Playing with Fire: Chapter 6

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Madison finds a beautiful dress from her friend Chelsea for the dance...will she land Noah?

Chapter 6

Madison arrived at Chelsea’s home and the two girls went up to Chelsea’s room to look at dresses.

Madison was in awe, or you might say…jealous…whenever she was in Chelsea’s home. Her family was wealthy…the old kind of wealth, handed down from Chelsea’s great-grandfather as each son—that is, Chelsea’s grandfather and her father taking over the family business, a successful coffee importing store. Madison often heard people speculate whether it was really coffee Chelsea’s family business was in, or something illegal, but no one could prove it. Chelsea had the finest fads and fashions in her bedroom and wardrobe.

“Oh, Chelsea, may I wear this one?” Madison asked holding up a blue sequin dress to her body and looking into the full-length mirror.

“Sure, in fact, you can have it!” Chelsea said. “I have so many dresses.”

“Really! Thanks!” Madison said appreciatively. “How does it look?”

“How do you think Noah will like me in it?”

“You’re smashing, a true princess.”

Madison’s cell rang. As she picked it up she saw it was her mother, “Hello, mother?”

“Madison, where are you? You were supposed to be home a half hour ago?”

“I’m sorry mother. I’m on my way home now.” Madison said hanging up. “Sorry, Chelsea, but I gotta go.”

“Any time, girl.” Chelsea said as she walked Madison and the dress out the front door.

Madison arrived home to find her mother upset that she was going to miss the ladies meeting because Madison was late to watch her baby brother, Jonathon.

“I’m home mother.”

“It’s about time! You know I wanted you home at 5 p.m.!” her mother grilled her.

“Yeah, to babysit Jonathon!” Madison sulked.

“Everyone’s busy, Madison. You’re the only who could do it.” Her mother reasoned.

“Yeah. Dad has his job and Brittany has her boyfriends.” Madison said under her breath.

“Take care Madison.” Her mother said kissing her cheek as she headed out for her meeting.

“She was always stuck watching Jonathon. Never Brittany.” Madison sulked in the mirror. “Damn you, Britttany! You won’t know what hit you and I land Noah!”

Madison went up to find Jonathon sleeping in his crib, so she went to try on the dress that Chelsea gave her to see how it fit.


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