Playing with Fire: Chapter 5

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Madison tries to convince her mother to buy her a new dress for the dance instead of wearing one of Brittany's old hand-me-downs.

Chapter 5

Madison got the idea to romance Micah to make Noah jealous. Noah was amazing! Madison just had to have him. He was so dreamy. The thought of those luscious lips on hers—it made her blood boil to think Brittany had them on hers! She just had to get Noah! Nothing else mattered.

So, the plan was to “date” Micah to make Noah jealous. And once she “hooked” Noah, then she could just dump Micah. But unbeknownst to Madison, Micah had feelings for her.

“Micah, would you like to go the Sadie Hawkins’ Dance with me this Saturday?” Madison said when Micah answered his parents landline.

“Ah, yeah! That would, like, be so rad!” Micah said, in his hippie-80s tone. Micah had been in love with Madison since, like, kindergarten. But Madison always ignored him like the plague, taunting him in front of the other classmates.

Madison didn’t know it, but she would be playing with fire in her plot to use Micah to make Noah jealous.

“Great!” Madison said. “You won’t regret going!”

Madison hung up and went to bed dreaming of Noah, “soon, Brittany, Noah will be all mine.”


The next day, Madison arrived at school upset to see Brittany walking hand-in-hand with Noah at school. Madison thought she would vomit, but her bestie, Kirstie, saved her by pulling her into the little girl’s room.

“Madison, you won’t believe it!” Kirstie exclaimed, unable to keep it a secret.

“What won’t I believe?” Madison asked.

Noah and your sister broke up!”

“No, they didn’t. I just saw them I the hallway?”

“Well, I heard them fighting just a few minutes ago, and heard your sister say it was over.”

Smiling on the inside to hide her enthusiasm, “That’s too bad!” Madison said.

“That’s great, because now I can go after Dreamy Noah.” Kirstie revealed.

“Yeah. You do that.” Madison said, as Kirstie walked away happily.

“Cuz you won’t land Noah.” Madison said to herself.

She couldn’t believe Kirstie thought she even had a chance with Noah. Boy would she be sad when Noah became hers.

Madison went home to pick out her dress for the dance on Saturday, but all the dresses she had were so drab. So she went to her sister, Brittany’s room to look in her closet. It just wasn’t fair. Brittany had all the pretty dresses.

And she got the hand-me-downs from Brittany. So what if they were pretty. By the time she got them, they were out of fashion.

She had to persuade her mother to buy her a new dress for the dance.

“Mom, can we go shopping?” Madison said in her sweet, sing-song voice.

“Sure, honey, what do you want to shop for?” her mother asked, thinking it was for some fab CD or some latest fad.

“For a new dress for the dance?” Madison asked.

“Honey, you have so many?”

“Yeah, but they’re Brittany’s hand-me-downs!” she pointed out.

“Honey, there isn’t money in the budget for a dress.” Her mother pointed out. “That’s why you get your sister’s dresses.”

“Yeah, and I look like a dweeb too.” Madison said saddened. “Brittany always gets the best of everything.”

Madison went up to her room and pouted. She just had to get a new dress. She had to look fabulous. She had to catch Noah’s eye! And she couldn’t with the dresses she had.

Then it hit her! Chelsea! She had the most amazing wardrobe. Better than her sister.

“Chelsea, I have a favor to ask you?” she said when Chelsea picked up her iPhone 8.

“Can I borrow one of your dresses for Saturday?”

“You don’t have any?”

“Yeah, but they’re so dull.”

“Yeah, come on over and pick one out.” Chelsea said. She didn’t care. She got a new outfit every day.

“Great. You’re an awesome friend.” Madison said before hanging up and heading over to Chelsea’s house. Things were looking up. She might have a shot landing Noah.


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