live in California. Instead of panicking with her, I patiently calmed her down, then looked on the internet patiently for a car smog test place to get her car done and patiently prayed over the situation as well as took rational action. She found a place to do it at the price she was looking for and all. Because I did not panic and we both stayed cool and I kept her and my consciousness high throughout the situation.

We all have to keep a high consciousness, to get any satisfaction out of life, work and play if you know what I mean now that I have given you examples of "keeping a consciousness high" in my own life, and some from the lives of those I love.

So, think about the facts, consciousness is the main key to good work. Without that key, you cannot have perseverance or persistence or any other genuinely desirable quality to do good work in life or for that matter do anything worthwhile in life.

High consciousness level, good results. Low consciousness level, bad results.

So, think about the facts of reality, we all need to work. If we are not cheerful and do not work well for starters how can anything be accomplished that is worthwhile. Look at the average worker anywhere, and I do mean "average" without any genuinely productive ambiton, real work ethic or love put into the work. They cannot accomplish anything more than the mediocre "end of the day". But get the person who puts love, creativity and good things even into the night shift, then you have someone that will get somewhere good no matter what.

A high consciousness level will get good results for anyone who applies when really worked on with gratefulness, work ethic and consistent development and positive habit formation. Good work does not come down to just doing a job anyhow. It comes down to enjoying what you do or making it an enjoyable thing to some extent.


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author avatar Retired
8th Jan 2014 (#)

Well written article with many things to ponder.

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
9th Jan 2014 (#)

Good evening, Joshua. When people find gratitude for the life they have, many other doors open. As a person in long-term recovery for the last 25 years, I know that, (from your article ) "A high consciousness level will get good results for anyone who applies when really worked on with gratefulness, work ethic and consistent development and positive habit formation." Thank you for the reminder. ~Marilyn

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author avatar Lazar
16th Dec 2014 (#)

i am looking for the book of the above mentioned author Champion Kurt Teutsch: ideal life. If any information on how to find it can be given that would be very helpful, and i grateful.

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